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Epispot by BASF ecofriendly 3-in-1 solution for blemish-prone skin

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Enhancing authentic beauty for blemish-prone skin

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Fancy makeup, long eyelashes and shimmering skin?No problem with augmented reality face filters.

What began as a fun gimmick has evolved over time into a real beauty revolution: change, beautify and optimize your own appearance with just one click. Sounds too good to be true? You'd be right, because it isn't true at all. In the digital world, authenticity is fading. Beauty filters promise an illusion of perfection, but deep down, we know it’s a mirage.

Now imagine a different reality: beauty untouched by gimmicks or fads. Take the #NoFilter skincare trend to a new level and fulfill consumers' desire of authentic beauty with Epispot™, a revolutionary ingredient that provides a natural, flawless look. Its triple action speaks volumes as it gets to the root causes of skin imbalance: Epispot™ reduces skin shine, improves the appearance of facial pores, and promotes a healthy complexion. This versatile ingredient is the perfect fit for a wide range of applications, from face serums to cleansers and even makeup formulations.

Embracing the #NoFilter skin care trend

Epispot™ is designed to enhance beauty and self-confidence for people with blemish-prone skin – a concern that transcends borders of gender, age, and ethnicity and manifests itself in shiny skin, enlarged visible pores, spots or blemishes. Epispot™ tackles the underlying mechanisms: a triple imbalance affecting lipids, microbiota, and the skin’s natural defense system.

Its efficacy was validated in a randomized, split-face clinical study. 34 female volunteers applied an emulsion with 0.2% Epispot™ and a placebo emulsion twice daily for eight weeks. After 56 days, excess skin greasiness  was reduced by as much as 37% compared with the placebo. This anti-shine effect was confirmed by the participants in a self-assessment: 88% perceived an immediate matte effect, which lasted all day for 78% of participants.

Epispot™ was also shown to improve the appearance of facial pores after 56 days of application. All participants stated that their skin texture was improved, while the majority reported that their skin felt smoother (90%), and pores appeared to be tightened (88%). And because all good things come in threes, Epispot™ additionally contributes to a healthy glow: nine out of ten study participants said their skin appeared healthier at the end of the application period. So, who needs beauty filters, anyway?

3D skin modelling: revolutionary insights into skin architecture  

Unlocking skin's secrets like never before, Epispot's™ impact on skin oliness is revealed through a sophisticated 3D model of the pilosebaceous unit, including the hair follicle, hair shaft, and sebaceous gland – an innovation born from two years of dedicated research by the BASF team. Fusing the 3D skin model with advanced microscopic techniques, this breakthrough gives an unparalleled peek into skin's microcosm and visualizes the astonishing effects of Epispot™ on skin oliness at the source.

Rise like a phoenix: unleashing the power of Epilobium Angustifolium

The secret of Epispot’s™ power lies hidden in the heart of French woodlands. There, in the embrace of the forest, expert hands delicately pick the blossoms of Epilobium Angustifolium, ​the enchanting rosebay willowherb that encapsulates the very essence of nature's rebirth. The plant is also known as fire grass or phoenix flower, as it is thriving after forest fires and logging operations. Through water extraction, Epispot™ is obtained from the aerial parts of this vibrant plant.

The organic certified harvesting of Epilobium Angustifolium​ follows the rigorous guidelines set by the AFC, an association of French plant pickers that promotes sustainable management of wild plants. As a fundamental part of this responsible sourcing approach, harvesting is carried out at six different locations to ensure species preservation.

Being Responsibly Active​ to preserve the beauty of nature for generations to come, this conscientious use of Mother Earth's finite resources is deeply embedded in a comprehensive sustainability program for BASF’s bioactives portfolio. Because biodiversity is an irreplaceable reservoir for innovation, protecting the planet and its resources, making an active contribution to each individual along the bioactive ingredients value chain, and reducing climate impact are the cornerstones of this commitment.

Care 360°:Solutions for sustainable life

Epispot™ is more than just a beauty secret, it's a symphony of innovation that fits perfectly with Care 360° – Solutions for Sustainable Life​, the global, cross-business and holistic approach of BASF’s Care Chemicals division to cover all topics relevant to the future of its markets and industries: sustainability, digitalization, innovation and new approaches to working together.

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