Beauty 4.0 - Tech, Tools And Future Trends

Beauty 4.0 - Tech, Tools And Future Trends

The metaverse, virtual try-ons, skin diagnostic tools and personalised beauty apps are the latest face of the cosmetics and personal care category. And as the cutting edge technology behind these innovations continues to fast-evolve, consumer expectations also continue to rise.
But is industry at the top of its game? Where exactly might these devices, tools and formulations lead beauty players in the coming years? And will consumer appetite, engagement and understanding keep up?
This editorial webinar will bring together leading innovators in the field of beauty tech to brainstorm the future challenges and opportunities in this exciting category and consider how such innovations fit into the wider context of beauty trends.


Juliana Chu Juliana Chu Vice President of Digital and Ecommerce
Shiseido APAC

 Alia Gogi Alia Gogi President, Asia

Andrew McDougall Andrew McDougall Associate Director, Global Beauty & Personal Care

Salima Popatia Salima Popatia Chief Digital Officer

Robin Raskin Robin Raskin Founder
The Virtual Events Group

Kacey CULLINEY Kacey Culliney Editor