Eurofragrance has 'seen a reduction in staff turnover' since prioritising diversity

By Kirsty Doolan

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Eurofragrance has 'seen a reduction in staff turnover' since prioritising diversity

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Multinational fragrance house Eurofragance has made promoting diversity, equality and inclusion (DEI) a priority business objective and says this move has helped it retain talented staff, improve client relationships and solve problems more easily.

As part of its DEI strategy, the Spain-based fragrance business has joined ‘Empowering Women's Talent’ and ‘Diversity Leading Company’ – two new programs organised by the Spanish HR industry trade magazine, Equipos & Talento.​ The programmes were created to support and encourage team diversity, gender equality, social inclusion and female talent within companies.

For the Empowering Women's Talent programme, which focuses on supporting women to become tomorrow's corporate leaders, Eurofragance is a recognised Member Company. This accolade signifies its future commitment to developing female leadership and talent within its organisation. Eurofragrance states that 52% of its decision-making roles are already occupied by women.

An important milestone

“Being a recognized Member Company of the "Empowering Women's Talent" program is an important milestone for us​,” says Marta Jimenez, People & Operations Specialist and leader of the Equality Plan at Eurofragance. “Being a recognised Member Company of the programme can help our business attract and retain talented women, improve employee morale and productivity and enhance our reputation as a socially responsible and forward-thinking organisation.”

Jimenez also highlights that participating in the program offers Eurofragrance the opportunity to learn from companies that have already successfully implemented strategies to support women in the workplace.

Broadening perspectives 

As part of the programme, Eurofragrance had the opportunity to join a Cross Mentoring scheme with six mentors and mentees.

This is designed to provide young, less experienced mentees with guidance and support from experienced mentors, who can offer valuable insights based on their own career journeys.

The setup also often involves group activities and events, such as workshops and networking events, where mentees can connect with other mentees and mentors from different companies and industries. “This helps to broaden their perspectives and expand their professional networks​,” says Jimenez.

More diverse ideas and approaches

Meanwhile, the ‘Diversity Leading Company’ program will promote the management of diversity and inclusion within teams.

As a signatory of the United Nations Global Compact (a voluntary initiative based on CEO commitments to implement universal sustainability principles)​ Eurofragance is already committed to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

The company also collaborates with a special employment center Miton, through which it hires people who are at risk of exclusion at its Rubí plant and headquarters near Barcelona.

Eurofragrance also provides its entire workforce with training on inclusion, diversity, gender equality and inclusive language.

Its participation in these initiatives means that at a strategic level, greater diversity in leadership and decision-making is being encouraged. This ensures there are more diverse ideas and approaches and a more inclusive, equitable work culture, which therefore makes the company more attractive company for potential talent.

Jimenez says that promoting diversity, equality and inclusion has already had a positive impact on Eurofragrance’s business in many ways. “Our diverse team brings a range of perspectives and experiences to problem-solving. This diversity of thought has helped us develop more innovative and effective solutions for our clients,” ​she says.“Our team members feel valued and respected, which has led to improved morale and increased motivation to do their best work. This, in turn, has resulted in higher productivity and better overall performance.”

According to Jimenez, the DEI strategy has also improved relationships with clients and helped Eurofragrance attract and retain talented staff.

“Promoting diversity, equality, and inclusion has helped us to attract and retain top talent,” ​she says. “We have seen a significant increase in the number of job applicants and a reduction in staff turnover since we started prioritizing diversity and inclusion. This has helped us to build a more stable and talented team, which has a positive impact on the overall success of our business.”

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