Top Ingredient and Product Launch Predictions: 2019

Top Ingredient and Product Launch Predictions: 2019
Looking to the year ahead, we ask industry expert Belinda Carli, Director of the Institute of Personal Care Science, what her predictions are for the top launches and trends tipped to define the beauty industry in 2019.

Find Carli's round-up of the top ingredients launches we saw in 2018 here​.

With such an exciting year of launches nearly at an end, what does the new-launch landscape look like for 2019? This article will take a look at what’s set to trend and what we should keep an eye on in 2019…

Indie brands on the rise

We’ve seen an influx of independent, or indie, brands throughout 2018, and we’ll see more grow in 2019.

One of the great things Indie brands bring to the industry are their innovative and refreshing ideas.

To be noticed in this competitive marketplace, as a new brand, there needs to be a strong point of difference – and indie brand owners are the ones that continually find these points of difference!

We often see innovations brought to the market place by Indie brands that get picked up by larger companies. Raw material suppliers are also taking note, providing smaller pack sizes of many materials to make their materials appealing to the smaller companies as they know they’ll grow – so watch this space, there is room for growth and innovation in this sector!

Natural now almost essential

The natural sector has grown consistently over the previous 10 years to 2018 – then it took a huge surge!

We’ll continue to see the increase in natural and green material options to create natural and organic product solutions, which will continue to have a flow on effect.

If your product doesn’t contain at least some natural ingredients then its time to add them now, or be left behind!

This also fits with the more conscious consumer of today and reinforces the sustainability message.

In 2019, I’m predicting we’ll see even more green/natural functional material solutions in particular, along with multiple active ingredient launches.

We’ll also start to see more companies achieve certification with efficacious and aesthetically pleasing products in both the natural and organic sector.

This will give better transparency to natural and organic cosmetics and something consumers will love to have for true product disclosure!

Holistic approaches

It's not age-reversal now, but ageing gracefully. It’s not enough to be UV or pollution protection only. It's about a holistic approach to lifestyle, including combating the effects of stress, blue light,
irregular sleep cycles and even the IR light spectrum!

Products in 2019 will have a holistic care approach that addresses our modern lifestyles and how they impact on our skin (and hair’s) appearance – I’m predicting there will be a big increase in active ingredient launches to address these issues from early 2019 so be ready for them!

Cosmetics get personal

Consumers continue to want products that suit their individual needs, and this is an area that has
been under capitalised in 2018 – we’ll see a lot of new launches in 2019 that focus on the
personalisation concept for consumers to pick and choose what suits their individual needs!

Funky product forms

Sensory was the big hit of 2017/2018, and now that’s been done so well, we’re going to see brands trying to gain consumer attention by using interesting (different and funky) product forms to get an instant WOW.

Interesting applicators or devices will also be used for dispensing or application to reinforce a brand’s individuality and product efficacy. Think: jellies, powder to liquid, waterless, dual applicators, melting capsules and LED applicators as just some of the initial ideas… then leave it to an indie brand to put their individual take on it!

With so much ahead, its time to get planning now… wishing you a happy (formulating) New Year!

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