Shiseido adds and recalls facial lines

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Shiseido make up
While personal care conglomerate, Shiseido, ramps up its facial expression project with a new face skin care cream, it also announced the voluntary recollection of its Integrate Killer Wink Gel Liner.

Voluntary recall: Integrate Killer Wink Gel Liner

On 13th September 2017, the Japanese giant published a notice and apology, after prompting the voluntary recall of its gel liner.

Certain products from the Integrate self-selection make up brand have been “found to contain specks of plastic in the eyeliner core due to production deficiency”​, the company stated.

Following complaints from consumers relating to the Integrate Killer Wink Gel Liner products, Shiseido investigated and found that select items from the line contained plastic splinters from the cartridge. These splinters had mixed in with the product’s core during the filling stage.

Shiseido revealed that as the affected products are used around the eyes and have the potential to cause harm to the eye area, the company has performed a voluntary recall.

Previous replacements stopped

A number of the Integrate Killer Wink Gel Liner products were voluntarily recalled in February 2017 after plastic edges on its packaging were damaged. While the replacement of the affected items had been initiated, these shipped items are also part of the current recall.

As a result, the company has “decided to stop the replacement, recall all the products, and offer refunds. Furthermore, Shiseido will discontinue the production and sales of Integrate Killer Wink Gel Liner altogether”​, the company announced in a recent press release.

Going forward, Shiseido goes on to say that it “will radically review the internal systems to prevent any reoccurrence, placing further emphasis on quality control of products”.

Along with Japan, the products are also marketed and available in China (excluding Hong Kong) and Taiwan. However, only one variety of the product is available via cross-border e-commerce sites.

Facial expression project addition

This voluntary recall comes as Shiseido expediently progresses with a new launch under the brand’s facial expression project.

The new cream, which will hit online and offline sales on 1st November 2017, is a quasi-drug with recognised anti-wrinkle and whitening cream.

As the second line to come from its facial expression project, Wrinklelift Deep Retinowhite 4 cream will target Japanese and Chinese consumers, following the initial release of the Elixir Superieur Enriched Wrinkle Cream S in June 2017.

Sold through Shiseido’s Vital Perfection brand, the Japanese conglomerate states that this brand is the “Asia-only ageing-care”​ name, defined as “skin care that focuses on replenishing moisture that diminishes with age”​.   

Anti-wrinkle and whitening formulation

Designed to improve wrinkles around the eyes and mouth, with a whitening effect the quasi-drug cream is “a potent fusion of pure retinol, an active quasi-drug ingredient which was acknowledged for its wrinkle-improving effects for the first time in Japan, and 4MSK, an original whitening agent”​.

Through conducting its global survey in July 2017, Shiseido surveyed Asian women about their views relating to facial expressions and wrinkles. Its findings show that “90% of women would smile with greater confidence if their wrinkles didn’t show”.

The development of the new anti-wrinkle and whitening quasi-drug cream has been launched “through analysing the way Asian women’s faces move and how their wrinkles look as their facial expressions change”​, Shiseido revealed.

Pure retinol, is an active ingredient that promotes the production of hyaluronic acid and lifts the amount of moisture in the skin to improve the appearance of wrinkles. Simultaneously, 4MSK, the whitening agent, suppresses the creation of melanin to present a youthful look.

Cross-border marketing

Currently, Shiseido is actively working towards a cross-border marketing approach that targets Japan, China, and the travel retail, as a single market.

“Shiseido Facial Expression Project kicked off all over Japan in April 2017 with the aim of liberating women to show their intrinsic rich facial expressions and helping them exude a radiant glow, thereby contributing to creating a beautiful world filled with expressions,”​ the company stated.

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