H&M joins forces with HSI in the fight to end animal testing in cosmetics globally


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H&M joins forces with HSI in the fight to end animal testing in cosmetics globally
Humane Society International has joined forces with fashion firm H&M in order to develop new animal welfare pledges that will look to combat animal cruelty and pursue policy change around the world to combat cosmetics testing on animals, as well as cruel practices in fashion production.

These pledges have been outlined as national legislative bans on animal testing of cosmetics, as well as the cruel practices within wool and down production.

“Animal welfare is important to us at H&M and we want to contribute to improved animal welfare practices in our industry, which is why we are committing ourselves not only to further improve our own requirements, but also to work collaboratively with HSI to elevate standards throughout the industry and globally,”​ says Madelene Ericsson, Sustainability Business Expert at H&M

“HSI is a globally recognized organization with long experience within this area we believe they will be a very good partner in pushing for change and we hope that other companies will be inspired to do likewise.”

Be Cruelty Free Campaign

HSI already works through the #BeCrueltyFree campaign to help achieve an end to all animal testing within the global beauty industry through consumer advocacy, dialogue with key stakeholders, and supporting training and education programmes.

According to Troy Seidle, director of HSI’s research & toxicology department, a company such as H&M committing to the #BeCrueltyFree campaign is an action that should be commended as it strengthens the fight against animal testing on cosmetics globally.

“As a company that already eschews animal testing of its own cosmetics, H&M is now sending a strong message industry-wide that more needs to be done to end the suffering of animals in cosmetics tests,”​ he says.

Fashion focus too

Given H&M’s primary fashion business the collaboration will also work to ensure the welfare of animals from which wool, hair or down is derived, including participation in the development of global wool and down standards and other auditing programs.

HSI and H&M will collaborate on opportunities to pursue industry-wide policy change such as national legislative bans on mulesing, live-plucking and force-feeding.

“Within the fashion industry, the hidden suffering of animals used in the production of wool, down, and leather is too often ignored,”​ says Chetana Mirle, director of HSI’s farm animals department.

“We are particularly looking forward to working together to eliminate cruel farming practices such as mulesing from the fashion industry, which would be an immense animal welfare achievement.”

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