Japan's new wave of beauty devices… for men

By Michelle Yeomans

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Japan's new wave of beauty devices… for men

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While beauty devices have become popular with Asian women in recent years, brands, aware of a rise in spending on male grooming on the region, have started to cater more cosmetics tools for men.

Asia's sales growth for the beauty devices market outpaces the United States and Europe, growing much higher than the industry average, increasing by over 29% in 2014.

Male grooming in Asia is also booming, and with more men willing to shell out on their appearance then ever before, device makers have realised that there is major opportunity in this segment.

According to Kline market analyst, Prashant Sharma; "In terms of sales of devices by skin care concern, the differences are dramatic, with anti-ageing being a key concern in South Korea, cleansing in China, and hair removal in Japan."

Recent launches for men..

Most stores in Asia feature a men’s section offering products like escargot serum and even colour cosmetics.

Take for example, Japanese brand SKII, which recently launched a facial treatment essence for men at $140 a bottle. At the company's boutique spa in Seoul, male clients are said to regularly shell out anywhere from $225 to $450 for facial and body treatments.

Various beauty device manufacturers want a piece of this expenditure, and have launched tools that help men to cope with the summer heat as a result.

YA-MAN introduced a 'Scalp Dryer' which uses far-infrared radiation along with hot or cool air to dry the hair and scalp to prevent irritation.

Philips launched its 'Body Groomer' for men’s armpits, thighs, calves and other areas.

Before rolling out an electric facial-cleaning device earlier in the year; 'VisaPure Men', Philips even entrusted Korean men with product trials to establish if men would ultimately go for the device in the long run.

Health device manufacturer Atex has also launched a 'Body Cleansing Brush' under the men’s beauty label Lourdes HOMME.

The vibrating tool is small enough to fit into one hand and can help to clean even the most difficult areas such as behind the ears.

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