Women now being advised to shave their faces for 'anti-ageing benefits'

By Michelle Yeomans

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Women with dark facial hair have always sought out ways to remove it by way of laser, threading or waxing. Now, they are being advised to shave their faces as some beauty experts say it could have anti-ageing benefits.

The concern for women with shaving their face has always been that new hair will grow back thicker and denser, particularly in post-menopausal women due to reduced levels of estrogen.

However, recent reports say facial shaving can remove dead skin cells, exfoliate and stimulate the synthesis of collagen and promote cell renewal.

In fact, Elizabeth Taylor reportedly opted for this method of hair removal.

Experts disagree with argument that hair grows back thicker 

Clinical beauticians like London-based Michael Prager told UK publication, The Independent ​that from the perspective of anti-ageing, shaving is like a gentle dermabrasion and can reduce wrinkles.

According to Prager, hair growth is unaffected by the condition or length of the superficial dead hair as it is in the dermis, under the skin's surface and whatever happens above skin level is of almost no consequence for the follicle.

"It might be the direction of growth or increased mechanical strength of the shortened hair which makes it feel thicker but that is not due to unregulated follicle action,​" he told the publication.

Will facial shaving really be beneficial for Asian skin?

Anita Bhagwandas, beauty and health editor for Women's Health (UK) magazine says no.

According to the expert, Asian hair is thicker and more resilient than caucasian or afro hair, and the fast re-growth theory definitely persists among south Asians. 

Bhagwandas writes in The Guardian​ that men have thicker, more youthful-looking skin because male androgens cause an increase in skin thickness of up to 25%, compared with women. Men also produce more sebum, which is oil that keeps the skin moisturised and plumper-looking.

"The bottom line, then, is that men and women are biologically programmed to age differently. Shaving might exfoliate their skin and supposedly keep it soft, but if you’re already using a washcloth, face brush or exfoliator on top, that’s serious scrubbing already​," she said, matter-of-factly.

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