New labeling laws for beauty products come into force

New labeling laws for beauty products come into force

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Starting today, the European Commission will bring new laws into force regarding the labeling of cosmetic products.

The new rules will require manufacturers to include contact information for people in charge of ensuring product compliance and maintaining up-to-date safety assessments.

They will also ensure that items being sold will need to be submitted to a centralized notification system to be evaluated for safety.


The regulations will bring in stricter rules regarding nanomaterials. Nanomolecules and particles will need to be labeled with the word “nano” in brackets in lists of ingredients on packaging.

Advertising standards have also been raised, with the new legislation adding 6 common criteria: legal compliance, truthfulness, evidential support, honesty, fairness and informed decision making.

The rules which products will have to comply with in different territories will be made more consistent and streamlined, which will benefit companies which produce a large volume of cosmetics for export.

EU Commission

A spokesperson for the European Commission department of health and consumer products said that the new regime: “notably strengthens the safety of cosmetic products for consumers, streamlines the framework for all actors and simplifies procedures."

He stated that it will also: "contribute to more informed consumer decision making."

Virginia Lee, Cosmetics Europe's personal care trade association's director of communication and public affairs, said: "We really welcome [the regulation]. There is going to be a simplification of procedures and terminology, which helps everybody." 

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