Promens launches new ‘sterile’ packaging closure technology

By Simon Pitman

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Packaging provider Promens has provided an exclusive packaging design for a French skin care company that is said to enhance the product’s sterility, assuring it remains bacteria-free during the production process.

Cosmetique Stérile is a technology that has been specially adapted for Pierre Fabre’s new 200ml emollient care product, Exomega, formulated for dry and atopic skin care needs, where the need for sterility is highly important.

The Cosmetique Stérile technology involves three distinct elements that include sterility throughout the manufacturing, a patented airtight closure - Exclusive Device for Intact Formula (DEFI) and a limited number of ingredients for the closely overseen formulation process, which includes no parabens, fragrances or preservatives.

The new range was launched in Europe this month and is manufactured under a strictly sterile process that includes a meticulous methods that are used for both the formulation and packaging. 

Absence of bacteria, virus and fungus

As the product has been formulated for a skin condition that can weaken protection from infections, both the formulation process and the filling of the product are carried out using aseptic conditions that ensure the absence of bacteria, virus of fungus.

 But the packaging also plays a very important part in maintaining the sterility of the product.

To respond to this need the closure was developed and patented by Promens in association with Pierre Fabre laboratories to be totally air tight in order to prevent and contamination to the product during use.

Extending the shelf life and use by date of the product

This means that the shelf life of the product is extended considerably and the consumer does not have a limited to the standard six months in which such a product is usually recommended to use by.

The DEFI cap consists of four parts, which includes a supple membrane that rises when pressure is applied to the tube and then resumes the closed position when pressure is released.

To ensure such a precise mechanism the detail of the closure includes high-precision parts, which Promens says have been manufactured to one hundredth of a millimeter, while the cap is precisely sized to square up to the cap, with the addition of a tamper-proof clip, removed upon first opening.

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