“There is a lack of info in the US on what constitutes organic” says Ecocert

By Michelle Yeomans

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This was the belief of Ecocert’s spokesperson Vincent Morel on the current state of the US cosmetics market on defining an organic product. Following its acquisition of Indiana Certified Organic (ICO) last year, Cosmetics Design caught up with the company of French origin to see how it has fared since

Then the goal of the acquisition was to develop Ecocert’s activities in the US and generally promote the organic world, ICO already established in America deemed ideal as it boasted a wider base of more than 300 additional clients.

Just over a year later, Morel says the company has fulfilled its short-term goals and is now focusing on providing training where the sector seems to lack information.

There is a lack of information in the US right now if you compare it to the European market, in Europe there is a real interest in natural cosmetics," ​he told CosmeticsDesign.com USA.

"For us getting used to this sector and the level of info– it seems we are less advanced in one way in terms of regulation and an understanding on what an organic cosmetic is – but it is interesting to be here to see it progress," ​he adds.

He also goes on to mention that Ecocert plans to aid US companies seeking to enter the European market – a move potentially full of challenges it seems to have overcome like many companies before it.


Morel notes several challenges following the acquisition like simple HR issues - making sure people working in the company are informed and meeting Ecocert standards, investing time in training and the differences in French and American culture.

In terms of solutions, he says that “We simply ensured that we were on the frontline of management to make the process as smoothly as possible​.”

Another challenge he notes was building a rapour with existing clients. "We knew it was important to communicate and make sure clients understood what was going on as well as the team that had been working with them previously​."

Nevertheless, Morel concludes that things are going well for the company “any acquisition takes time but it has been a good change for us, our service has only improved as we are on the same time zone which means we respond to clients immediately. 







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