NZ experts develop anti-chafing formula for more, ahem, intimate areas…

By Michelle Yeomans

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NZ experts develop anti-chafing formula for more, ahem, intimate areas…
New Zealand physicians have developed a medically formulated cream that claims to be the first safe and effective method in preventing sweat rash and chafing for more personal places – between the buttocks, the legs and beneath the breasts.

Neat Feat's 3B Action Cream features a blend of moisture preventatives, antiperspirant and skin protectorants in an emollient cosmetic emulsion that prevents a buildup of sweat and stops the skin rubbing together resulting it becoming irritated or enflamed.

This formula treats skin chafing problems from a different dermatological angle to products that are currently available, it actually prevents skin chafing and sweat related skin disorders,” ​David Roberts, a Neat Feat spokesperson told

Tried and tested

The cream, originally developed by medical doctors as an alternative to sweat rash and skin chafing steroid based creams and ointments carried out trials in clinics and hospitals in New Zealand.

The product is also said to help to prevent fungal infections such as tinea and interigo which tend to occur in these warm, moist areas of the body.


Emollients, a key ingredient in this formula, are often used in personal care formulas as they feature low toxicity/skin irritation and good oxidative stability, thus softening the skin by slowing water evaporation and leaving a smooth non-oily skin feel.

The majority of emollients are fats and oils either derived from animal or renewable vegetable-based materials – the latter having become more popular with animal testing alternatives being introduced to the market.

In addition to its skin feel and caring properties, this ester is also known to be significantly better for the environment than more conventional processes.

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