Cherikoff Bioactives develops antimicrobial alternative to synthetic chemical preservatives

By Michelle Yeomans

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The Australian company has developed a natural antimicrobial that it says can be used to naturally preserve cosmetics, eliminating the need to use benzoates, parabens or other preservatives.

According to founder Vic Cherikoff, acacia gum based Herbal Active also boasts antioxidant properties and can “prevent allergic reactions or skin sensitivity unlikesynthetic chemical preservatives.”

The active comprised from extracts of (steam-distilled and CO2​ derived) culinary herbs and spices is said to inhibit the growth of a broad spectrum of micro-organisms when used at 1.5 percent.

It has a light, herbaceous fragrance which can be left as it is for a ‘clean’ aromatic profile in products or easily masked with essential oils and other perfumes​,” Cherikoff told USA.

A better alternative?

According to Cherikoff, as well as being a potential alternative to synthetic chemical preservatives, the active is also said to be more efficient than pasteurization and hot filling, where “residual organisms can still be a challenge and the potential of contamination by end users on opening remains a problem.”

Tried and tested

The sample was found to pass the antimicrobial effectiveness test according to the requirements of USP 31/NF for Category 2 product​,” says the founder.

Results from USP PET challenge tests revealed the active to be most efficient in cosmetics if used at 1 to 2 percent in oil based and powdered formulations both as an aromatic and to reduce microbial loads and to provide on-going protection against contamination and extend shelf life.

The active is yet to be certified organic but has been used in organic certified products under the 5 percent threshold and approved by Australian Certified Organic (ACO), according to Cherikoff.


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