Rexam targets demand for larger airless tubes

By Simon Pitman

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Rexam chose last week’s busy Luxe Pack Monaco event to platform its latest airless tube packaging, which is aimed at the sun care and body care segments.

“Airless tube packaging has traditionally been targeted at the facial skin care category, which means that the tube sizes have been smaller to cater for the appropriate formulation volume,”​ Christine Gichuki, marketing communications manager at Rexam, told CosmeticsDesign-Europe as the Luxe Pack Monaco event.

“Our latest airless packaging product release incorporates the LX 500 pump into a tube with a 500 µi dosing capacity, which is in line with the size requirements for a broad range of body and sun care products,”​ she added.

Feeding increased demand for airless packaging

The market for airless packaging is growing fast and according to Rexam it is currently expanding at a rate of 15 per cent per annum. Although the initial growth was concentrated on the facial skin care segment, expansion is now spilling into other sub-categories.

This is mainly down to the fact that airless packaging provides added protection for increasingly sophisticated formulations that rely on a diverse number of active ingredients to provide the functionality that consumers demand.

In line with this, providing packaging that helps to maintain the stability and efficacy of these increasingly sophisticated formulations is becoming more of a priority for the skin care segment.

Airless packaging provides added formulation protection

Evidently airless packaging provides the added security and protection necessary to maintain the stability of formulations that are often more volatile and vulnerable if they are properly secured.

“With the rapid transition to very sophisticated ingredients, our body care customers need dispensing systems that protect the formula, run on high-speed filling lines with existing machines, shorten supply chains, handle large dosages of viscous product – and have superior consumer appeal,”​ said Virginia Lemuunier, product manager for Rexam personal care division.

The larger size tubes are available in three different levels of protection, according to the formulation safety requirements, including monolayer, coextruded and laminated.

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