Youth born into digital world with green awareness a key target for packaging manufacturers

By Andrew McDougall

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Brand owners have recognised the opportunities that targeting different demographic groups can offer and it is today’s youth who are clued in on green issues and the digital space that could have a big influence on product and packaging.

Market analyst Euromonitor has labelled this demographic ‘Generation Z’ which consists of tweens and teens aged between 8 and 19, who were born into the digital world and also have a strongly developed environmental consciousness.

The modern day tween or teen has grown up with the internet and more recently social media. With so many from Generation Z on social networking sites, personal care brand owners are increasingly using packaging to bridge the gap between the product and the consumers’ online world.

QR code
An example of a QR code

The rise of the QR code

This can be shown in the increasing popularity of QR codes on packs that can transfer consumers straight to social networking sites where they can express opinion and also establish communication between manufacturer and consumer.

These codes can easily be read by smart phones, a product that increasingly tweens and teens will not be seen without. By taking a photo of the code, their phone will automatically lead them to the product specific web link.

According to Euromonitor, in this case packaging is one of the most important mediators, as these codes become most immediate when placed on the product packaging.

For example the International Natural and Organic Cosmetics Association have initiated introducing these codes on certified cosmetic products. The system allows consumers access to detailed product information in the shops.

Environmental consciousness

As well as Generation Z being involved in the digital world, the research firm also claims that this demographic are increasingly aware of environmental issues.

Recently US chain Walmart targeted its packaging towards tweens by introducing of bio-degradable packaging for eco-friendly cosmetics for 8- to 12-year-olds.

This demographic has grown up with climate change and waste as important factors and as such have a developed environmental consciousness. This launch further develops the story via a promotional campaign centred on the environmental benefits of the products contents and packaging.

Looking ahead, Euromonitor predicts Generation Z consumers will be more demanding than ever as young adults as they are the most technologically-orientated generation in history, and having been born into a digital world, Generation Z does not have a sense of fear of technology.

As such the market analyst expects the digital world to become an important future battleground for beauty and personal care products, and one in which packaging will increasingly be expected to appear.

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