Innovative packaging technology helps cosmetics companies battle doldrums

By Simon Pitman

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As the cosmetics and personal care industry recovers from a hard hitting downturn, a rash of packaging innovation is aiming to draw consumers back to their old spending patterns.

Technologically advanced innovations such as fragrant packaging and sensory ink, together with increasingly ergonomic, user-friendly design and recyclable materials are playing important parts in this general trend.

The economic downturn has underlined the fact that innovation continues to be a driving force in a depressed market, as it helps to differentiate products at a time when competition is extreme.

"Unless you have a business model where you aim to be the cheapest, innovation is key,” ​said Gerald Martines, director of leading beauty packaging company Rexam in a recent interview with

Rexam innovation focuses on being user-friendly

True to its word, Rexam has been busy launching a string of new packaging innovations in recent months, including a lip gloss applicator set, an airtight lipstick, new ergonomic pumps and glass effect sample packaging.

Rexam’s launches underline the trend for user-friendly packaging products, something that has prompted packaging companies across the board to launch caps, pumps and bottles that have been designed to enhance usability.

But big names such as Rexam have not been the only packaging companies busy on the innovation front.

As standing out amid the increased competition on store shelves becomes ever more important, design innovations that bring unique aesthetic qualities are at a premium, as are effects that appeal to other senses.

Sensory ink and fragrant paperboard

Underlining this trend is a recently launched sensory ink from France-based Sleever International, which combines several different inks to give secondary packaging a 3-dimensional effect, adding depth.

Likewise advances in fragrant packaging are also helping to give products added dimension, a trend that has been underlined by new technology from France-based Memory Paper Scent.

The company has developed a line of scented paperboard that relies on an encapsulation process said to guarantee that the fragrance will last longer than competitors offering similar products on the market.

Likewise, packaging specified with recyclable materials is also a fast growing trend that is mainly being driven by consumer demand.

In particular bioplastics are garnering increasing popularity, due to the fact that they are derived from a renewable source, combined with the fact that the materials are generally very flexible material to work with.

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