Beyonce sued over Coty fragrance name

By Simon Pitman

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Actress and singer Beyonce Knowles is being sued by clothing retailer Abercrombie and Fitch over the use of her name to promote a new fragrance.

Beyonce recently signed with Coty to launch a new fragrance which may be associated with her alter ego Sasha Fierce, which is due to be one of the fragrance companies leading product launches in 2010.

However, Abercrombie and Fitch says it objects to the use of the Sasha Fierce name because it may infringe its existing Fierce fragrance brand.

The company's Fierce fragrance line was launched for men in 2002 and has since been developed into a major money spinner, featuring prominently in its worldwide retail outlets.

Abercrombie trademarked the Fierce name in 2003

Abecrombie says that it has held a trademark on the ‘Fierce’ name since 2003, a factor that gives it the necessary recourse to take the legal action.

The legal documents were filed with the Southern District of Ohio Courts, in which Abercrombie claims unfair competition and deceptive trade practices.

In the legal notes Abercrombie says that the Beyonce fragrance would benefit from an unfair advantage by associating with the Fierce brand name because of the extensive resources already invested in promoting the name.

Coty claims it does not intend to use the Fierce name

However, Coty has responded to the legal action, claiming that it never intended to use either the terms ‘Fierce’ or ‘Sasha Fierce’ on either the fragrance product itself or in any of the marketing campaigns or advertisements.

Coty announced that it had signed the deal with Beyonce on September 15 and Abercrombie was swift to file the legal action once the plans were revealed.

When Coty announced the launch it said that the star’s fragrance was ‘yet to be named’, adding that the launch would take place in North America in the Spring of 2010, with a global roll out throughout the rest of the year.

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