Graphic Packaging targets packaging label enhancement

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Standing out on the store shelf has never been more important, which is why Graphic packaging has launched a series of labeling innovations to enhance efficiencies.

The personal care and cosmetics industry has become weighed down with competition during the global economic downturn, which means that making a product as eye-catching as possible while also minimizing costs is vital.

This is why the company has chosen Pack Expo, taking place in Munich, Germany, this week, to highlight a series of labeling innovations that target both shelf impact and cost savings.

“Retail means detail – that’s why we’ve developed two new tools to give consumer goods manufacturers an important competitive edge in today’s crowded marketplace,”​ says Charles Brignac, marketing manager for Atlanta-based Graphic Packaging.

Hang tags and heat transfer labels

The two innovations are the ElastiTag Applicator, which allows hang tags to be applied with ease and reduced costs; together with the DI-NA-CAL Heat Transfer Labels system.

The ElastiTag Applicator allows the company’s hang tags, which are effective means of promoting a product by hanging a tag from the neck of a bottle or container, to be applied at the spped of 450 tags a minute.

The equipment, which the company says is the first applicator of its kind, also allows for savings in production time, in turn cutting down on costs.

It is also said to have a minimal footprint, and is easily integrated to any packaging production line as it can simply be rolled into position at the point on the conveyor belt where it will have minimal impact on the line’s output.

See-through label technology

The DI-NA-CAL Heat Transfer Label provides see-through lable technology aimed at high-impact shelf appeal, allowing for what the company claims is ‘bold and crisp gravure’ on flexo printing to enhance label impact.

The company will also be showcasing other labeling innovations at the Pack Expo event, including water resistant film and metalized labels.

“Consumers are increasing making their purchase decision in-store, so the new battleground is on-the-shelf and the new weapon of choice is the product package,”​ said Brignac.

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