Sensient expands natural ingredients in Europe

By Simon Pitman

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US-based ingredients provider Sensient is launching a new range of natural ingredients in the UK through distributor Adina.

The launch includes the addition of four new formulations to the Natpure Protection range, which combine natural-based ingredients.

The new products include Natpure Trap 2009, a chelating agent, Natpure UV-Sorb, a hair dye protector, Natpure Rox, an antioxidant rich oil soluble formula and Natpure AXP, a water soluble antioxidant formula

Stabilising complexes

Natpure Trap 2009 has been designed to combine with metal ions in a wide pH range to form stable complexes that avoid precipitation of certain ions.

The formulation also has enhanced anti-oxidative and anti-ageing properties, specifically by acting on oxidation promoters to help tackle the ageing process in skin cells.

Natpure Trap 2009 can also be combined with UV-Sorb to give a synergistic effect to help prevent the fading of hair dyes. UV-Sorb is a natural water soluble colour promoter based on extracts of green tea and centella asiatica.

Tackling free radicals as part of anti-ageing fight

Natpure ROX is an antioxidant that fights against free radicals associated with the ageing of skin cells, which the company says is more stable than vitamin E, while also helping to prevent the deterioration of fats and oils in personal care formulations.

The water soluble antioxidant AXP is based on the microscopic algae spirulina and helps to synergise vitamins, oligo-elements, anzymes and co-enzymes, to also fight against the ageing process in skin cells.

Sensient is a leading global supplier of flavours, fragrances and colours for to a host of industries, including the personal care, food and beverage and pharmaceutical sectors.

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