Health Canada outlines procedure to reclassify cosmetics

By Simon Pitman

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Following the reclassification of certain antiperspirants, Health Canada is offering manufacturers and importers help to reclassify affected products.

Following guidelines finalized and published back in September concerning the Classification of Products at the Cosmetic-Drug Interface (PCDIs), the organization is holding a one month consultation period to help companies re-categorize these products.

Lasting from July 31st to August 31, the organization has produced a consultation document, available on its website, which outlines the steps and procedures that both manufacturers and distributors must take to comply with the regulations.

Reclassifying aluminum antiperspirants as cosmetics

The new classification will see a loosening of regulations governing aluminum-based formulations that will see the end of drug status and means that they do not have to be bought over the counter (OTC).

In turn aluminum-based antiperspirant formulations will now be regulated as cosmetics, which will also affect the way these products are labeled.

Aluminum-based antiperspirants will no longer be classified using Drug Identification Numbers under the Food and Drug Regulations (FDR) or a Natural Product Number (NPN) under the Natural Products Regulations (NHPR).

Consultation will help to recategorize products

The consultation document has been designed to help with the transition process, enabling both manufacturers and distributors to comply with the new regulations without disruption to their business.

Over the past ten years a number of scientific studies have alleged links between aluminum salts in deodorants and breast cancer, although personal care companies and industry bodies have argued that the way in which these findings have been interpreted has led to unnecessary worry amongst consumers.

In December 2004, The US Food and Drug Administration introduced new legislation that stipulated all antiperspirants containing aluminum or aluminum compounds must clearly label the ingredients on the packaging.

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