Equistar launches two new packaging resins

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Two new resins designed for a variety of food and beverage
packaging applications have been launched by Equistar Chemicals,
part of Lyondell Chemical based in the US.

The resins - PP30HF01 and PP33HF04 polypropylene-ethylene copolymers - both feature Milliken Milland 3988 clarifying agent and are designed for use in moulding and extrusion applications including blow moulding, sheet, injection moulding and film.

Equistar​, which last year had a turnover of $6.5 billion and a total of 3,165 employers worldwide, says that the resins have been formulated to provide the enhanced clarity that is essential, for use in applications such as food containers, beverage bottles and personal care product packaging.

Millad 3988 clarifying agent is one of the most widely used clarifying agents for polypropylene and is recognised for its clarity, reduced density, increased strength and enhanced cost effectiveness.

According to Lyondell's marketing manager for blow moulding, Chuck Shearn, the use of the clarifying agent means the company can offer products with improved clarity, faster cycle times, dimensional stability and toughness.

PP30HF01 and PP33HF04 are compliant with the Food and Drug Administration regulations and can be used to produce food storage containers and closures that come into contact with food.

Polypropylene is currently one of the fastest growing polymers with forecasted demand growth at twice GDP for the foreseeable future. Much of this growth is attributed to polypropylene's ability to displace conventional materials such as wood, glass, metal and other thermoplastics at lower cost.

Polypropylene, when combined with ethylene, produces a resin that can be used in a variety of food and beverage packaging applications, including films for all kinds of foods as well as blow moulded bottles for orange juice, milk and other soft drinks.

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