Universe Cosmetics licenses ingredient release tech

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IGI has entered into a product development and manufacturing
agreement with Universe Cosmetics, giving it rights to its
micro-encapsulation delivery technology.

The agreement will allow Universe Cosmetics to develop cosmetic and skin care products using IGI's patented Novasome​ technology, designed to replace liposome encapsulation technology,

Liposome encapsulation technology can be both expensive to produce as well as potentially hazardous to human health as it involves organic solvents.

"IGI's patented Novasome micro-encapsulation delivery technology was chosen by Universe Cosmetics because of enhanced product stability and controlled release in a non-irritating, deep penetrating, moisturizing delivery system,"​ said Frank Gerardi, IGI's chairman and CEO.

Universe Cosmetics distributes a complete line of cosmetics products through the brand name of Arpeggio Professional Makeup​, and TKOUSA Cosmetics - among which include eye shadows, lipsticks and moisturizers.

The Novasome product is made using a number of inexpensive, readily available chemicals, known as amphiphiles, which include a variety of fatty alcohols and acids.

The technology is of particular interest to the cosmetics sector as it ensures a more efficient and effective delivery of active ingredients in cosmetics products to the skin.

The science behind the technology allows the stable central core of Novosomes to entrap and deliver a wide variety of substances which may be too large or disruptive for phospholipid vesicles - for instance lipids and solvents - which are commonly used across a number of cosmetics products.

Novosome technology also enables the product to be easily integrated into the formulation process of cosmetics products - as they are resistant to variations of alkalinity, acidity, and temperature.

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