GSK launches 'experiential' toothpastes as premium brands

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Datamonitor has said that the next few months will be crucially
important for the UK toothpaste market as manufacturers launch new
products in a bid to get consumers to 'trade up' to premium
personal care products.

GlaxoSmithKline​ has announced that it will launch Aquafresh Zones in the UK during the summer, a three-version line of a mint-based toothpaste. Wakey Wakey Zones, Revive Zones and Refresh Zones will feature a mix of fresh mint and different fruit-flavoured essences including apple, watermelon and lemon.

The line has a premium positioning, reflected by its UK£1.99 (€2.98) retail price for a 75ml tube. GSK said it is seeking to capitalise on the growing numbers of consumers who are willing to invest in premium products as they view personal care as more than simply a daily routine.

GSK is also to extend its Macleans brand with separate products for the morning and evening. Macleans Detox is an anti-bacterial toothpaste designed to be used in the morning in conjunction with an evening toothpaste, which is fortified with extra minerals.

The launch will be supported by a UK£4 million (€6 m) advertising promotion, including a national television campaign scheduled to commence in September.

Datamonitor​ said the latest launches "epitomise the growing array of offerings in the packaged goods sector that have an experiential focus, especially in personal care."

"Increasingly, marketers are seeking to intensify the consumption experience for consumers as it becomes clear that products will be less frequently judged on functional merits alone,"​ they added.

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