While consumers may have been cutting back on other areas, Euromonitor's data shows that they have still been spending on beauty (Image: Getty/Lorado)

A focus on the global cosmetics industry landscape: part I

What’s happening in the beauty and personal care industry at a global level? Is the industry thriving? And what kinds of products are consumers currently favouring and why? A beauty expert from Euromonitor shares exclusive insights in part I of this big picture look at the cosmetics industry.

Bringing Joonbyrd to life

As beauty product packaging becomes increasingly ‘TikTok-friendly’, we spoke to the UK-based luxury packaging supplier Hunter Luxury about its recent project with new doctor-based skin care brand, Joonbyrd.

9 new beauty packaging innovations

What’s trending in beauty and personal care product packaging development? Here’s nine recent developments in luxury cosmetics packaging…

What’s trending in beauty product packaging?

We spoke to a branding expert who has worked with some of the world’s biggest beauty businesses about what’s happening now and what’s coming next in terms of beauty and personal care product packaging…

6 beauty brands innovating in niche categories

Beyond the mainstream, a spectrum of specialised niches is flourishing. From taboo beauty to ‘ugly’ beauty, we've rounded up 6 brands that have been innovating in niche beauty categories...

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