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L’Oréal’s anti-wrinkle Garnier combo goes Mega Airless


L’Oréal’s anti-wrinkle Garnier combo goes Mega Airless

Beauty behemoth L’Oréal has opted for Mega Airless' dispensers for its Garnier brand’s newly launched UltraLift Swirl 2-in-1 Serum + Cream anti-wrinkle formula.

The new Garnier UltraLift Swirl combines a serum and a cream and the pack ensures delivery of the two formulae in one step.

The Mega Airless Micro 15ml neutral pump was selected as part of a larger swirl filling project involving multiple products for several L'Oreal brands. The initial Garnier application was first launched in Europe and will roll out internationally.

"The design of our Micro pump makes it perfect for swirl filling, as it does not intrude into the container, thus retaining the integrity of the swirl during use," said Alberto Dal Cengio, sales manager, Mega Airless.

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