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Animal Testing

Animal Testing

Animal testinghas become a huge industry talking point, with proposed bans in place and companies striving to be viewed as ‘cruelty-free’ amidst pressure from lobby groups. Articles will also focus on the latest developments in safe alternatives to animal testing, as industry looks to tackle this subject.

Cosmetics Europe launches animal testing alternatives research consortium

04-Mar-2015 - The Personal Care trade association is looking to further develop Alternatives to Animal Testing (AAT) by setting up a Research Consortium aimed at looking at different approaches and encouraging the...


Can cosmetic brands afford to opt out of China over animal testing?

21-Jan-2015 - While the ruling to end mandatory animal testing for most cosmetics in China came as good news on June 30 - the law only refers to domestic firms, meaning international...

EFfCI’s animal testing review referred to European Court of Justice

16-Dec-2014 - A High Court in London has referred a review of the animal testing ban put forward by the European Federation for Cosmetics Ingredients Manufacturers (EFfCI) to the European Court of...

EC and ECHA announce clarity on REACH and the Cosmetics Regulation

28-Oct-2014 - The European Commission, in cooperation with the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA), has clarified the relationship between the marketing ban and the REACH information requirements after there was confusion over whether...

Artificial micro-humans could spell the end of animal testing

02-Sep-2014 - Germany-based company TissUse has showcased its new artificial micro-human platform which enables the testing of drugs or chemicals on a set of miniaturized human organs emulating the biology of the...

EU puts forward hopes for increased unity in transatlantic cosmetics standards

21-May-2014 - As part of ongoing talks between the US and the EU thrashing out the details of the proposed Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership, the European Commission has released a position...

Adverse Outcome Pathways holding the key to regulatory hurdles?

16-Apr-2014 - Following a successful in-cosmetics workshop on the regulatory issues facing the industry, Annelie Struessman of CONUSBAT, chair of the workshop, stopped off to give the Cosmetics Design team the low-down...

EC recommendation published for skin sensitivity test

27-Feb-2014 - The European Commission has published its recommendation of Givaudan’s assay for skin sensitivity testing which will, in turn, facilitate scientific discussions at the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD)...

Exclusive interview

P&G develops first approved non-animal alternative for skin allergy testing

17-Jan-2014 - Procter & Gamble scientists announce a milestone having developed the first non-animal alternative method for skin allergy testing approved by European authority.

Scientists develop alternative toxicity test for mascara

07-Jan-2014 - Researchers are developing an irritant test for mascara using the organism protozoa which could be used as an effective replacement for animal testing across the world.

Ban in place: 2013 a big year for animal testing

18-Dec-2013 - It has been a busy twelve months for the cosmetics industry, and in Europe it was a big year concerning animal testing, so Cosmetics Design takes a look at some of...

Toxicity modelling could replace 'trial and error' animal testing

21-Nov-2013 - A team of researchers from a Liverpool university has developed a new computational model which could potentially predict the toxicity of cosmetics ingredients better than "trial-and-error" animal testing.

L’Oréal turns attention to testing alternatives in China as it ramps up regional business

20-Nov-2013 - As the biggest cosmetics company in the world, and one of the most active in China, with new plans announced to ramp up operations further, L’Oréal has come under scrutiny...

“Human lung” model developed to replace animal testing

15-Nov-2013 - Researchers at a Welsh university have developed a human tissue model of the lung which can be used to detect the toxicity of cosmetics to humans without the need for...

New skin test will create “faster and more accurate” alternative to animal testing

24-Oct-2013 - A process developed by researchers at Newcastle University promises a faster and more accurate alternative to animal testing for cosmetics.

Time to change? China to revise animal testing regulation

01-Oct-2013 - The Chinese government has announced that the country's main cosmetics regulation is to be revised which offers the opportunity for the industry to move beyond animal testing.

New “artificial skin” product launched

24-Jul-2013 - Global technology company Greiner Bio-One is launching ThinCert cell culture inserts, a form of artificial skin which can be used as an alternative to animal testing.

Workshop highlights importance of international cooperation to rid industry of animal testing

10-Jul-2013 - A three day workshop held in Italy by the European Commission's Joint Research Centre, brought together initiatives from around the world for the first time to discuss animal-free safety assessment...

Quarter of a million on offer to breakthrough in toxicology research

28-Jun-2013 - Cosmetics company Lush is offering a quarter of a million pound prize to try and encourage researchers to deliver a breakthrough in toxicology research that could ultimately lead to the...

Health commissioner urges China to follow EU’s animal testing ban for cosmetics

26-Jun-2013 - EU health commissioner Tonio Borg has urged Chinese authorities to follow the European example and rid the cosmetics arena of animal testing and turn to alternative methods instead.

Cosmetics Europe opts for novel assay in alternative development venture

31-May-2013 - Proteome Sciences has been selected by Cosmetics Europe to develop in-vitro assays for testing key allergens as a replacement for animal testing based on its SensiDerm test....

News in brief

Scientific roadmap toxicity workshop kicks off tomorrow

30-May-2013 - A workshop organised by the Center for Alternatives to Animal Testing (CAAT) is set to kick off tomorrow and will address the future of animal-free systemic testing for industry professionals.

Ceetox sees increase in EU interest since sweeping ban

23-Apr-2013 - The organisation dedicated to the development of alternative methods for the industry have noted a major increase in interest from the EU on in vitro toxicity screening options since the...

BASF-Promega collaboration develops non-animal skin reaction test

16-Apr-2013 - Chemicals company BASF has teamed up with life sciences company Promega to jointly develop an alternative method to animal testing to detect allergic reactions in the skin to certain substances.

Industry bodies back new in vitro nanoparticle safety test

03-Apr-2013 - According to the European Commission, an EU funded research project has significantly advanced the capability of in vitro testing of nanoparticles.  

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