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Researchers design easy-to-clean hairbrush with sustainability hopes

Styling products, skin cells, hair, and oils can all clog up hairbrushes leading to the plastic products often finding their way to landfills, so researchers have designed a hairbrush that's easy to clean as the body of the brush flexes.

Credit: Image courtesy of Scott Shim, The Ohio State University

Does Crayola beauty fad offer pencil company an opportunity in the make-up market?

Earlier this year one of the latest online trends saw a number of teenage girls using Crayola pencils as a low-cost substitute for eyeliner, and while this practiced has been condemned by the brand and almost everyone else, it may signal to the pencil company that there is a market...

Clariant hosts its first 'sustainability dialog' in Frankfurt

Clariant dedicated a day to the role of sustainability in the speciality chemicals industry at its Frankfurt-based innovation centre yesterday.

Unilever scoops up award for 'consistent marketing that is innovative and creatively bold'

Unilever has been awarded for 'continuously distinguishing themselves by inspiring innovative brand marketing' ahead of the Spikes Asia Festival of Creativity.

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Cosmetics and Personal Care Packaging: outside inspiration

Packaging design that’s functional, compelling, and elegant seems intuitive but requires a special combination of powers: observation, creativity, technical knowledge, and an historical appreciation for the cosmetics industry.

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