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Phenotyping: the future of customised beauty?

Sagentia, a technology and product development services company, has released a white paper that suggests phenotyping will shape the future of customised beauty.

Phenotyping: the future of customised beauty?

DSM launches focus on different aspects of skin care

Cosmetics Design caught up with DSM's new head of marketing and innovation to find out about the company's new skin care launches, which focus on taking UV filters to the next level, a new active ingredient and a concept targeting blue light. 

Anti-pollution is massive but complicated. Here’s why

The anti-pollution trend is possibly one of the hottest topics in the beauty industry right now, but as it continues to boom its evolution is far from being clear cut.

At L’Oréal, it’s full speed ahead on sustainability

This Saturday is Earth Day, a global celebration that brings attention to environmental protection needs and initiatives. To coincide with the event, L’Oréal has release its 2016 progress report on the company’s sustainability efforts—known collectively as Sharing Beauty with All.

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