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The latest in the alphabet craze - 'EE' cream makes its way to Europe

The latest in the alphabet craze - 'EE' cream makes its way to Europe

On first gaining popularity in the East and then spreading to the West;  the BB, CC and DD cream sensation has now paved the way for the ‘EE’ version 

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In 2015 in-cosmetics celebrates its 25th anniversary in Barcelona on 14-16 April, expecting more than 680 exhibitors set to use the show as a launch pad for their innovations, as thousands of professionals come together to discuss the trends and challenges in the personal care industry.

SEABIOPLAS, an FP7-funded project is cultivating seaweed to develop sustainable biodegradable bioplastics.

‘3D' printing is the buzz word of the moment in the cosmetics industry. The latest innovation in the area claims consumers can make their own colour cosmetic formulations at home for a fraction of the price that beauty brands charge. This has seen the industry sit up and take notice...

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Can a worsened skin appearance be put down to stress? from USA

It has long been thought that breaking out in a bout of spots or pimples is the result of stress and this may be true, particularly if there is an underlying inflammatory skin condition.

BASF backs passing of Sunscreen Innovation Act from USA

The Sunscreen Innovation Act, approved by the Senate Committee on Health, Education, Labor and Pensions (HELP) this week has been backed by chemical company BASF.


A look at Asia's most innovative product launches - Mintel roundup from

Asia is often viewed as the centre of beauty innovation. Here, Cosmetics Design rounds up galleries of the product launches that have stood out most to Mintel in the hair, skin and luxury packaging segments.


Beiersdorf cautious as big players face reality of market slowdown

Beiersdorf: It’s not time for ‘innovation mania’ despite market slowdown

At a time when all the big players in the cosmetics and personal care space have faced...

Beiersdorf Research: Consumer demand dictates skin science
Exclusive interview

Beiersdorf Research: Consumer demand dictates skin science

In an exclusive interview with, Horst Wenck, corporate vice president of R&D at Beiersdorf, says that...

L'Oreal France chief details positive Cosmetics Europe outlook
Exclusive interview

Talks with the top: Loïc Armand details his positive cosmetics outlook

As Cosmetics Europe announced that President of L’Oréal France, Loïc Armand, will take the reins as its...

Bulldog: Performance not affected by phasing out microbeads
Exclusive interview

“Eliminating microbeads does not compromise cosmetics quality”

Bulldog Skincare founder Simon Duffy says that removing plastic microbeads from cosmetics products and soaps will not...

Cosmetics Europe champions positive exports outlook
Dispatches from Cosmetics Europe

Cosmetics Europe predicts bright future for industry with exports key

The personal care trade association held its General Assembly in Brussels this week and announced that exports...

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