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The Beauty Industry Awards are now open for submissions

The most comprehensive and far-reaching awards for the global beauty industry are now open for submissions that will recognize the most outstanding achievements.

The Beauty Industry Awards are now open for submissions

Avon headquarters leaves the US

As of January 2017 the direct-sales beauty company known as Avon Products will operate it global business from offices in the UK. And just this month, Avon announced the appointment of a new CFO.

Marc Jacobs and Pur Cosmetics: all aboard the vlogger bandwagon

Vlogging as a platform to engage consumers is still a hot topic when it comes to the beauty industry: recent moves by Marc Jacobs and Pur Cosmetics confirm this.

Biomimetics: tarantula inspires new nanostructure colours

Being able to recreate the ‘dynamic’ bright colours found in the blue tarantula or peacock feathers is becoming a reality, thanks to biomimetics research.

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