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Kline highlights P&G brand divestment opportunities for potential buyers

After recent reports suggest that Procter & Gamble may sell off a number of its beauty brands, with Unilever, Henkel and Coty waiting in the wings, market researcher Kline says it could represent a great opportunity for potential buyers.

Young, dynamic population driving Turkey and Middle East growth, says Euromonitor

A dynamic population seeking tailored solutions is boosting the cosmetics market in Turkey and the Middle East and many global brands are making the most of the region’s growth, according to market researcher Euromonitor.

Scientists invent inks to combat counterfeiting that are ‘impossible’ to replicate

Scientists have upped the ante in the battle against counterfeit products by inventing sophisticated fluorescent inks that could be used as multi-coloured barcodes for consumers to authenticate products that are often counterfeited, and are ‘virtually impossible’ to replicate.

Inter Parfums sales slump on currency translations

Inter Parfums has become the latest in an increasingly long list of cosmetic players that have been hard hit by the continued buoyancy of the US dollar against international currencies.

Research shows magnolia scent has unique sex appeal

Magnolia scent could become the next hot fragrance ingredient after research underscored the fact that it is a unique pheromone receptor – a much sought after quality in this competitive category.