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Henkel scientists develop novel method to assess hair condition

A team of scientists from Henkel, in collaboration with the University of Manchester, have developed a novel method to study various types of hair damage related to different chemical treatments, based on the movement pattern of hair tresses.

Henkel scientists develop novel method to assess hair condition

Danish EPA finds most preservatives used in cosmetics are safe

The Danish Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has completed its latest assessment of preservatives in cosmetics products and found that most are safe for use in their current permitted concentrations.

Study uses novel technology to show skin lightness decreases with age

A new study using a novel technology to analyse the skin has demonstrated that as we get older our skin lightness decreases and there is an increase in dyspigmentation, and this could lead to futue analysis of the skin for cosmetic developments.

BASF expands production capacity for emollients and waxes in China

In an effort to strengthen its presence in China, BASF has invested in an additional production facility to ramp up its production of wax esters, emulsifiers and primary surfactants in Jinshan.

Will Avon’s challenges threaten its chances of outside investment?

Avon continues to fight against seemingly never-ending challenges that have battered the company’s stock market performance. Just in the month of September share prices plummeted more than 37%, leading experts to question the possibility of outside investment.

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