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L’Oréal announces new climate change goals as carbon neutral initiatives launch

L’Oréal has announced its latest commitment to fighting climate change, stating its ambition to become a ‘carbon balanced’ company by 2020 by generating carbon gains linked to its activities through its sustainable sourcing projects.

In Burkina Faso, L’Oréal commits to helping the 22,000 women who harvest the nuts used to produce shea butter

Sun tan tattoos don’t have to be harmful if done the self-tan way

Ingredient supplier DSM says that the Erythrulose self-tanning enhancement ingredient can meet the demand of people wanting to temporarily ‘tattoo’ their skin, rather than by exposing skin to dangerous levels of sun as has been shown in the recent ‘sunburn tattoo’ trend.

Physical effects applied with AHA peels improve skin pore and comedone condition

Scientists have discovered that applying a 4% alpha hydroxyl acid (AHA) solution combined with using water jet pressure, had rapidly improved effects on whiteheads and blackheads on the face, and that combined physical therapy may have more impact on pore size.

Cosmetics and Personal Care Packaging: sustainable materials

Sustainability has become integral to the beauty business since environmentally intelligent packaging design can benefit the plant, satisfy consumers, and bolster a brand’s bottom line.

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