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‘Digital natives’ approach fragrance consumption differently, so suppliers must adapt

Young millennials and Generation Z have grown up in a digital world and this means they approach fragrance consumption differently; meaning that in order to produce more targeted products for the consumer, suppliers need to stay on top of these trends.

‘Digital natives’ approach fragrance consumption differently, so suppliers must adapt

Adding chelants to hair care products can reduce hair damage

Procter & Gamble scientists have found that adding chelants such as EDDS and histidine to shampoos and conditioners could reduce the damage caused by free radicals and keep hair healthier.

Rahn study shows efficacy of active against cellular waste

Switzerland-based ingredient supplier Rahn says that a new study confirms the efficacy of its anti-ageing active Protolea in combatting cellular waste and glycation.

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"Just because you’re good at printing plastic does not mean you can print cells," warns expert on 3D bioprinting

With 3D Bioprinting promising great future advances, cosmetics companies are exploring its potential for skin care applications. However, Arnold Bos at Lux Research calls for caution as printing cells is not as predictable as packaging...

Symrise says acquisition of renewable materials provider Pinova puts accent on sustainability

Symrise's acquisition of US-based natural and renewable materials provider Pinova Holdings is part of the ingredients provider efforts to increase its sustainability profile for fragrances.

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