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Baldness still key male grooming concern: Silab’s ingredient launch responds

By Lucy Whitehouse + , 19-Apr-2017

Baldness still key male grooming concern: Silab’s ingredient launch responds

Recent data suggests the industry could be doing more to meet consumer demand for hair loss targeting products, and new ingredients launches suggest companies are making moves to respond.

In January, Euromonitor International asserted there is untapped potential in the male grooming space when it comes to hair loss.

According to Ildiko Szalai, beauty and personal care analyst at the firm, balding is a key concern for some men across all age groups.

While hair care innovations are becoming more successful in better targeting specific hair concerns, some untapped areas remain,” the analyst confirmed.

For example, hair loss continues to be an area of underdeveloped potential, with one in five male consumers in the 45-49 age group reporting hair loss concerns, but among all generations balding is a concern for 10-20% of male consumers."

Silab, a leading ingredients player specialising in the engineering of natural active ingredients, has recently launched Hairgenyl, an ingredient to boost hair regrowth that ‘acts at the heart of hair follicle biology’.

How does it work?

The new Hairgenyl ingredient acts on androgenetic alopecia, according to Silab, which translates into gradual hair loss - the result of a deregulation of the hair growth cycle, mainly affecting men.

The company says that with efficacy proven on cell and tissue models that mimic androgenetic alopecia, Hairgenyl targets three regulators of hair regrowth:

-        the mitochondrial activity;

-        the expression of signaling molecules;

-        the components in epigenetics.

By supporting the biological activity of the dermal papilla and stimulating hair follicle growth, Hairgenyl re-normalizes hair development, according to Silab.

Tested over eight months on a group of male volunteers, Hairgenyl increases hair density and limits hair loss. The hair becomes thicker, more resistant and the scalp is more densely covered.”

Such launches suggest the industry is wising up to the opportunities afforded by the untapped potential in male grooming for hair loss products.

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