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Hygiene and Preservation: Our expertise for your products
More than 120 years of research and development in fighting infection and contamination

Dangers to humans arising from pathogens or microbiological contaminations in end products and production plants must not be underestimated. The fact is that our working and leisure habits are now international, and these pathogens – stowaways of the widest, and sometimes undiscovered, variety – can easily infiltrate our living space.

Since its founding 120 years ago – in 1889 – schülke has been a specialist in hygiene and conservation in the area of chemicals and pharmaceuticals. We subscribe to a holistic approach to quality that serves as the basis of all methods, products and services developed by schülke. Because infections and contaminations are far easier to avoid than to eradicate, professional prevention is of key importance. In the process, highly effective disinfectants and cleaning products, preservatives and multifunctional additives are the means of first choice. To this end we provide our customers with a broad range of top-quality products to ensure that illness and contamination can be eradicated before they occur.

Our corporate philosophy is based on an holistic quality mindset that not merely covers the quality of our products in the sense of effective product formulae, but also embraces efficiency in the use of resources, environmental protection and social responsibility for our employees.

In its product development and production schülke insists on

  • health and safety in the workplace
  • environmental management
  • quality management

This overall approach to quality brings more than success in business for all involved – it creates long-term value for the environment and society. This total-quality philosophy is reflected in our corporate values:

In daily cooperation, and over the long term, we strive to be a reliable partner to our customers throughout the world. By providing expert advice and a complete service, we safeguard the interests of all participants. We also follow this practice in dealing with our suppliers and other business partners.

For us farsighted thinking and acting is decisive to success. That’s because we have to be aware of the challenges of the future if we are to provide the solutions in time. This will to innovate is a guarantee of future competitiveness and success, for us and for our business partners.

Particularly in sensitive areas such as professional hygiene or precautionary contamination protection, reliability, conscientiousness and safety are important requirements for a successful cooperation. They foster trust – and trust is the basis of enduring, collaborative relationships and long-lasting success. 
Our declared goals are to continually improve our products, processes and services to ensure our customers are satisfied, to perform well as a company and to live up to our social responsibilities.

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