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Ultrasonic diffusers plug the gap in skin hydration

By Natasha Spencer

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Ultrasonic diffusers plug the gap in skin hydration
Launched into the UK market initially, we spoke to originator and owner of Sanatio Naturalis, aromatherapist Valerie Ruonan Shi about how Ultrasonic Sanatio Naturalis diffusers are providing multifunctional lifestyle benefits to skin, personal and home care consumers.

1. Why has Ultrasonic entered the skin hydration market with the launch of its new Ultrasonic Aroma-Diffusers?

Sanatio Naturalis has launched two new luxury Ultrasonic Diffusers to compliment their natural, pure, high quality aromatherapy essential and beauty oils.

Ultrasonic diffusers use water to carry the essential oils into the air. The ultrasonic vibrations disperse the essential oils on the water’s surface into super fine micro-particles which are then easily dispersed through the air.

An Ultrasonic diffuser helps to hydrate the atmosphere with an aromatic mist and the skin in turn. Skin hydration is an additional benefit in the winter months with drying heating.

2. What inspired the merge between the skin, personal, home and air care markets?

The merge between the skin care, personal care and home care markets was a natural progression as our customers asked for appliances to utilise their aromatherapy oils in a variety of health, wellbeing and skin enhancing ways. Our luxury diffusers have been introduced to answer these requests.

3. How do Ultrasonic Aroma-Diffusers hydrate the skin?

Ultrasonic diffusers work using ultrasonic frequency to break down the essential oils and distilled water particles into micro-molecules and diffuse them into the air as negative ions.

The ultrasonic sound waves agitate the water causing the separation of the water particles and when the water particles are separated, they become negatively charged which are lighter than the air and this is the visible ‘mist’ you’ll see coming from your diffuser, adding some humidity to your room. This creates a more hydrated atmosphere which helps to hydrate the whole environment, and in turn the skin.

Sanatio Naturalis Ultrasonic diffusers work for four hours continuously or eight hours intermittently, they disperse 100-120ml of water vapour into the air over this time helping to humidify the air and they also have an auto turn off feature for safety.

4. How does the latest product help to "clear the mind, and lift the spirits, reducing stress and fatigue"​?

Studies by several laboratories have been carried out on the use of aromatherapy oils over many years and concluded that certain oils can help to reduce stress and fatigue. The use of certain aromatic oils with specific properties used within the diffuser may help to clear the mind, lift spirits, and reduce stress.

5. What was the process to bring these to market?

The Sanatio Naturalis concept team worked together to research the best methods of utilising our high grade aromatherapy oils to scent the air, hydrate the environment and to fulfil our customers requests to enhance their lives.

Unlike candles or air fresheners, ultrasonic oil diffusers release cleansing molecules into the air that work to purify it, and not to overload it with unhealthy chemicals. They do not pose the fire risk that candles do. They also contain the added feature of interchangeability; using different oil scents and for health benefits which made them a great choice to add to our marketing mix.

6. As Ultrasonic comments on how diffusers help sleep, mindfulness and happiness, are these leading trends and demands that consumers seek to achieve through these in-home devices?

The demand for sleep, mindfulness and happiness products has risen dramatically over the past few years, from sleep sprays to apps.

The ultrasonic diffusers in-home devices are a complementary way, with the use of aromatherapeutic oils to help with relaxation and sleep. In addition to psychological effects, aromatherapy is thought to be therapeutically effective due to physiological effects of the inhaled volatile compounds.

Research has found that a blend of sleep-promoting essential oils may work more effectively to improve sleep quality. Blended oils are often more effective at improving sleep than a single essential oil, such as lavender.

7. You state that Lemon Essential Oil “blends beautifully with sweet orange, lavender, geranium, frankincense and ylang ylang”​, was this the core reason for choosing lemon essential oils for the formulation?

At Sanatio Naturalis we have devised and tested certain aromatherapeutic recipes that we’ve found work to enhance the mood and uplift the spirits.

Lemon and orange essential oils have been known for centuries to have ‘sunny’ uplifting qualities which is why we have included them in our Happiness recipe. Lemon essential oil is typically used to ease stress, fight fatigue and insomnia.

Frankincense, the oil gifted by the three kings to Jesus, has been valued for centuries to lift the spirits.

8. Have both the ingredient blends and the rise of anti-stress-related and anti-fatigue products been key factors in developing the diffusers?

Certainly the rise of stress-related and anti-fatigue products was a contributing factor to the development of the Ultrasonic diffusers, but it was more important to us that our clients would be able to utilise our quality aromatherapy oils in the best and most effective way possible to enhance their health and wellbeing.

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