L’Oréal promotes low carbon growth as latest sustainability report is outlined


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L’Oréal promotes low carbon growth as latest sustainability report is outlined

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L’Oréal is promoting low carbon growth as the challenge that needs to be tackled, stating that an ambitious commitment to tackling climate change is compatible with a successful business model.

The cosmetics maker has just released its latest report on its ‘Sharing Beauty with all’ sustainability program and documents that in 2015, it succeeded in achieving a 56% reduction in its CO2 emissions, in absolute terms, from a 2005 baseline, while its production increased by 26% over the same period.

This is being aided by what the company calls its ‘three catalysts’ of reducing energy consumption at its plants and distribution centres, expanding the use of renewable energy, and reducing emissions linked to the transportation of our products, from its plants to its distributors.

These points have seen the Paris-headquartered firm implement the ISO 50 001 standard certification programme at all its plants, have 9 Group sites achieve carbon neutrality by late 2015, and partially replace road transport with rail solutions with the aim of decreasing emissions per sales unit.

L’Oréal’s climate performance has been praised by CDP (formerly the Carbon Disclosure Project), receiving ‘A’ rating last year, reflecting the highest level of performance in the CDLI (ClimateDisclosure Leadership Index) for its carbon-footprint management policy and for its strategy to combat climate change; along with a score of 99/100 for the transparency of its policy.

Reporting sustainability

Also in the Sharing Beauty with All report, which sets ambitious commitments for 2020, the Group detailed important progress in 2015.

According to L’Oréal, 74% of its products launched in 2015 have an improved environmental or social profile (vs 67% in 2014), and several brands, including Garnier, Kerastase, Ushuaïa, Armani, and Vichy, launched products with formulas offering a level of biodegradability between 97 and 99%.

"The mobilization of all L'Oréal teams allowed us to roll out the Sharing Beauty with All program worldwide on a solid basis. We will now move to an acceleration phase to achieve our targets by 2020,”​ says Alexandra Palt, Chief Sustainability Officer.

The Sharing Beauty With All program was launched in 2013, based on four pillars: Innovating sustainably; Producing sustainably; Living sustainably; and Developing sustainably.

Every year, L'Oréal reports on the progress of Sharing Beauty With All with key performance indicators and the results are reviewed and challenged by a panel of independent international experts.

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