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Ageing is an accomplishment in Asia, so beware about how you communicate with skin care, says expert

By Michelle Yeomans

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Ageing is an accomplishment in Asia, so beware about how you communicate with skin care, says expert
This month we are focusing on the anti-ageing skin care market in Asia, where our expert, Florence Bernardin says global brands must take heed in approaching consumers that view getting older very differently from the West.

According to Bernardin, the marketing of products claiming to treat the ageing process in the West is either focused on eliminating the signs of it in older generations or by keeping wrinkles and lines at bay in younger consumers.


In the East however, particularly Japan, getting older is celebrated, and lines and wrinkles are considered as adding character, a gain of wisdom, of stable life and mental beauty.

In fact, the expert says both young and older Asian generations are focused on preserving the skin in the best way possible through life, rather than trying to work against the clock.

Thus, brands will need to keep this in mind when marketing products if they want to avoid losing out to domestic ones who are well versed on the mentality of consumers on the region.

Apart from Korea,​ the attitude in Asia​ is less about wrinkles and more about radiance​,” Florence tells this publication.


Positive attitude to ageing

The AP expert goes on to explain that in Korea women want to look like they are in 20's, that the status of ageing is not accepted as much.

When it comes to China and Japan, Florence says the emphasis is on keeping the skin in good health – re-balancing and energizing rather than fighting the ageing process.

Half of the women in Japan are above 50 years old and brands like Kanebo and Shiseido have already recognized this and capitalized by launching websites 

that promote 'a young at heart generation'.

"With Japan, the number one supplement or beauty drink is collagen based as consumers believe in re-plumping and keeping the skin healthy from the inside out​," says Florence.

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