Verdan’s deodorant ingredient given ‘natural’ approval by Ecocert

By Emily Dobell

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Crystal deodorant company Verdan has had its Kalunite Potassium Alum powder approved as a natural ingredient by Ecocert.

The powder, which is produced via micronization of potassium alum mineral crystals, is said to provide ‘24 hour odour prevention, without the assistance of synthetics’.

Kalunite’s Ecocert approval signifies that the powder is traceable to its natural source, free from all synthetics and therefore permitted in Ecocert certified products.

It also confirms Kalunite’s exemption from registration for REACH, the European Community Regulation on chemicals and their safe use, which only registers natural minerals and ores if they have been chemically modified.

With the importance of independent natural certification rising, we feel that our approved natural odor prevention ingredient provides us with a competitive advantage not offered by manufacturers of synthetic potassium alum​,” Verdan Founder Francis Verdan told

Synthetic vs. natural potassium alum

While Verdan maintains that its products have never contained any chemicals or synthetics, he asserts that “competitors exist who synthetically manufacture potassium alum and ammonium alum​” as an alternative to the naturally occurring mineral potassium alum, known as Kalunite.

Chemically synthesized versions are produced by mixing aluminium hydroxide (ATH) with potassium or ammonium sulphate in acid. After additional chemical reactions and mixtures, the final product is either synthetic potassium alum or ammonium alum powder, according to Verdan.

The synthetic versions, most of which claim to be natural, are in fact not, and contain elements of aluminum hydroxide which is used during the synthesis process to make the synthetic version appear natural​,” added Verdan.

A reduced manufacturing cost is the main benefit of synthetic potassium alum production as it excludes the expensive extraction of the natural mineral from the earth.

This has led to the significant increase in use of synthetic potassium alum by natural deodorant formulators​” said Verdan.

Conversely, Verdan’s ‘strict production standards’ means that its “potassium alum will always remain 100 per cent natural and provide minerals in their naturally occurring state​.”

The odour prevention ingredient has been produced for use in body sprays, creams, powders and liquid roll-ons. It is said to ‘prevent odour from ever occurring’ by inhibiting bacterial growth in sweat.

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