Croda targets natural brands with broad spectrum titanium dioxide filters

By Katie Bird

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Specialty chemical supplier Croda has launched a range of broad spectrum titanium dioxide filters that can protect against both UVA and UVB.

The company’s Solaveil Spextra line has been designed to give high SPF values (protection against UVB rays) while ensuring strong UVA protection, to help formulators answer European guidelines that state UVA protection should be a third of UVB.

Currently two products are in the range, Solaveil XT-100 and Solaveil XT-30, with the latter having been formulated in a naturally derived carrier making it a good choice for products in the natural and organic sector, according to the company. In addition, the ingredient has been approved by Ecocert.

Titanium dioxide is historically a popular filter for natural and organic formulators as it comes from natural, mineral sources, although some certification systems question the inclusion of such particles in the nano range.

Dependent on particle size

The protection provided by the titanium dioxide, and the wavelengths it can protect against, is dependent on the size of the particle.

With small particle sizes a very high UVB protection can be achieved but with minimal whitening to the skin after application. Larger particle sizes offer stronger UVA protection but can lead to whiteness on the skin after application.

Croda claims to have found the optimum particle size and shape that gives balanced UVA and UVB efficacy.

In addition, the company claims to have devised a method to more tightly control the particle size distribution, leading to a narrower range of sizes, which can moderate the whitening effect on the skin.

To view Croda’s Julian Hewitt discussing the new products, please click here​.

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