Microtrend for 'transformer' cosmetics hits Europe

By Leah Armstrong

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A range of cosmetics with mix-it-yourself formulas and ‘transformer’ ingredients have become available in Europe after proving popular in China and India.

Mintel’s Beauty Expert, Nica Lewis, told CosmeticsDesign-Europe.com that the proliferation of these new cosmetics, which have the capability to change from one state to another, reflects growing consumer demand for at-home spa experiences.

At-home spa experience

Lewis has previously named this consumer trend ‘cocooning’ and cites it to be a reaction to the recession and a way for the cosmetics industry to appeal to consumers who want to enjoy ‘beauty-time’ at home. In addition, the novelty of the mix-it-yourself products provides ‘escapism’ and enjoyment for consumers who are bored with a repetitive beauty routine, Mintel said.

Among the new launches of mix-it-yourself products is Shiseido’s Revital Granas Cream Condensed, an oil rich formula, divided into two solutions. Once mixed together prior to use, it is said to become an oil rich cream with ‘aromatherepeutic benefits’.

The Cantella Soft and Vegetable Body Scrub is another example of a product sold in two parts, which can be mixed before forming a creamy exfoliator for the face and body.

Other popular ‘at-home spa treatments’ include the Pola Algaira Warm Up Massage Gel, which is said to instantly transform into warm oil upon application, and the Hiyashidana Frozen Ball Lotion which changes from a spray to a foam and then a ‘cooling sheet’ upon touching the palm.

Building on Indian Culture and Tradition

Lewis said that part of the success these products have enjoyed in India and China is a result of culture and tradition. In India for example, she said that there are numerous powder cleansers that are mixed with water to make cleansing purifying pastes, as part of the Ayurvedic tradition.

She added that the adoption of these products in the West is a natural progression from the trend for organic and authentic ingredients in cosmetics.

According to Mintel, this microtrend for transformers is a new area for innovation in the European market, but Lewis stressed that ‘Convenience, value and results’ still needed to be addressed.

If the market is a success, Lewis states that there is growth potential for transformer products to become available in shampoos, where consumers would buy the concentrate and add their own water.

She also said that the market, to some extent, already exists in Europe through the use of gradual tanners. Other innovative products that might build on this trend are eye and lip colours that shift from matt to glossy or vice versa.

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