Mood-Beauty trend big for 2010

By Katie Nichol

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Several recent product launches have seen companies tapping into the Mood-Beauty trend that Mintel tipped as one of the four key beauty trends for 2010.

Going beyond simple aromatherapy and use of scent to enhance mood, a new beauty space that intersects with psychology and well-being has been created.

Neurocosmetics, cosmetics that claim to improve sleep quality, and a contemporary take on holistic healing are all part of this trend.

Nica Lewis, director of Beauty Innovation at Mintel told CosmeticsDesign: “The austerity-chic trend of 2009 saw us cocooning and spending time at home, the new mood-beauty trend allows us to enhance that time at home.”

Acting on neurotransmitters for beauty benefits

One of the first indicators of the new breed of neurocosmetics and the Mood Beauty trend, according to Mintel, was Linda Papadopoulos’ Psy Derma Enlightenment Day Moisturising Treatment.

The combination of psychology and skincare that the product embodies is referred to as Nootropics (from the Greek “noos” (mind) and “tropein” (bend/turn)).

It is claimed that the ingredient Idebenone, a classic skincare active, also has the ability to stimulate information transfer across the corpus callosum (the membrane separating the right and left brain hemispheres).

The product is therefore claimed to help boost the neurotransmitters serotonin and dopamine to create a feeling of well-being and stress reduction.

Making the most of beauty sleep

Injecting new life into the night care subcategory is French skincare brand Six La Beauté.

Claiming that the skin has “specific needs in order to be beautiful,” ​the brand offers six skincare formulations that address the physical and emotional needs of the skin.

Its Rêver Redensifying Night Cream contains mirabilis jalapa extract, which may have possible actions on serotonin, according to the company.

21st century anti-ageing

A contemporary take on holistic therapies has been seen in a new US skincare range based on colour therapy.

Colour therapy or chromotherapy is an ancient form of therapy that recognises certain colours are infused with healing and balancing energies.

Kroia, the company behind the Chromotherapy Renewal Active Foaming Moisturizer, claims to harness the power of colour’s healing properties and make them bioavailable through a combination of active ingredients.

Containing natural topaz crystal, ginseng and neroli flower extract, the moisturizer comes in three lines: yellow (energizing), pink (anti-ageing), and blue (soothing).

Beauty Innovations of the future

Lewis said that in terms of areas of innovations to explore, one of the micro trends identified by Mintel is “transformers”, which explores the mood beauty concept in a bit more detail.

She said there are several directions in which this new trend could go, for example, cosmetics manufacturers could produce eye and lip colour products that change from matt to glossy, light to dark or vice versa. The idea behind this is that the products can adapt to a daytime or nighttime mood.

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