Chanel seals research deal to shine light on formulation

By Guy Montague-Jones

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Chanel has sought out the help of Dassault Systemes to model cosmetic formulations and dig deeper into the role of light in make-up.

The companies have signed a partnership agreement to combine their different areas of expertise in the search for new and improved beauty products.

With its background in 3D technologies and virtualization, Dassault Systemes is ordinarily far removed from the business of creating cosmetics but Chanel expects that a partnership will lead to beauty breakthroughs.

Exploring the role of light

The first joint project between the companies centres on the role of light in cosmetics.

Already underway, the project, which is expected to run until 2010, will go beyond the testing of formulations in different lights.

Chanel spokesperson Florence Nemo said that in a make-up different pigments reflect light in specific ways that can have interesting cosmetic effects.

By understanding the importance of light, colours in cosmetics can be chosen to help dull the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Nemo said that by working with Dassault Systemes, Chanel will be able to further develop its existing research into light.

Modeling potential products

The collaborative research partnership will also involve Chanel simulating and modeling different cosmetic formulations.

Using the 3D technologies and virtualization software at Dassault Systemes will analyse and assess different formulations and ingredients.

Nemo said this will enable the company to test the efficacy of a wide range of ingredients and combinations simply and cost-effectively.

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