Diabetes Federation calls on beauty industry for help

By Simon Pitman

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The international Diabetes Federation has called on beauty manufacturers worldwide to help it raise awareness over the disease.

The federation is targeting both manufacturers in North America and Europe to help it raise awareness on World Diabetes Day by creating and marketing ‘blue-themed’ beauty treatments.

November 14 has been designated at World Diabetes Day and is also recognized by the United Nations as a universal World Health Day on its calendar.

The drive within the beauty industry, is being spearheaded by Candace Silvasy, who founded Spa4Diabetes, an organisation that helps to promote healthy living through beauty treatments, which in turn is now focusing its attentions on ‘BlueBeauty’.

Blue-themed cosmetics

According to the organisers, manufacturers can incorporate blue in the color, name or packaging of any beauty product, which can in turn be used to help raise awareness as well as funds for the organisation’s benefit.

Spa4Diabetes says it will help companies promote their participation, providing a form of news release, marketing collateral and featuring the company on the SpaAroundThe World website as well a directory called The Spa BlueBeauty Book.

Companies interested in participating in the programme can contact Candace Silvasy through the SpaAroundTheWorld website.

Cause marketing works

The campaign comes in the wake of a recent study that shows cause marketing campaigns can help to raise awareness and give brands a positive image.

The 2008 Cone Cause Evolution Study found that 79 per cent of those surveyed said that they would change to a brand that was associated with a good cause, such as a charity or a public awareness campaign.

Estee Lauder has been associated with the Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign for 15 years now, a campaign that has grown to the point where it is estimated to touch millions of people in over 50 countries every year.

The Cone/Duke University survey points to the fact that campaigns like this can help to generate millions of dollars in extra revenue because it helps to foster a positive image of the company in the minds of the consumer.

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