Kimberly-Clark and Metro deveop new supply chain system

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Kimberly-Clark and German retailer Metro have introduced a new
supply chain system developed through GlobalNetXchange, which will
allow joint management of promotions for a variety of products
including personal care items.

GNX, an e-business solution and service provider for retailers and manufacturers was commissioned bz Kimberly-Clark and Metro Group on a Collaborative Planning Forecasting and Replenishment (CPFR) interoperability programme aimed at increasing the speed of communications and campaign implementation between the retailer and the manufacturer.

To enable joint promotions management processes using two different systems, GNX developed an XML connection and automated data feeds that allow the GNX Supply Chain Collaboration application to talk directly to Kimberly-Clark's collaboration system.

In the new process, Metro's promotional event and forecast data is loaded in Kimberly- Clark's collaboration tool. The Retail Event Message, which contains information about the promotion, (start date, end date, theme, promoted products, as well as a promotional sales forecast for each individual product) is exchanged on a weekly basis via XML and AS2.

Metro's promotion information can then be used for data synchronization, and could in the future also be fed directly into Kimberly-Clark's upstream supply chain processes like inventory management, demand planning and production planning. The process enables Kimberly-Clark to use its internal applications, which, says GNX, leverages its technology investments and simplifying collaboration projects for Kimberly-Clark's users. This system interoperability is achieved using global XML standards that will be adopted for collaboration initiatives with other Kimberly-Clark customers.

"Kimberly-Clark believes that in every collaborative situation, each trading partner should have the option to use their own systems. Standardised interoperability of these systems lowers collaboration costs and supports scalability. It also allows all parties maximum flexibility in integrating forecasting revisions into their planning and executional system."​ stated Elke Hendrix, Consumer Supply Chain E-commerce manager of Kimberly-Clark Europe.

Axel Hopp, head of Corporate Information Management for Metro Group, said, "This pilot has proven that investments made by manufacturers into their own collaborative supply chain solutions do not represent a burden to collaborating with their retailer customers that are using platforms like GNX. The ability to easily connect a retailer and manufacturer"s system platforms to enable closed circuit collaboration is finally a reality."

"With this successful pilot, GNX has proven that system interoperability is real, it works, and should no longer be a barrier to collaboration between retailers and manufacturers,"​ said Joe Laughlin, CEO of GNX.

GNX is an e-business solution and service provider for the global retail industry. GNX solutions connect retailers, manufacturers and their trading partners to reduce costs and improve efficiency by streamlining and automating sourcing and supply chain processes. It has worked with a number of big retail as well as cosmetic and personal care names, including P&G, Colgate-Palmolive, Carrefour, and Marks & Spencer.

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