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Regulation & Safety

In order to keep the cosmetics industry safe as well as innovative, there is a strong regulatory structure in place.

If you want to know about the new regulations and their effect on the industry, or the progress of alternative testing methods, or to stay on top of the latest regulatory requirements , we've got you covered!

Product claims must be substantiated or industry will challenge

27-Nov-2015 - Hair care products need to do fulfil the claims made on the pack and in advertising as this is the essence of claim substantiation, according to an industry expert, who...

Elizabeth Arden reformulating MI out of face creams

26-Nov-2015 - Cosmetics maker Elizabeth Arden announces that it is reformulating a number of its face creams without the preservative Methylisothiazolinone (MI) and that new products are on the way, having been...

EU sets guidelines on labelling cosmetics from Israeli settlement; Israel condemns decision

13-Nov-2015 - The European Commission has issued new guidelines that mean that cosmetics made in Israeli settlements on occupied Palestinian and Syrian land sold in EU member states must now have clear...

European Commission approves zinc oxide as a UV filter in cosmetics

30-Oct-2015 - The EU Commission Working Group on Cosmetics has voted in favour of approving zinc oxide as a UV filter in cosmetics in Europe, which has undoubtedly pleased a number of...

CTPA refutes any suggestion that cosmetics cause breast cancer

22-Oct-2015 - The Cosmetic, Toiletry and Perfumery Association (CTPA) has moved quickly to play down claims that cosmetics products could contain chemicals linked to an increased cancer risk.

ISO maintains tabled guidelines aim for consistent framework and to encourage innovation

22-Oct-2015 - With no harmonised technical data on natural and organic cosmetics in place, the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) tabled draft guidelines (16128) which it maintains will create a consistent framework...

New Recommendation

Cosmetics Europe makes recommendation to cease microbead use

21-Oct-2015 - The Personal Care Association has issued a recommendation for cosmetics and personal care manufacturers to discontinue the use of plastic microbeads in their wash off products in order to stop...

Natrue unclear on whether ISO guidelines will add or end consumer confusion

15-Oct-2015 - Natrue has questioned whether the ISO 16128 guidelines will actually add to further consumer confusion rather than creating clarity, with potential for only the perception, rather than reality, of natural...

Danish EPA finds most preservatives used in cosmetics are safe

13-Oct-2015 - The Danish Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has completed its latest assessment of preservatives in cosmetics products and found that most are safe for use in their current permitted concentrations.

EC opens public consultations on restriction and ban of 2 cosmetics ingredients

30-Sep-2015 - The European Commission has opened two consultations on proposals to restrict cosmetics use of zinc oxide (ZnO) as a colourant, and to band chloroacetamide in cosmetic products.

MAC’s Miley Cyrus ads survive scrutiny in UK over being ‘overtly sexual’

25-Sep-2015 - MAC Cosmetics’ UK operations saw complaints over advertising for its MAC VIVA glam range, featuring Miley Cyrus, dismissed after the ruling body stated they were not offensive.

L’Oréal withdraws hair wax to maintain trust with Danish consumers

25-Sep-2015 - L’Oréal has withdrawn its Kerastase K Short Mania hair wax line from the market after a new test from The Danish Consumer Council THINK Chemicals claimed that it contains polyaminopropyl...

Unilever investing in alternatives to animal testing

22-Sep-2015 - As an ever-increasing number of countries make moves to end the testing of consumer products on animals, Unilever has partnered up with the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to develop...

Venn offers $7.2m for Kinesis to boost toxicology testing offering

22-Sep-2015 - Venn Life Sciences has bid €6.5m ($7.2m) for preclinical CRO Kinesis Pharma BV in a move prompted by increased Big Pharma focus of efficient early phase drug discovery.

European Commission requests Opinion on nano TiO2 in sunscreens and sprays

22-Sep-2015 - The European Commission’s Scientific Committee on Consumer Safety (SCCS)has requested an opinion on the use of the nano form of Titanium Dioxide (TiO2) as a UV-Filter in sunscreens and personal...

EC deems three hair dye ingredients safe for cosmetics use

11-Sep-2015 - The European Commission's Scientific Committee on Consumer Safety (SCCS) has published Opinions on the safety of three hair dye ingredients, deeming all of them to be safe for use in...

Out-of-date make-up linked to meningitis and septicaemia

08-Sep-2015 - A new study which finds that out-of-date make-up could carry serious health risks, serves as a stark warning to consumers to keep cosmetics bags and tools clean and to store...

EC considers a skin lightener and UV filter unsafe for cosmetics use

08-Sep-2015 - The European Commission has released its latest Opinion on two cosmetics ingredients, deoxyarbutin and phenylene bis-diphenyltriazine, and says they are not safe for use.

New eye and skin irritation test guidelines for make-up and personal care products

26-Aug-2015 - The Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development has published two novel eye irritation testing protocols and updated several skin testing guidelines.

Danish Consumer Council claims potential allergens and EDCs in body care products

26-Aug-2015 - According to two new surveys carried out on personal care products in Denmark, the country’s Consumer Council says that one in four body lotions contain allergens or endocrine disruptors (EDCs),...

Bill proposed to phase out animal testing of cosmetics in Russia

25-Aug-2015 - Russian MPs have prepared a new cross-party bill, the first of its kind in the country, which aims to phase out all animal testing for cosmetics and their ingredients by 2020.

Black henna temporary tattoo? The skin damage could be permanent…

21-Aug-2015 - The British Skin Foundation and the Cosmetics Toiletry and Perfumery Association have warned consumers against getting ‘black henna’ temporary tattoos (BHTT) that you may see on holiday or at festivals...

What the new Brazilian biodiversity regulation means to cosmetics companies

17-Aug-2015 - With a new Brazilian regulation aiming to generate more research and cultivation of indigenous plant species, cosmetics companies look set to benefit but will also be expected to foot the...

Public consultation on MI in leave-on cosmetics announced

11-Aug-2015 - The European Commission announces a public consultation on Methylisothiazolinone (MI) used in cosmetic products with a decision expected in October.

EC bans eyebrow enhancer in Bulgaria labelling benzalkonium chloride levels as ‘serious risk’

11-Aug-2015 - The European Commission has banned an eyebrow enhancer from being sold in Bulgaria after finding that it does not comply with the Cosmetic Products Regulation as it contains high levels...

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