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From innovation in 3D printing to specialist software and bioplastic packaging, this is the place to stay up to date with what's happening in the ever-evolving cosmetics packaging sector.

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ALL4PACK packaging survey points to generational and geographic divides

20-Jul-2016 - The organisers of the ALL4PACK event, to be staged in Paris this November, have published the results of a survey showing big differences in expectations for packaging according to age...

Luxe Pack Monaco unveils its conference and roundtable programme

15-Jul-2016 - Luxe Pack Monaco has revealed the full three-day programme for its conferences and roundtables, which will emphasise the key themes of sustainability, branding and innovation.

Second ALL4Pack Paris event aims to be a go to for processing and packaging

14-Jul-2016 - It is four months until the opening of the second ALL4PACK event in Paris and the organiser is aiming to make this the landmark event for European and global processing...

Luxe Formulation bridges the gap between container and contents

12-Jul-2016 - This year’s Luxe Pack Monaco event will again have a specific focus on product formulation, helping to expand its scope beyond just packaging.

L'Oréal Australia tackles the problem of recycling cosmetics packaging

12-Jul-2016 - L’Oréal Australia is making efforts to build its environmental credentials in the country, and has teamed up with TerraCycle to offer consumers a free collection and recycling service for its...

Designing the next generation of fragrance packaging, a conversation with FangYi Chu

07-Jul-2016 - Cosmetics Design caught up with branding and visual designer FangYi Chu after she was honored at this year’s Art of Packaging Award Gala, put on by the Pratt Institute, to...

Luxe Pack Monaco will feature a new focus on digital luxury

06-Jul-2016 - This year’s Luxe Pack Monaco event will feature a combination of highlighted show features from previous years, complete with a new focus on how to connect luxury through digital mediums....

Making sure that last drop is squeezed out of a shampoo bottle

28-Jun-2016 - Scientists have developed a new coating that means shampoo slides more easily out of the bottle, in turn helping to ensure waste is reduced.

‘Coral Zombies’ linked to sunscreen pollution

28-Jun-2016 - Scientists say that hopes sea corals will recover in the future are being dashed by the emergence of ‘Coral Zombies’ with no reproductive ability, and the evidence points to sunscreen...

L'Oréal loses the bulk in India: smaller packaging to court consumers

14-Jun-2016 - L’Oréal is making a bid to cater to a dominant consumer trend in India for smaller product sizes, especially the widespread enthusiasm for hair products in sachets.

EU report highlights importance of bioplastics in waste reduction

09-Jun-2016 - A draft report of on the revised EU waste legislation was published last week and highlights the importance bioplastics will have in reducing packaging waste in the European Union.

Cosmetics oil trend means that dropper bottles are back

07-Jun-2016 - One of the biggest niche trends in the cosmetics world in recent years has been the rise and rise of cosmetic oils, which goes hand-in-hand with traditional dropper.

Bigger eyebrow trend gives us the eyebrow comb

31-May-2016 - Bigger eyebrows have been one of the defining beauty trends of recent years, and off the back of this the latest accoutrement is an eyebrow comb for colouring.

Dupont awards give only the smallest of nods to beauty packaging

27-May-2016 - The winners of the 28th Dupont Award for Packaging Innovation have been announced but this year there is only one winner from the cosmetics and personal care category.

DuPont launches new anti-counterfeiting packaging film

13-May-2016 - Tackling the issue of counterfeit cosmetic and fragrance products is the aim of a new film that has been developed by Dupont using 3D imaging technology.

MakeUp in Paris takes an eco-friendly turn

04-May-2016 - For the first time ever, the MakeUp Paris event will have a green focus, aimed at showcasing innovations for products that are sustainable and kinder to the planet while still...

Nivea smells app opportunity with new body odour detector

26-Apr-2016 - Global skin care and deodorant manufacturer Nivea is making waves with the launch of its new, body odour detecting app, NOSE.

Cosmetics now boasting ethical food labels

21-Apr-2016 - Ethical food labels, such as ‘non-GMO Product Verified’ and ‘gluten-free’, are fast becoming staple features on cosmetics and personal care products too, according to new research.

Eco-compatible sunscreen to be first to use clear sustainable film packaging

01-Apr-2016 - Eco-sunscreen brand Sôvée is to be the first cosmetics company to use a clear packaging film based on renewable resources, specially developed by Italian Mater-Bi manufacturer Novamont to protect its...

Special Newsletter: Color Cosmetics

Pigments & Organics: Innovation in nail color

30-Mar-2016 - Mineral makeup remains popular in the color cosmetics category, while clean beauty alternatives and organic infusions are nudging in on the beauty market. Here, Suzanne Roberta of Adesse New York...

Special Newsletter - Colour Cosmetics

A pick of the latest colour cosmetics packs

29-Mar-2016 - With so much choice in the colour cosmetics category and so many brands jostling for attention, it can be difficult to stand out. Here, market researcher Mintel has picked out...

Exclusive interview

‘Cosmetics is at a crossroad… creative design could help usher in innovative breakthroughs’

24-Mar-2016 - The scientific theory of creative design, known as Concept-Knowledge theory (C-K theory), could provide the cosmetics industry with opportunities, possibilities, and new players that could disrupt the standard ecosystem, according...

Could eggshell nanoparticles be the next step up for bioplastics?

17-Mar-2016 - Bioplastics are in big demand as increasingly popular eco-friendly alternatives to cosmetic packaging, and the latest research in this area is pointing to eggshell as a new material.

Demand for cosmetics packaging colourants strengthening globally

15-Mar-2016 - In a move which confirms the increasing international appetite for plastic colourants in beauty and personal care packaging, Asian manufacturer Tokyo Ink has opened its first base in Mexico.

e.l.f. Cosmetics switches to synthetic brush fibers

10-Mar-2016 - At the behest of the nonprofit animal rights organization PETA, e.l.f has stopped using animal hair to make its beauty tools and hopes other industry brands will follow suit. ...

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