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From innovation in 3D printing to specialist software and bioplastic packaging, this is the place to stay up to date with what's happening in the ever-evolving cosmetics packaging sector.

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Ball wins AEROBAL award for deodorant printing technology

21-Nov-2014 - Ball Aerocan receives the 2014 World Aluminium Aerosol Can Award from AEROBAL, the international organization for aluminium aerosol container manufacturers, for a prototype ‘U Homme’ deodorant can featuring its state-of-the-art...

Luxe Pack Monaco – record numbers for 2014!

20-Nov-2014 - As Luxe Pack Monaco closed its doors on October 29, organisers recorded a rise in attendance of 15% from last year - over 400 exhibitors and 8525 visitors.

Essentra acquires US packaging company Clondalkin

13-Nov-2014 - UK-based packaging provider has acquired Clondalkin Group’s specialist packaging division, giving it a broadened footprint in the personal care, health care and pharmaceutical categories.

EU project to develop 'first' cosmetic packaging with nanoparticles

12-Nov-2014 - The ‘Nanopack’ project aims to develop the first prototypes of cosmetics packaging with improved properties using nanomaterials.

Pack Peek: More news from the packaging world

31-Oct-2014 - Here we take a look at the announcements and highlights in the cosmetics packaging world, whether it be in masstige or prestige, fragrance, skin care, make-up, the list goes on.

Premium feel no longer reserved for high-end beauty packaging

29-Oct-2014 - Consumers today expect more at every price point, and the distinctions among mass, masstige and luxury products are shifting. Cosmetics Design looks at how premium feel is no longer reserved...

MWV launches 'Amplify' based on consumer research

23-Oct-2014 - The company intends the new dispensing solution, an airless pump-on-a-tube design, to go beyond functionally and to ensure consumers tangibly connect with a given product based on their sensory experience...

Biome Bioplastics creates biodegradeable plastic with higher 3D print speeds

08-Oct-2014 - Biome Bioplastics has launched Biome3D, a biodegradable plastic made from plant starches for the 3D printing industry  - a move that ups the ante in this fast-evolving area of packaging....

Pack Peek: News from the packaging world

03-Oct-2014 - Summer is over and Autumn is upon us, so we take a look at the announcements and highlights in the cosmetics packaging world, whether it be in masstige or prestige,...

Lindal aerosol technology chosen by Unilever for Axe shaving products

16-Sep-2014 - Packaging firm Lindal has turned its attention to developing aerosol solutions for high viscosity products in order to stay ahead in the global shaving cream market, and has already caught...

UK recycling campaign puts plastic packaging high on the agenda

16-Sep-2014 - The Pledge 4 Plastics national recycling campaign has been launched in the UK aiming to increase the collection of plastic packaging for recycling.

Stora Enso invests €32 million into production of biomass-derived sugars

05-Sep-2014 - Stora Enso is investing €32 million ($43 million) to produce cellulosic biomass-derived sugars at its new plant in the USA, which will have potential cosmetics and personal care uses.

Cracking the Chinese consumer by addressing packaging challenges

03-Sep-2014 - The secret to packaging success in China lies in recognising consistent global challenges and then factoring in the unique dynamics of the Chinese market, according to new research.

HCP mulls industrial presence in Eastern Europe

28-Aug-2014 - Taiwanese beauty packaging player HCP says it is contemplating establishing a production facility in Eastern Europe as part of its expansion aims.

Breakthrough trial for recycling based on fluorescent light of technical polymers

27-Aug-2014 - A group of scientists in Europe have discovered a way to identify plastic for recycling through the automated recognition of polymer constituents.

Pack Peek Gallery

Pack Peek: Summer round-up

22-Aug-2014 - We take a look at the announcements and highlights in the cosmetics packaging world, whether it be in masstige or prestige, fragrance, skin care, make-up, the list goes on.

Want to look different? Be transparent!

20-Aug-2014 - Seufert Transparente Verpackungen has launched a way for cosmetics and perfume makers to make their products stand out on the shelves with its new transparent packaging.

Swallowfield develops an aerosol spray dispenser for body butters

05-Aug-2014 - UK-based cosmetic contract manufacturer claims to be the first company to develop an aerosol dispenser that can be used with body butters.


Avon turnaround is ‘taking longer than anticipated’

31-Jul-2014 - Avon Products admits that the company’s turnaround is taking longer than expected due to a difficult financial climate and tough markets, after announcing profits shrank in its second quarter.

MWV posts strong results helped by beauty packaging sales

31-Jul-2014 - Packaging and specialty chemicals provider MWV says that the strongest results came from its home, health and beauty packaging division, helping it post strong overall second quarter results.

Luxe Pack Monaco announces conference programme

31-Jul-2014 - Smart packaging, senses and luxury, responsible purchasing and 3D print are just a few of the topics that have been announced for the Luxe Pack Monaco conference programme this October.

Packaging segment remains the most important Italian capital goods sector

22-Jul-2014 - According to the Italian national trade association, the packaging machinery manufacturers sector confirms its status as the most important Italian capital goods sector, generating 21.8% of total turnover and 23.7% of exports.

Albéa invests in $14 million Suzhou cosmetics packaging plant

03-Jul-2014 - French packaging giant Albéa Group has invested in a new plant in Suzhou as it aims to boost its cosmetic presence in China with integrated decoration and assembly capabilities and...

A roundup of the latest methods in preserving cosmetics packaging

25-Jun-2014 - Flexible plastic packaging is gradually taking the place of traditional glassware in cosmetics. However; in some aspects the performance isn't as flexible. Here’s a look at some of the best...

Neutrogena’s ‘cloudscreen’: marketing ploy or awareness campaign?

17-Jun-2014 - Responding to increasing evidence that consumers are failing to appreciate the dangers of not wearing UV protection on overcast days, Neutrogena has launched ‘cloudscreen’ – a rebranded, repackaged version of...

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