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From innovation in 3D printing to specialist software and bioplastic packaging, this is the place to stay up to date with what's happening in the ever-evolving cosmetics packaging sector.

Bookmark this page to keep up to speed on industry suppliers and manufacturers alike, as they all strive to become greener in their innovation and developments.

Pack Peek Gallery

Pack Peek gallery: News and updates from the beauty packaging world

27-Feb-2015 - Well 2015 seems to be passing by quite quickly, so here's some more announcements and highlights from the cosmetics packaging world, whether it be in masstige or prestige, fragrance, skin...

Narrow package trend leads to new Quadpack design

18-Feb-2015 - The packaging developer and their manufacturing partner Yonwoo created the Slim Well Pump in three volume sizes: 50, 80, 100ml.

MWV merger with RockTenn challenged by lawsuits

17-Feb-2015 - In the wake of the announcement that MeadWestvaco (MWV) is set to merge with RockTenn, several lawsuits have been filed in the past few days questioning the value such a...

ICMAD honors budding packaging designers

16-Feb-2015 - The ICMAD Young Designer award winners have been announced at a recent ceremony held in Newport Beach California, highlighting the talents of the industry’s next generation of packaging designers.

ITENE consortium to develop bio packaging with antioxidant properties for organic creams

03-Feb-2015 - As natural and organic demand continues to increase and many manufacturers in Europe are now targeting this market, a consortium of companies and research centres are working on a project...

Albéa rigid packaging facility opens near Milan

30-Jan-2015 - Dubbed the 'European Mascara Centre of Excellence', the new site consolidates two former regional plants that the company has operated for over 30 years.

MWV and RockTenn combine to create $16bn packaging firm

28-Jan-2015 - MeadWestvaco (MWV) and RockTenn have taken steps towards creating a combined packaging giant with an equity value of $16 billion having signed a definitive combination agreement.

Pack Peek Gallery

Pack Peek gallery: A new year, new packs!

27-Jan-2015 - The New Year celebrations already feel like a lifetime ago and 2015 is well underway, so it’s about time we took a look at the announcements and highlights in the...

L’Oréal collaborates with Avery Dennison to reduce environmental impact of labels

16-Jan-2015 - L’Oréal has turned its attention to reducing its environmental impact, particularly concerning its packaging, and announces collaboration with Avery Dennison focusing on the entire lifecycle of its packaging labels....

L’Oreal and Burberry take advantage of RFID technology

15-Jan-2015 - Intelligent packing solutions, like the MicroWing inlay just out from eAgile, can benefit personal care and cosmetic brands.

'Triman' recycling legislation goes ahead, despite opposition

15-Jan-2015 - France has implemented a long-disputed legislation to inform consumers of recyclable packaging with the use of a new logo - ‘Triman’ (Sorting Man), despite voiced concerns from sectors like cosmetics....

RPC makes €386m offer to buy Promens as a ‘natural fit’

08-Jan-2015 - Packaging supplier the RPC Group, is looking to strengthen its European market position with the proposed acquisition of Promens Group for a consideration of €386 million on a cash-free, debt-free...

Pack Peek: A look at the packaging news as the year ends

11-Dec-2014 - As 2014 draws to a close we take a look at the announcements and highlights in the cosmetics packaging world, whether it be in masstige or prestige, fragrance, skin care,...

Packaging to take on further importance in 2015

10-Dec-2014 - As 2014 draws to a close, we are all looking to next year and for cosmetics companies, and many others in the fast moving consumer goods sector, 2015 will see...

Communicating product benefits most important for Brazil skin care

04-Dec-2014 - Many people live busy lives so when it comes to evaluating whether a skin care product will be effective; manufacturers need to make the benefits clear to consumers straight away...

Consumers opt for packages that limit product waste, finds LiquiGlide study

27-Nov-2014 - The surface technology company surveyed 1000+ consumers and found that nearly 75% would change body lotion brands just for more efficient packaging.

Ball wins AEROBAL award for deodorant printing technology

21-Nov-2014 - Ball Aerocan receives the 2014 World Aluminium Aerosol Can Award from AEROBAL, the international organization for aluminium aerosol container manufacturers, for a prototype ‘U Homme’ deodorant can featuring its state-of-the-art...

Luxe Pack Monaco – record numbers for 2014!

20-Nov-2014 - As Luxe Pack Monaco closed its doors on October 29, organisers recorded a rise in attendance of 15% from last year - over 400 exhibitors and 8525 visitors.

Essentra acquires US packaging company Clondalkin

13-Nov-2014 - UK-based packaging provider has acquired Clondalkin Group’s specialist packaging division, giving it a broadened footprint in the personal care, health care and pharmaceutical categories.

EU project to develop 'first' cosmetic packaging with nanoparticles

12-Nov-2014 - The ‘Nanopack’ project aims to develop the first prototypes of cosmetics packaging with improved properties using nanomaterials.

Pack Peek: More news from the packaging world

31-Oct-2014 - Here we take a look at the announcements and highlights in the cosmetics packaging world, whether it be in masstige or prestige, fragrance, skin care, make-up, the list goes on.

Premium feel no longer reserved for high-end beauty packaging

29-Oct-2014 - Consumers today expect more at every price point, and the distinctions among mass, masstige and luxury products are shifting. Cosmetics Design looks at how premium feel is no longer reserved...

MWV launches 'Amplify' based on consumer research

23-Oct-2014 - The company intends the new dispensing solution, an airless pump-on-a-tube design, to go beyond functionally and to ensure consumers tangibly connect with a given product based on their sensory experience...

Pack Peek: News from the packaging world

03-Oct-2014 - Summer is over and Autumn is upon us, so we take a look at the announcements and highlights in the cosmetics packaging world, whether it be in masstige or prestige,...

Partnership with 3Dom Filaments marks first step into 3D printing industry

Biome Bioplastics creates biodegradeable plastic with higher 3D print speeds

01-Oct-2014 - Biome Bioplastics has launched Biome3D, a biodegradable plastic made from plant starches for the 3D printing industry.