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Packaging segment remains the most important Italian capital goods sector

22-Jul-2014 - According to the Italian national trade association, the packaging machinery manufacturers sector confirms its status as the most important Italian capital goods sector, generating 21.8% of total turnover and 23.7% of exports.

A roundup of the latest methods in preserving cosmetics packaging

25-Jun-2014 - Flexible plastic packaging is gradually taking the place of traditional glassware in cosmetics. However; in some aspects the performance isn't as flexible. Here’s a look at some of the best...

Neutrogena’s ‘cloudscreen’: marketing ploy or awareness campaign?

17-Jun-2014 - Responding to increasing evidence that consumers are failing to appreciate the dangers of not wearing UV protection on overcast days, Neutrogena has launched ‘cloudscreen’ – a rebranded, repackaged version of...

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Packaging innovation squeezes last drop out of the bottle, while also dispensing more

05-Jun-2014 - A new coating technology developed by Cambridge, Massachusetts-based company LiquiGlide is being heralded as a way to make formulation flow faster and more easily, minimizing waste but encouraging the consumer...

ASG acquires MWV’s Poland-based cosmetics packaging business

04-Jun-2014 - Global consumer packaging provider ASG has acquired MeadWestvaco’s Poland-based beauty and personal care business, specialising in folding cartons for beauty and personal care.

Sephora’s new 3D mirror leads the way in try-before-you-buy beauty

03-Jun-2014 - Sephora has announced the launch of its new 3D Augmented Reality Mirror, which the company claims is the first which can simulate cosmetics on a user's face in real-time and...

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Seams shrinking in aerosol packaging: now ‘invisible’

03-Jun-2014 - Opening up the potential for tinplate aerosol cans to replace those made from aluminium, packaging manufacturer Colep has launched a new ‘invisible’ seam development.

Affordably modern: aerosol cans charming in emerging markets

22-May-2014 - Urbanisation is one of the key factors driving the growth of metal aerosol cans in emerging markets, Euromonitor International has noted recently, with the packaging type seen as an increasingly affordable modern...

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L'Oréal launches ‘make up testing app’ at Cannes festival

21-May-2014 - With its red carpets pushing fashion and cosmetics products under the public gaze alongside the films, the Cannes films festival is a savvy choice for the launch of Paris-based L'Oréal’s...

3D printing set to take cosmetics packaging to the next level

29-Apr-2014 - First there was the steam engine, then the electric motor and more recently industrial robots. Now another new technology is set to transform many areas of manufacturing– 3D printing.

Beauty industry to save big with Unilever’s plastic packaging reduction

29-Apr-2014 - Unilever has developed a technology to reduce plastic in its personal care packaging by ‘at least’ 15%, in a move which will both further bolster its sustainable profile, and potentially...

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Colep launches organic aerosol cream

16-Apr-2014 - Consumer goods packaging player Colep has launched a new organic certified aerosol cream, in a packaging whose mixing technology allows it to use CO2 to produce a foaming quality to...

L’Oréal invests in specialist packaging software

02-Apr-2014 - L’Oréal has invested in technology provider Siemens' latest software in an effort to enhance its global packaging operations and inspire product innovation.

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Solev launches ‘Fabergé’ packaging

28-Mar-2014 - Packaging players Solev and Pochet du Courval have teamed up to develop the packaging for the luxury ‘Art of Love’ collection by K by Kilian.

Luxe Pack New York to expand, with new features

19-Mar-2014 - Luxe Pack New York continues to develop into one of the most important events for the North American beauty packaging industry, with a bigger than ever event planned for this...

Scientists develop fully degradable bioplastic from shrimp shells

19-Mar-2014 - Researchers at Harvard's Wyss Institute have developed a method to carry out large-scale manufacturing of objects using a fully degradable bioplastic isolated from shrimp shells. 

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Sustainable packaging leadership event planned for 2015

12-Mar-2014 - As industry focus on sustainability continues to mount, Smithers Pira and GreenBlue’s Sustainable Packaging Coalition (SPC) have announced their intention for a new packaging event aimed at industry leaders.

L’Oréal adopts new technology aimed at enhancing packaging quality and accuracy

05-Mar-2014 - L’Oréal has forged a deal with Siemens that will see it invest in new software aimed at enhancing both product innovation and the quality for its global packaging operations....

Pujolasos launches wooden standard make-up range

05-Mar-2014 - Spanish company Pujolasos, which develops and produces wooden packaging for the cosmetic and fragrance sectors, has launched a standard range of wooden make-up packaging.

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Avon opts for Fusion Packaging for anti-ageing serum

19-Feb-2014 - Beauty giant Avon has announced it will use Fusion Packaging’s ‘Axis’ package for its newly developed anti-ageing serum.

Expert reveals customisation opps brands may be missing in ecommerce

18-Feb-2014 - Analysts predict e-commerce purchasing to dominate 70% of all goods bought by 2020. With the rise of this platform comes the opportunity for packaging customisation, but the industry has yet to tap into...

Packaging innovators respond to approaching digital printing boom

14-Feb-2014 - As industry interest in the digital printing process increases, specialists are stepping up their game. In fact; Germany based Hinterkopf claims it has developed the first 360 degree digital printing that will allow...

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Aptar launches dual-action aerosol actuator

13-Feb-2014 - Aptar’s ‘Home+Beauty’ division has announced the development of a dual action spray device for cosmetics packaging, in a development they claim will increase consumer comfort.

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Pierre Hemar steps aside as new CEO is nominated at Ileos

11-Feb-2014 - International packaging group Ileos has announced that Jean Rollier will succeed Pierre Hermar as its CEO.

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