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From innovation in 3D printing to specialist software and bioplastic packaging, this is the place to stay up to date with what's happening in the ever-evolving cosmetics packaging sector.

Bookmark this page to keep up to speed on industry suppliers and manufacturers alike, as they all strive to become greener in their innovation and developments.

New packaging from reclaimed plastic

08-Oct-2015 - One social enterprise organization has masterminded a supply chain to keep discarded plastic from harming the environment by salvaging it to make new injection molded containers and other items.

Tough conditions, stable performance for European tube production, says etma

08-Oct-2015 - The cosmetics tube market only reported a marginal change on last year’s performance due to difficult economic conditions; although the toothpaste sector did see a big boost, according to the...

Pack Peek Gallery: Autumn begins…

02-Oct-2015 - Summer is over and autumn is upon us, and with many packaging shows already taking place and more to come, it’s time for more news from the cosmetics packaging world....

Will small packages sell more cosmetics?

29-Sep-2015 - New data suggests that consumers stockpile beauty products, neither repurchasing nor disposing of makeup that has expired, and one color cosmetics brand is betting that half-size volumes are the answer.

Schwan Cosmetics opens new pencil manufacturing facility

28-Sep-2015 - The German company celebrates the grand opening of its new US site this month and will be producing the its signature products there—color cosmetic pencils for eyes, lips, face and...

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Packaging naturals for an upscale market

23-Sep-2015 - Well ahead of any trend, Katharine L’Heureux, the enterprising founder of Kahina Giving Beauty, saw the opportunity to elevate natural skin care. She spoke with Cosmetics Design about distinctive packaging,...

Too many ethical labels could mean no harmony and increased confusion

17-Sep-2015 - On the one hand you would think that the natural and organic cosmetics industry would be happy with the growing number of ethical labels making their way onto packs; however...

Cosmetics and Personal Care Packaging: sustainable materials

03-Sep-2015 - Sustainability has become integral to the beauty business since environmentally intelligent packaging design can benefit the plant, satisfy consumers, and bolster a brand’s bottom line.

Researchers design easy-to-clean hairbrush with sustainability hopes

03-Sep-2015 - Styling products, skin cells, hair, and oils can all clog up hairbrushes leading to the plastic products often finding their way to landfills, so researchers have designed a hairbrush that's...

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Cosmetics and Personal Care Packaging: outside inspiration

02-Sep-2015 - Packaging design that’s functional, compelling, and elegant seems intuitive but requires a special combination of powers: observation, creativity, technical knowledge, and an historical appreciation for the cosmetics industry.

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Cosmetics and Personal Care Packaging: top trends

01-Sep-2015 - Being on trend in the fast-paced business of beauty has its advantages and its challenges. We caught up with Leslie Sherr, co-author of the forthcoming book Material Innovation: Packaging, to...

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Cosmetics and Personal Care Packaging: material solutions

31-Aug-2015 - The physical properties of packaging material can have as much to do with the success of a beauty product line as the formulation, distribution, and marketing do. Design expert Leslie...

Axilone redesigns lipstick packaging with simplicity in mind

25-Aug-2015 - According to the US-based packaging provider Axilone, its packaging engineers have come up with a lipstick concept that is simple, economical and can be opened and applied with one hand.

Pack Peek Gallery

Pack Peek August 2015 Gallery

20-Aug-2015 - Summer is in full swing, and while we can all be forgiven for having a week or two off for holidays, it seems this does not stop the cosmetics packaging...

New Google Glass to colour match using technology from skin tone app

06-Aug-2015 - Google has turned to Techkon to provide the know-how to allow the new version of its Glass products to capture and match specific colours, based on the technology used in...

Pack Peek July 2015: Taking a peek into the packaging world

22-Jul-2015 - As July ends and summer is in full swing, we take a look at some of the latest news and innovations in the cosmetics and personal care packaging sector.

Reducing waste with slimmer labels for personal care

15-Jul-2015 - A new partnership between labeling company Avery Dennison, WS Packaging Group, and OGX hair care aims to limit the energy and materials that go into product labels as well as...

Lynx steps up packaging game with 'blackest material known to man'

10-Jul-2015 - One of Lynx's deodorant cans has been kitted out in 'Vantablack', a material claimed to be the blackest known to man, which absorbs all visible light that hits it and...

P&G set to change Olay packaging after settling slack fill lawsuit

07-Jul-2015 - Procter & Gamble says it will change the packaging design for its Olay Skin care products in the US after a lawsuit resulted in the company paying $850,000 in civil...

Does sunscreen labelling need to change after survey uncovers confusion?

30-Jun-2015 - Following confusion among consumers over what protection different sun care products provide, the Royal Pharmaceutical Society (RPS) has called for a change in labelling of sunscreen due to what it...

Pack Peek June 2015: A peek into the cosmetics packaging world

26-Jun-2015 - It's June and summer is beginning, but that does not mean the cosmetics packaging world is winding down. Here is a collection of some of the latest launches in the...

Anti-counterfeiting cosmetics packaging set for big growth

25-Jun-2015 - The market for anti-counterfeiting cosmetic and pharmaceutical packaging is set to see annual growth in excess of 15% in the course of the next five years, a new report finds.

Ileos to sell folding cartons business to MM Packaging for €80m

24-Jun-2015 - As it looks to increase its focus on other product lines, it looks like Ileos is selling its folding carton operations to Austrian-based Mayr-Melnhof Packaging (MM Packaging) for €80 million.

Ball and Henkel join forces on sustainable aerosol packaging

10-Jun-2015 - Leading aerosol packaging provider Ball and hair care leader Henkel have co-developed a lightweight aluminum aerosol packaging for the Fa hair care brand.

New eco packaging to debut in personal care industry

10-Jun-2015 - The Body Shop has teamed with Newlight, a sustainable materials company using captured carbon—as opposed to fossil fuel—to manufacture plastic.

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