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Market Trends

Are you looking to know which markets are the most lucrative, emerging and how the developed markets are getting on? Or maybe what segments are doing best or which areas are tipped for future growth?

Here you can stay up speed with the latest consumer trends, expert insight and market developments.

Antipollution trend ‘no doubt here to stay’ in beauty, says Euromonitor

19-Jan-2017 - Maria Coronado, ingredients associate with market research firm Euromonitor International, has spoken about the current state of the anti-pollution trend.

MAC takes beauty influencers up a gear with new global campaign

18-Jan-2017 - MAC is the latest beauty brand to push the boundaries of how beauty endorsers are being used by makeup brands.

L’Oréal uses transgender model in its latest campaign

18-Jan-2017 - Beauty giant L’Oréal has continued its push to position itself as a leader when it comes to diversity with the use of a transgender model to front its latest campaign....

Fast Track Your Formulations in 2017

16-Jan-2017 - You have a great formulation idea but now that you are about to put that idea into action, what is the best to get it to market as quickly as...

The comfort of hygge set to influence beauty and personal care, says Mintel

13-Jan-2017 - Hygge - a Danish idea used to describe the feeling or mood that stems from making every day moments more meaningful, beautiful or comfortable - has become a something of...

Five things you need to know from the industry this week: 13 January 2017

13-Jan-2017 - Our weekly roundup of the top need-to-know stories that have emerged from the beauty and personal care industry this week.


Two Views: Digital democratizes beauty

12-Jan-2017 - For this installment of Two Views, Cosmetics Design reached out to digital entrepreneurs— Jessica Pritchett and Jihan Thompson—in an effort to better understand how technology is expanding the reach and...

Maybelline steps aboard the makeup for men bandwagon

12-Jan-2017 - Maybelline has followed in L’Oréal UK and Coty’s footsteps in signing a male model to be the face of a colour cosmetics campaign.

Hot topic

Less than four weeks left to submit for the Beauty Industry Awards

11-Jan-2017 - The count down to the first ever Cosmetics Design Beauty Industry Awards is well under way and there are now less than four weeks to go for the cut off...

Pushing for a European standard for natural and organic cosmetics in 2017

11-Jan-2017 - Trade group Natrue has said that it intends to push for a harmonised European standard on organic and natural personal care and cosmetics in 2017.

Unilever’s sustainability study: UK consumers least keen on sustainability

11-Jan-2017 - Unilever has released a study that takes a look at consumer interest in the topic of sustainability, and out of the five countries surveyed, the UK came out as the...

RSPO releases its 2016 impact report

10-Jan-2017 - The Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO) has released its impact report for 2016, taking a look at the question of how far the non-profit association progressed towards global, sustainable...

Beauty’s gastronomia trend: spotlight on honey

06-Jan-2017 - Gastronomia is a term in the beauty and personal care industry increasingly used to describe the intersection of food and beauty trends, and is particularly rising to prominence as part...

Sustainability Corner at in-cosmetics: a closer look

05-Jan-2017 - Ahead of the global trade show to be held in London later this year, we take a closer look at one of in-cosmetics’ central new feature: its ‘Sustainability Corner’.

The continued rise of multicultural beauty in 2016

23-Dec-2016 - Diversity continues to be a key focus for the beauty industry, as brands big and small increasingly look to cater to a multicultural consumer base. We consider how this evolved...

Beauty festive crackers proving a smash

23-Dec-2016 - Following on from the rise of the beauty advent calendar witnessed in the festive period in recent years, this holiday season has seen beauty crackers step into the spotlight as...

Each to their own: customisation and its impact on beauty in 2016

22-Dec-2016 - With smaller, more nimble beauty players doing better than bigger competitors in saturated, developed markets, the need for brands to be responsive to consumer demands became increasingly clear throughout 2016.

Ways to sell: retail channel innovations in 2016

22-Dec-2016 - With digital taking an ever more central role in the way beauty and personal care brands are retailing their products, we take a look at how consumer demand has shaped...

Top ten cosmetic and personal care trends for 2017

21-Dec-2016 - Cosmetics Design looks ahead to throw some light on the trends that are likely to impact the cosmetics and personal care industry the most throughout the course of 2017.

Don't forget to make your submission to the Beauty Industry Awards!

20-Dec-2016 - The first submissions are coming in for the Beauty Industry Awards so you don't want to miss out on getting your own entries into this industry leading competition that will...

The Future Laboratory identifies ‘Top Beauty Ingredients to Watch’

19-Dec-2016 - The trend forecasting consultancy has just released its annual beauty futures report, which includes a list of color cosmetic, skin care, and hair care ingredients that are on the rise.

Top 5 stories from the industry this week

16-Dec-2016 - Our weekly roundup of the top need-to-know stories that have emerged from the beauty and personal care industry this week.

Beauty around the clock: consumers want 24h coverage from routines

15-Dec-2016 - The industry is seeing the rise of 24h beauty solutions, with product launches covering specific sections of the day and night to cater to consumer demand.

Power play: energy claims becoming a beauty trend

14-Dec-2016 - One of the key global trends set to impact on beauty and personal care is a focus on energy, according to research firm Mintel: we take a look at the...

Boutique retailing on the rise thanks to cult-like followings

14-Dec-2016 - Boutique beauty retailing are on a high-growth trajectory, according to market research firm Kline, with hundreds of new door openings seen across 2015 - 2016.

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