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Market Trends

Are you looking to know which markets are the most lucrative, emerging and how the developed markets are getting on? Or maybe what segments are doing best or which areas are tipped for future growth?

Here you can stay up speed with the latest consumer trends, expert insight and market developments.

New Pen/ App combo product aims to make nail-biting a thing of the past

30-Jul-2015 - Belgium-based company Raylex, has come up with a new product that helps consumers stop biting their fingernails by applying a bitter taste of grapefruit peel in the hope that it...

Microalgae-derived betaine surfactant hits the market

29-Jul-2015 - BASF has commercialized algal betaine as a personal care ingredient made with Solazyme’s AlgaPūr microalgae oils that’s intended for use in skin care and hair care formulations.

Teeth whitening ads branded misleading after claims ‘not sufficiently’ proved

29-Jul-2015 - CocoWhite oil has been told to stop claiming its products whiten teeth after a watchdog in the UK says the company cannot provide sufficient evidence of this, meaning its adverts...

Cosmetics advertising in women’s print magazines under scrutiny

28-Jul-2015 - Research published in the Journal of Global Fashion Marketing illustrates what content comes across as deceptive, what claims are believable, and which sorts of ads consumers trust most. 

Send in the clowns: Beauty’s latest contour trend

28-Jul-2015 - When you think of beauty, a clown may not be the first thing you think of when it comes to inspiration, but it is the subject of the latest trend...

Green formulations and ethical labels to be in focus at Sustainable Cosmetics Summit

28-Jul-2015 - There is no getting away from sustainability issues in this industry an both manufacturers and suppliers come under increased pressure to reduce their environmental impacts. With this in mind, this...

Halal-based colour cosmetics segment is Asia's strongest contender

28-Jul-2015 - A rising Muslim population in Asia has seen halal production and consumption increase, where the colour cosmetics sector is dominating demand.

Research finds a woman’s fragrance is top secret

23-Jul-2015 - The chances of a woman spreading the good news about her favorite fragrance are minimal, if new research from the Brigham Young University is to be believed.

Japan's new wave of beauty devices… for men

23-Jul-2015 - While beauty devices have become popular with Asian women in recent years, brands, aware of a rise in spending on male grooming on the region, have started to cater more cosmetics...

The ‘sweet treats’ influencing South Korea's beauty industry

21-Jul-2015 - Research firm, Gama has taken stock of the ‘sweet treats’ influencing the beauty industry in 2015, where confectionery aromas are bringing a sensory element to colour cosmetics.

Unilever has taken a measured move to crack the prestige skin care market

21-Jul-2015 - Over the last few months we have heard plenty of stories coming out of Unilever that it is acquiring various skin care brands and this is a clever move as...

Euromonitor: What the Iran Nuclear deal could mean for the cosmetics industry

17-Jul-2015 - Iran and world powers reached a deal to curb Tehran's nuclear activities in exchange for economic sanctions to be lifted; and while it could open up a new market for...

Dermatologist slams bizarre 'sunburn tattoo' trend

17-Jul-2015 - Tattoos are a great form of expression for many, but the latest trend of creating one by sunburn is very dangerous and can lead to serious long-term effects such as...

Cosmoprof Las Vegas 2015, in photos

16-Jul-2015 - The Cosmoprof Las Vegas 2015 event closed its doors yesterday, wrapping up a highly successful event that proved to be a great promotional platform for the U.S. cosmetics industry thanks to the...

Texture and innovation drive UK’s self-tanning market on

16-Jul-2015 - The UK may be subject to a number of ‘bad weather’ jokes but that doesn’t leave Brits looking pale as the self-tanning products market is set to maintain strong growth...


P&G study highlights the power of the shower and getting the product right

15-Jul-2015 - A new survey carried out by Procter and Gamble brand Herbal Essences suggests that manufacturers have to ensure their products are enhancing the in-shower experience as it forms an important...

Brazil braces for double-digit fall in personal care sales

14-Jul-2015 - The country’s industrial IPI tax on cosmetics and hygiene products takes full effect this month, and manufacturers and wholesalers anticipate a substantial price lift and simultaneous drop in sales.

Cosmetics Compact

Cosmetics Compact: Coty merge confirmation, Unilever buying again, sunscreen and more...

10-Jul-2015 - The Cosmetics Compact is your compact source of the latest new headlines from the last few weeks, taking a glance at what has been happening in the cosmetics industry.

Seaweed - hugely favoured in cosmetics, sees high attendance at focused conference in Korea

09-Jul-2015 - Seaweed harvesters around the globe have seen demand skyrocket in recent years as science discovered the macro algae beneficial for the farming, food and beauty industries. In Asia, seaweed joins the...

Strap: Lip Colour of the Year

50 shades of lipsticks

08-Jul-2015 - Heathrow airport has teamed up with World Duty Free and beauty expert Alice Hart-Davis to release the inaugural International Lipstick Colours of the Year Report, which reveals the lipstick looks...

Euromonitor insight

Southeast Asia's top 4 markets: how to tap into consumer purchasing power

07-Jul-2015 - Euromonitor has revealed ASEAN's four largest markets – Indonesia, Thailand, the Philippines and Malaysia to be key for multinationals looking to enter the AEC. This gallery compiles the firm's detailed insights...

China market set for slower growth as economy cools

07-Jul-2015 - After the massive boom in the China cosmetics market seen during the past decade, growth continues at a breakneck pace, but is the slowest since 2005, reflecting signs of economic maturity.

Cosmetics companies among only brands consumers strongly identify with biodiversity

01-Jul-2015 - Natura, Yves Rocher, The Body Shop, and Dabur are among the brands that consumers strongly identify with biodiversity; according to the Union for Ethical BioTrade’s Biodiversity Barometer as beauty brands...

Women take to #ThePowerOfMakeUp trend to show fun side of cosmetics

01-Jul-2015 - Women are taking to the internet and posting pictures of themselves with half of their faces ‘made up’ with cosmetics, and the other with nothing on it at all under...

June's Quiz!

Test Yourself!'s June Quiz!

01-Jul-2015 - So, it’s that time again - have you been paying attention to the breaking news this month? Did you do well/ badly last month and want to maintain/ improve your...

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