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Market Trends

Are you looking to know which markets are the most lucrative, emerging and how the developed markets are getting on? Or maybe what segments are doing best or which areas are tipped for future growth?

Here you can stay up speed with the latest consumer trends, expert insight and market developments.

P&G told to make commercial intent of YouTube beauty channel clearer

27-May-2015 - Procter & Gamble has been told to make the commercial intent of its YouTube channel ‘Beauty Recommended’ more obvious to viewers following a complaint by a blogger that it is...

Advertisers need to think twice before conforming to 'thin ideal'

26-May-2015 - The objectification of women and unrealistic images in advertising has long been a problem and serves to alienate people, but new research says that thin models in advertising may not...

Guest article

Euromonitor runs rule over recent nutraceutical award winners

25-May-2015 - Market analyst Euromonitor International dissects recent NutraIngredients Awards winners to provide category perspective from sustainable omega-3 to healthy ageing in this guest article.

Social media potential to boost personal care appliance sales

22-May-2015 - The internet and social media in particular have the potential to boost sales of personal care devices as consumer recommendation and influence make them a powerful marketing platform, says Euromonitor.

Biodiversity Infographic

It’s the International Day for Biological Diversity!

22-May-2015 - The United Nations has proclaimed May 22 the International Day for Biological Diversity (IDB) to increase understanding and awareness of biodiversity issues. 

Herbal formulas growing fastest in the shampoo market

21-May-2015 - New research analysis looks at what’s driving the global shampoo market, which products will perform well going forward, and the varied expectations of regional consumers.

Top 50 global brands include 13 personal care products

21-May-2015 - A new survey by British research company Brand Footprint reveals that while Coca-Cola remains the most purchased brand in the world, there are also 13 personal care brands that make...

Seven Scents reveals the sweet smells for 2016

21-May-2015 - Looking to find out what the smells of summer 2016 will be? Well look no further according to fragrance firm Seven Scents, as it reveals the three sweet smells it...

Grey hair now a popular choice as #grannyhair trend boosts sales

19-May-2015 - For so long we demanded hair dyes to cover up those unwanted grey hairs, whether the odd strand, cluster or full head; but now it seems grey is all the...

Sun care demand boosts TiO2 nanomaterial market

19-May-2015 - Demand from the personal care sector, particularly from skin care and sunscreens, is helping to boost growth of the titanium dioxide nanomaterials market, as consumers demand topical products that offer...

Exclusive interview

Plant stem cells are a natural way to speak about anti-ageing, says expert

18-May-2015 - Younger consumers in particular, prefer plant stems cells to traditional ingredients like retinol, giving brands an opportunity to tailor their messaging for different age groups in South Korea.

Two products fail sun protection tests BUT let’s not lose confidence in sunscreen

15-May-2015 - Two products have failed consumer organisation Which?’s sun protection tests and have been labelled as ‘don’t buy’, though personal care trade association, the CTPA, has urged consumers not to lose...

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Age Before Beauty: Sustainability

14-May-2015 - Stress is a huge factor in daily life and inevitably impacts the bottom line. Forecasters caution beauty brands to look beyond 2020 and plan for the best, long lives of...

Sourcing and distributing naturals can be tricky business

13-May-2015 - AAK, the Swedish vegetable oil company, supplies products to the cosmetics industry and beyond. Henrik Vingaard, AAK’s director of sourcing and trading for Europe and West Africa spoke with Cosmetics...

Asia in Focus

Futuristic beauty devices - like you've never seen!

13-May-2015 - In Asia, massage has been traditionally deep rooted in beauty routines which has given modern day cosmetic players like Chanel, Dior and La Mer, food for thought when developing new age skin care...

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Age Before Beauty: Curiosity

12-May-2015 - Successful cosmetic companies of the future will drive sales by facilitating DIY beauty solutions and innovating at the extreme ends of scientific possibility—in short, by quenching consumer curiosity.

Mintel expert discusses how beauty routines are moving to new extremes

12-May-2015 - The latest Mintel beauty research was showcased by Vivienne Rudd at the recent in-cosmetics Barcelona event. Rudd gave a presentation that highlighted global beauty rituals and how the growing trending for extremes in beauty...

Exclusive interview

Natural WAS associated with performance compromise, that’s changed now!

08-May-2015 - In the past there were discussions over the use of natural ingredients and this meaning there may be a compromise on performance, but sitting down with Shona Bear, Bulldog Skincare’s...

Ashland creates customised skin formulation textures to meet specific needs

06-May-2015 - In what it has called ‘skin texturity’, Ashland has carried out new research into skin health and formulations and created signature texture solutions for skin care product manufacturers.

Sun Care Awareness Week

Most Brits don’t check for skin cancer and don’t even know what to look for

06-May-2015 - As Sun Care Awareness Week 2015 is underway in the UK it turns out that most people do not check for skin cancer on a monthly basis and don’t really...

Women adopt a ‘spend money to save money’ mentality boosting prestige hair care

05-May-2015 - UK women are seeking more quality from their hair care products and are using the web to find the best that money can buy which is helping to boost the...'s April Quiz

Here's April's's Quiz! Test Yourself!

01-May-2015 - So, it’s that time again - have you been paying attention to the breaking news this month? Did you do well/ badly last month and want to maintain/ improve your...

Long hair or no hair: the two areas influencing the men’s market

01-May-2015 - When it comes to hair care it seems that having longer hair and styling, or worrying about hair loss and how to prevent/ remedy it, are the driving factors in...

#Winning! Benefit's digital efforts pay off at beauty20 awards

30-Apr-2015 - The third annual consumer choice awards in London, #beauty20 saw Benefit Cosmetics scoop up not one, but three awards for its' social media skills.

Analysing the motivations behind sun tanning and UV exposure

30-Apr-2015 - In Europe and the West, tanned skin can be seen as desirable and a sign of good health or wealth, and even beauty, and according to a university researcher, the...