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Market Trends

Are you looking to know which markets are the most lucrative, emerging and how the developed markets are getting on? Or maybe what segments are doing best or which areas are tipped for future growth?

Here you can stay up speed with the latest consumer trends, expert insight and market developments.

Workout, sweat, no shower..? No need, says skin wipe launching in UK

29-Jan-2015 - A new product launching in the UK by Mio Skincare promises the ultimate on-the-go product whereby you can look after your skin, freshen up, but not need to worry about...

in-cosmetics 2015 turns its attention to Turkey and the Middle East

28-Jan-2015 - Last year it was Brazil and this year the in-cosmetics event will have a country focus on Turkey and the Middle East, at the event on April 14-16 in Barcelona.

Women need to #DitchTheDrama as hair problems get in the way of life, says P&G

27-Jan-2015 - A bad hair day can have a big impact and make women avoid doing things like wearing a hat, rolling down a window, or even getting intimate for fear that...

Symrise targets Hispanic beauty and fragrance consumers

26-Jan-2015 - Fragrance and ingredients player Symrise says it is aiming to tap into the fast growing Latin American consumer base with its newly launched Latina Connection program.

UK brands are 'not effectively targeting consumers online'

21-Jan-2015 - L2’s study from the holiday period, yet to be officially released, suggests UK brands are not effectively targeting consumers who like to buy gifts online.

Fragrance and grooming behaviour could improve self-image

21-Jan-2015 - It could be something as simple as a spray of deodorant or a splash of perfume on your way out of the door, but it could end up improving your...

New opportunities lie in catering to 'wellness' demand

21-Jan-2015 - With more beauty buyers embracing wellness, cosmetics featuring buzzwords like 'energy' or 'de-stressing' is resonating with consumers.

Datamonitor Comment

Africa flagged to be the next male grooming market

20-Jan-2015 - As global cosmetic brands rush to tailor products to meet consumers’ needs in Africa; Datamonitor Consumer says there is an emerging audience that cosmetics firms should pay attention to – black...

Digital is helping brands achieve 'lifetime value of their products'

16-Jan-2015 - A study carried out by Forrester Consulting revealed that consumer packaged goods companies like cosmetics, can achieve cross-channel growth by digitally collaborating with retailers and distributors.

Estée Lauder fragrance acquisitions boost its luxury share, says Euromonitor

16-Jan-2015 - Estée Lauder’s acquisitions of Paris-based Frédéric Malle and Le Labo have the potential to boost its share in the luxury market, and can take the niche brands global, according to...

BASF’s color trends influences new effect pigment collection

14-Jan-2015 - BASF has identified the up-and-coming color trends and have developed its new effect pigment collection to help customers to create beauty care solutions to match this information.

New opportunities arise in catering to the 'manopausal' man

14-Jan-2015 - 'Manopause' refers to the declining testosterone levels in men from early middle age, resulting in lower energy and reduced strength and endurance. A segment personal care brands can tap into by...

As travel retail booms World Duty Free launches luxury fragrance area at Heathrow T5

14-Jan-2015 - The World Duty Free Group has expanded its luxury perfume option by launching an area dedicated to niche, designer fragrances in its Heathrow airport terminal five store.

Beauty academy reveals eyebrow shaping as most popular course for men

13-Jan-2015 - A London-based beauty academy has revealed a quarter of UK beauty businesses are now owned by men.

Exclusive Debate

Organic Standards – just how relevant are they?

13-Jan-2015 - There has been much debate recently over the use of organic standards and what effect this has on the cosmetics and personal care industry, with some for and some against....

The New Year’s resolutions & 2015 trends your brand needs

12-Jan-2015 - It’s time to give up harmful business practices and reinvigorate beneficial strategies that will improve your company’s chances for success in the New Year.

Digital #beauty20 Awards opens doors for nominations!

09-Jan-2015 - Organisers of the event that recognises beauty brands efforts on the digital platform have opened the floor up to nominations for companies that have significantly invested in digital marketing throughout the year....

DSM launches hair styling product and concept to battle bad hair days

09-Jan-2015 - That age-old problem that most have experienced, the bad hair day, is the driving force behind DSM’s new hair styling product and concept.

Rice - the latest 'go to' ingredient in Japanese cosmetics

09-Jan-2015 - Oryza sativa, the annual herbaceous plant that produces rice has been gaining momentum as an emollient for its sebum restitutive properties.

2015 is the year of relating fragrance to the consumer, says Euromonitor

08-Jan-2015 - Consumers want to relate emotionally to a fragrance and receive a personalised product and shopping experience, so this year will see the success stories emerge the companies that do this...

Datamonitor Innovation Highlights

A new deodorant that may be smarter than you..

08-Jan-2015 - The world's first “smart deodorant” has been developed in electric form, according to Datamonitor. With the help of a mobile app, 'ClickStick' can calculate the right amount of gel deodorant needed – based on personal...

Bold lip color trend boosts US Prestige make-up sales

07-Jan-2015 - Lip color is in the spotlight at present after holiday sales boomed for products in the US that helped women make bold make-up statements.

Exclusive interview

Millennial generation engage more and they want to prevent ageing

06-Jan-2015 - The growing influence from the millennial generation means that beauty care players need to ensure they are engaging people to deliver a unique experience. With this in mind, spoke...

Online boost as Beauty starts to play by ‘new set of rules’

06-Jan-2015 - E-commerce has now become an integral part of the business of beauty as online sales grow and the landscape begins to change, according to a new study.

Brits worried about skin care but are not doing much about it

06-Jan-2015 - It appears that UK consumers are concerned about skin ageing, but this is not reflected in their behaviour as few have adopted a daily routine; and this could be down...