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Market Trends

Are you looking to know which markets are the most lucrative, emerging and how the developed markets are getting on? Or maybe what segments are doing best or which areas are tipped for future growth?

Here you can stay up speed with the latest consumer trends, expert insight and market developments.

How blue and infrared light affects the skin: the future of the antipollution beauty?

26-Apr-2017 - The impact of infrared and blue light (from screens) on the skin is an area that the anti-pollution trend is tipped to move into next: we ask an expert about...

Beauty ingredients: Google on global cross-market trends

26-Apr-2017 - Google has revealed its insight into some of the major trends defining beauty and personal care ingredients: we take a look the internet giant’s findings.

Organic beauty: trust and labelling in focus

26-Apr-2017 - Organic beauty hit the headlines in the UK this week, as the Soil Association released a report suggesting that consumers are being misled by current labelling on products.

Masks and masking: Google on global cross-market trends

25-Apr-2017 - Google has emphasised that masking is increasingly a dominant, global trend: we take a closer look at the internet giant’s findings on the segment.

Anti-pollution is massive but complicated. Here’s why

21-Apr-2017 - The anti-pollution trend is possibly one of the hottest topics in the beauty industry right now, but as it continues to boom its evolution is far from being clear cut.

Google reveals spotlight trends for three key regions

20-Apr-2017 - Google has compiled data to curate a beauty trends report that identifies and compares consumer habits and demands across three key global markets: the US, France and Japan.

Baldness still key male grooming concern: Silab’s ingredient launch responds

19-Apr-2017 - Recent data suggests the industry could be doing more to meet consumer demand for hair loss targeting products, and new ingredients launches suggest companies are making moves to respond.

Euromonitor highlights key beauty trends at in-cosmetics Global

18-Apr-2017 - Euromonitor International's Nicholas Micallef, Senior Analyst, gives us the firm's take on the key factors driving growth - and the key challenges - for the global beauty industry.

Food, beauty and drink: increasing crossover

13-Apr-2017 - The influence of the closely neighbouring industries of beauty, food and drink on each other is continuing to develop, according to research firm GlobalData.

in-cosmetics Global

Mintel highlights biggest trends at in-cosmetics Global

12-Apr-2017 - Mintel global beauty analyst Charlotte Libby discusses the top four trends driving the cosmetics and beauty market at last week's in-cosmetics Global event, in London.

Targeting millennial beauty consumers: GlobalData

12-Apr-2017 - With millennials fast becoming a major consumer group to court, insights on how best to attract them have begun to emerge from market research firms.

‘Game-changing’ beauty trends for 2020

11-Apr-2017 - Global trend authority WGSN has identified four ‘significant movements’ that it believes will change the face of today’s beauty industry.

Euromonitor releases latest beauty and personal data

11-Apr-2017 - Global market research firm Euromonitor International has launched the newest data available for the beauty and personal care market.

Why Clinique isn’t (exactly) resting on its laurels in the age of Indie Beauty and All Things Digital

06-Apr-2017 - Late last month in New York City, CEW hosted a sold-out newsmaker forum featuring Jane Lauder, global brand president of Clinique—and, yes, granddaughter of Estée Lauder, founder of the skin...

World market of cosmetics and toiletries: main trends of international trade

05-Apr-2017 - In this guest article, Tatiana Gladenkova, a PhD research student at the Moscow State University, presents the findings of her research into the shifting nature of trade in the global...

Natural & Organic products in the spotlight at European trade show

05-Apr-2017 - The doors opened last week in London for a two-day naturals trade show, the Natural & Organic Products Europe 2017 event.

Blurring boundaries between beauty, food, and drink

04-Apr-2017 - In this guest article, to mark the ongoing in-cosmetics Global show , Jamie Mills, Consumer Insight Analyst for GlobalData , reveals the firm’s latest insights on the important crossover between food and beauty....

In beauty and personal care, age-old wisdom and up-to-date trends are converging

03-Apr-2017 - Ahead of her marketing trends presentation at in-cosmetics global in London this week, Dominque Assenat, who is head of color, beauty, and accessories at Peclers Paris, answered Cosmetics Design’s questions...

Guest article

Facial exfoliation gaining more traction: Mintel's Asia trendwatch

31-Mar-2017 - In this guest article, ahead of the in-cosmetics Global show next month,  Jane Jang, Global Beauty and Personal Care Analyst at Mintel , explains reveals some key shifting skin care habits in...

Engaging with the B2B press: insider tips and strategies

31-Mar-2017 - The Cosmetics Design team is set to reveal their insights into best practice communication with the press as the upcoming in-cosmetics Global event.

PCHi 2017: the inside scoop on a leading China beauty trade show

30-Mar-2017 - The Personal Care and Homecare Ingredients (PCHi) trade show enjoyed a successful 10th edition earlier this year, welcoming 507 global exhibitors to Guangzhou.

Guest article

Online vs. in-store: Battle of beauty retail (Part 2)

29-Mar-2017 - In these guest articles, ahead of the in-cosmetics Global show next month, Sean Singleton, Managing Director at digital agency Your Favourite Story , explains how brands can use digital to launch their...

Exclusive interview

Euromonitor: The evolution of anti-pollution in Europe and North America. Part II

29-Mar-2017 - Having looked at the different opportunities in the North American and European markets in the previous article, here we consider the different types of products that are available and how...

Global Beauty Industry Award Winners

And the winners of the Global Beauty Industry Awards are...

29-Mar-2017 - The Cosmetics Design team is delighted to announce the winners of its inaugural Global Beauty Industry Awards, across seven different categories.

Guest article

Online vs. in-store: Battle of beauty retail (Part 1)

28-Mar-2017 - In these guest articles ahead of the in-cosmetics Global show next month , Sean Singleton, Managing Director at digital agency Your Favourite Story , explains how brands can use digital to launch their beauty products...

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