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Market Trends

Are you looking to know which markets are the most lucrative, emerging and how the developed markets are getting on? Or maybe what segments are doing best or which areas are tipped for future growth?

Here you can stay up speed with the latest consumer trends, expert insight and market developments.

Skin Cancer Awareness

We are aware of the risks so why are skin cancer cases still on the rise?

26-Mar-2015 - Despite being aware of the risks of sun exposure and of developing cancer when exposed without protection, the levels of people using sunscreen and taking precautions is still quite alarming...

in-cosmetics workshops focus on claims and regulations in skin and hair care

26-Mar-2015 - Sun care, hair care, regulation, and claims will all be discussed in the workshop programme at this year’s in-cosmetics event in Barcelona as researchers from consultancies, suppliers and manufacturers gather...

Cosmoprof Bologna announces record figures for 2015 show

26-Mar-2015 - The doors of the Cosmoprof Worldwide Bologna 2015 show have closed and the organisers have announced that the show experienced record numbers, exceeding all expectations of visitors.

Special newsletter: Men's grooming

The Men’s Grooming Special Edition Newsletter

25-Mar-2015 - Today we are publishing the first of our special edition newsletters for 2015, and to kick things off we are taking you on an extensive exploration of the men’s grooming...

Special newsletter - Men's grooming

What do men want? Navigating Asia's male grooming demand

25-Mar-2015 - As Western males start to experiment with a grooming regime, Asian men are looking for more complex solutions that go beyond maintaining hygiene and appearance. However, with no two markets...

Special Newsletter – Men’s Grooming

Men’s trends: natural, youthful, primal

25-Mar-2015 - Underlying the latest men’s grooming product trends here in the States is a longing for wellness. Be they topical skin care items, anti-aging creams, facial hair care essentials or nutraceuticals,...

Natural & organic still a 'hot topic' as show attracts who’s who of the beauty sector

24-Mar-2015 - This year's Natural & Organic Products Europe event kicks off Sunday 19 April, which organisers say will focus on building customer engagement as a key talking point.

La Roche-Posay launches Skinchecker campaign to raise awareness for skin cancer

20-Mar-2015 - L’Oreal skin care brand La Roche-Posay has launched its Skinchecker campaign as it looks to raise awareness for skin cancer and encourage people to check out any moles or new...

New Evonik ingredient jumps on sustainable palm trend

19-Mar-2015 - The trend for certified sustainable palm oil has influenced Evonik’s latest surfactant launch and its TEGO Betain P 50 C active also claims to be more cost effective, at the...


Nutricosmetics: The latest ingredient trends

18-Mar-2015 -

L’Oreal to deploy mobile technology to enhance consumer buying procedure

16-Mar-2015 - L’Oreal USA has teamed up with a new mobile app that enables consumers to buy cosmetics by scanning them in stores or by scanning adverts with their smartphones.

Consumers see the beauty world through screens – marketers take note!

13-Mar-2015 - The purchasing behaviour of hair and skin care products does not match many brands’ marketing strategies as the dynamics of beauty marketing have changed across the globe – so it...

Opportunities lie ahead as anti-pollution trend continues

12-Mar-2015 - Anti-pollution cosmetics have become quite the trend over the last year, with suppliers developing active ingredients to tackle this trend, and many manufacturers finding success in marketing these products around...

French beauty brands triumph in EU digital arena

11-Mar-2015 - French brands are surpassing their European counterparts when it comes to reaching consumers online. In fact, L2 has flagged Clarins, Yves Rocher and L’Occitane as leading the way in the...

Exclusive interview

Bad news burns advertising dollars - Proactive sustainability programs are key

11-Mar-2015 - Sustainability is not a new topic to our industry, but it has seen a big development from a consumer perspective over the last few years and while this concerns cosmetics...

Asia in Focus

Trend tour! Check out Asia's latest innovations...

10-Mar-2015 - From unusual ingredients to new product concepts. Here are six trends not to be missed this March...

Economical routines mean UK bath and shower sales decline

06-Mar-2015 - Despite the people of Britain washing their hands more and soap use increasing, the overall bath and shower category is observing a decline in sales as consumers look to be...

Need to brush your teeth… There’s an app for that..?! Mobile technology for oral care

05-Mar-2015 - Mobile technology is changing the way we live our lives and that includes improvements to our teeth brushing habits according to Procter & Gamble, after Oral-B revealed how apps have...

Shimmering metallic shades, the new trend in hair color

04-Mar-2015 - Hair dyed gray and stylish naturally gray hair looks have gained mainstream popularity in recent years. One cosmetic chemist specializing in hair color sees radiant metallic tones as the next...

Ready-to-drink beauty is ready to change everything

03-Mar-2015 - Analysts anticipate that the nutricosmetics market will reach $7.4 bn in the next five years, and ready-to-drink beauty beverages are the strongest growing product in the segment.

Cosmetics Design's colour cosmetics forum kicks off tomorrow!

03-Mar-2015 - There's still time left to register for Cosmetics Design's multifunctional colour cosmetics forum, where our panel of experts will discuss the latest innovations and challenges of a segment where alphabet creams...

Cosmetics Design editorial calendar - Your industry needs you!

02-Mar-2015 - Cosmetics Design has plenty of dedicated webinar events and special newsletterslined up for you in 2015. This article highlights what we have in store and also serves as an invitation...

Estée Lauder hails strong growth and opportunity in UK

27-Feb-2015 - After announcing that it had endured a tough second quarter earlier this month, there is a lot to look forward to for Estée Lauder, particularly in the UK which is...

in-cosmetics Brasil gears up for a much bigger second event

26-Feb-2015 - Building on the success of last year’s first ever in-cosmetics Brasil, the organizer has changed venues in anticipation of a significantly bigger event.

Natural look trend presents beauty industry with an opportunity not a problem

26-Feb-2015 - The ‘natural look’ trend and campaigns such as the #nomakeupselfie can present an interesting opportunity to cosmetics companies rather than be a threat, providing the industry figures out how to...

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