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Market Trends

Are you looking to know which markets are the most lucrative, emerging and how the developed markets are getting on? Or maybe what segments are doing best or which areas are tipped for future growth?

Here you can stay up speed with the latest consumer trends, expert insight and market developments.

Need to brush your teeth… There’s an app for that..?! Mobile technology for oral care

05-Mar-2015 - Mobile technology is changing the way we live our lives and that includes improvements to our teeth brushing habits according to Procter & Gamble, after Oral-B revealed how apps have...

Shimmering metallic shades, the new trend in hair color

04-Mar-2015 - Hair dyed gray and stylish naturally gray hair looks have gained mainstream popularity in recent years. One cosmetic chemist specializing in hair color sees radiant metallic tones as the next...

Ready-to-drink beauty is ready to change everything

03-Mar-2015 - Analysts anticipate that the nutricosmetics market will reach $7.4 bn in the next five years, and ready-to-drink beauty beverages are the strongest growing product in the segment.

Cosmetics Design's colour cosmetics forum kicks off tomorrow!

03-Mar-2015 - There's still time left to register for Cosmetics Design's multifunctional colour cosmetics forum, where our panel of experts will discuss the latest innovations and challenges of a segment where alphabet creams...

Cosmetics Design editorial calendar - Your industry needs you!

02-Mar-2015 - Cosmetics Design has plenty of dedicated webinar events and special newsletterslined up for you in 2015. This article highlights what we have in store and also serves as an invitation...

Estée Lauder hails strong growth and opportunity in UK

27-Feb-2015 - After announcing that it had endured a tough second quarter earlier this month, there is a lot to look forward to for Estée Lauder, particularly in the UK which is...

in-cosmetics Brasil gears up for a much bigger second event

26-Feb-2015 - Building on the success of last year’s first ever in-cosmetics Brasil, the organizer has changed venues in anticipation of a significantly bigger event.

Natural look trend presents beauty industry with an opportunity not a problem

26-Feb-2015 - The ‘natural look’ trend and campaigns such as the #nomakeupselfie can present an interesting opportunity to cosmetics companies rather than be a threat, providing the industry figures out how to...

Germany urged to back progress on TTIP trade talks

26-Feb-2015 - With 40% of Germans still opposing TTIP-support, the EU is worried it may lose out on some of its global influence and has called on the member state to support transatlantic...

Men’s skin care a land of opportunity, especially with Wingman

25-Feb-2015 - There is lots of opportunity in the men’s skin care market as long as brands communicate correctly and remember that education is key, says the Director of men’s brand Wingman,...

Clarins nominated for two #beauty20 awards for digital efforts

25-Feb-2015 - Organisers for the digital #beauty20 Awards have announced the final list of companies that did some significant work on apps and social media in 2014.

Gold dust masks - are they a patch on Asia's sophisticated face sheets?

25-Feb-2015 - There's always a new craze in skin care. Right now, 24 carat gold dust face treatments are all the rage in the West, but will this catch on in Asia -...

Operation #rollerlash - Benefit ups its digital game

24-Feb-2015 - Just when you think this brand has done it all, Benefit’s ‘digital darlings’ have come up with an app that connects its customers with UK based pop-up parlours, as part...

Cosmoprof Bologna prepares for opening of its most international show

24-Feb-2015 - Cosmoprof Worldwide 2015 will open its doors on March 20th, boasting its most international event for the hair, nail, salon and spa industries.

New Bulldog microbead-free Face Scrub recognised in Good Scrub Guide

24-Feb-2015 - Men’s skin care brand Bulldog Skincare For Men is launching its new Face Scrub formulated with oats and olives as it continues to fly the flag for microbead-free products; and...

Women now being advised to shave their faces for 'anti-ageing benefits'

24-Feb-2015 - Women with dark facial hair have always sought out ways to remove it by way of laser, threading or waxing. Now, they are being advised to shave their faces as...

E-commerce opportunities need to be taken in Germany

20-Feb-2015 - German consumers may spend more on cosmetics than any neighbouring market in Europe but there is still a huge gap in the market for beauty firms to sell through digital...

Cosmetic brands facing more pressure on multifunctional credentials

20-Feb-2015 - As today’s modern consumer seeks to simplify their beauty routines, the general perception is that this simplicity comes at the cost of efficacy, placing more pressure on brands to boost...

Indulge and look good… beauty chocolate set to hit the UK market

20-Feb-2015 - A 70% Cocoa-content dark chocolate is set to be launched in the UK next month. But what separates it from regular chocolate bars is antioxidant properties that lend it beauty...

Hemp biotech company branches out into cosmetics

19-Feb-2015 - Axim Biotechnologies, a specialist in cannabinoid research and industry hemp product development, has established a Cosmetics Division that will lead to a line of cannabinoid-based products.

Traditional perfumeries experiencing some 'real gaps in performance'

19-Feb-2015 - According to the French Federation of Selective Perfumery, traditional perfumeries experienced difficulties in 2014 as sales dropped by -5%.

Probiotic-based weight loss aid is a ‘game-changer’

19-Feb-2015 - A new dietary supplement in Poland is being called a ‘breakthrough’ by analysts as the Prolavia weight loss product comes in the form of a strawberry-flavoured ‘dessert replacement.’

When women are most fertile they seek variety, so brand marketers take note

19-Feb-2015 - When women are at their most fertile they often seek more options in men, and this also leads to them seeking greater variety in consumer products such as what make-up...

Good hair and teeth will help you find love, says Harley Street clinic

17-Feb-2015 - What do you look for in the perfect partner? According to a new study, British women value hair and teeth as the important features in prospective partners, and men agree...

Beauty marketers falling short when it comes to advertising

16-Feb-2015 - Beauty market advertising spend is down this year, but is also targeted wrongly meaning it is missing the point, according to information firm Nielsen, which highlights what needs to change.

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