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Market Trends

Are you looking to know which markets are the most lucrative, emerging and how the developed markets are getting on? Or maybe what segments are doing best or which areas are tipped for future growth?

Here you can stay up speed with the latest consumer trends, expert insight and market developments.

The Beauty Industry Awards are now open for submissions

07-Dec-2016 - The most comprehensive and far-reaching awards for the global beauty industry are now open for submissions that will recognize the most outstanding achievements.

Marc Jacobs and Pur Cosmetics: all aboard the vlogger bandwagon

07-Dec-2016 - Vlogging as a platform to engage consumers is still a hot topic when it comes to the beauty industry: recent moves by Marc Jacobs and Pur Cosmetics confirm this.

Bulldog study: men awkward about exchanging gifts

06-Dec-2016 - Major skin care player for male grooming, Bulldog, has launched a marketing campaign following its recent research that found men feel awkward about giving each other gifts.

Price determines where 87% of consumers buy cosmetic and grooming products, says Harris Poll

05-Dec-2016 - Data released this month on cross channel beauty and grooming product sales shows where consumers are buying various categories of product as well as what they like more about in-store...

Euromonitor: colour cosmetics top industry thanks to emerging markets

01-Dec-2016 - Euromonitor, market research firm, has released new data that shows colour cosmetics are dominating in Europe and the Middle East and Africa regions.

Key cosmetics sustainability concerns in Europe

01-Dec-2016 - The recent Sustainable Cosmetics Summit has released the key findings from the event on the top sustainability issues facing the industry in Europe.

Dove’s latest body confidence campaign: uniting the industry behind healthy messages

30-Nov-2016 - Dove is stepping up its efforts in the body confidence arena once again, this time by asking brands and advertisers to sign up to its Body Image Pledge.

Halal fragrances to lead growing ethical sector, report states

29-Nov-2016 - Increasing awareness among consumers about halal-certified products boosts the demand for Halal cosmetics and the fragrance sector, in particular, which is expected to generate the largest CAGR during the forecast...

Mintel on ‘ascending Africa’ and its implications for European beauty

29-Nov-2016 - Market research firm Mintel has released a list of the seven key consumer trends set to impact Europe in 2017.

Five things we learnt this week in beauty

25-Nov-2016 - Our weekly roundup of the top need-to-know stories that have emerged from the beauty and personal care industry this week.

Anti-pollution Part IV: What next for the protection trend?

25-Nov-2016 - According to Mintel, only 3% of face care launches had the word ‘pollution’ in marketing last year, suggesting there is huge room for growth in this category. In the final...

Clarisonic global skin confidence survey results

23-Nov-2016 - This summer the skin care and device brand commissioned a Harris Poll to assess how people globally feel about their skin and how skin conditions influence their social choices. Now,...

Anti-pollution and the beauty industry: Part II

23-Nov-2016 - Anti-pollution has sped to the top of the industry’s agenda in recent years, particularly when it comes to skin care. Here, we present an analysis of the trend.

Cosmoprof Asia 2016, in photos

22-Nov-2016 - The Cosmoprof Asia 2016 event opened its doors in Hong Kong last week. And this year was the first for the "One Fair, Two Event Spaces" concept, which saw the...

Anti-pollution and the beauty industry: Part I

22-Nov-2016 - Anti-pollution has sped to the top of the industry’s agenda in recent years, particularly when it comes to skin care. Here, we present an analysis of the trend.

Five things you need to know from the industry this week

18-Nov-2016 - Our weekly roundup of the top need-to-know stories that have emerged from the beauty and personal care industry this week.

Best for men? Bulldog on keeping at the forefront of male grooming

18-Nov-2016 - Bulldog, male grooming brand, has won an award from a major UK retailer for its ‘Original Moisturiser’ product - here, the brand gives us the lowdown on how to stay...

A platform for connection: in-cosmetics Asia ‘a celebration’

18-Nov-2016 - The in-cosmetics Asia trade event is ‘a celebration’ of the beauty and personal care industry and its innovative nature, according to the show’s organiser.

Winners in green: 2016 Sustainable Beauty Awards

16-Nov-2016 - Last month saw 2016’s edition of the Sustainable Beauty Awards take place in Paris: we take a look at who was recognised for their efforts and why.

New features at in-cosmetics Global: sustainability corner and makeup bar

15-Nov-2016 - The team behind the in-cosmetics trade events has revealed two new features set to enhance its offering at the upcoming in-cosmetics Global event in London.

The Beauty of Virtual Reality: selling cosmetic and personal care ingredients in the digital future

10-Nov-2016 - At this month’s IFSCC event in Orlando, Florida, two suppliers incorporated VR technology into their booths to attract the attention of chemists and formulators. The experiences were quite different one...

Celebrity make-up still in huge demand as orders for Harry Potter tip the scale

10-Nov-2016 - A small hand-made vegan cosmetics company has been inundated with orders from around the globe after its Harry Potter-inspired make-up range gained huge interest online in the run up to...

Trend Spotting: 2016 cosmetics and personal care ingredient and market highlights

09-Nov-2016 - Over the past months, Cosmetics Design has reported on the beauty business trends that continue to shape the industry. Here, we look back at a selection of that coverage.

Is truly sustainable manufacture possible for beauty and personal care?

09-Nov-2016 - Our special newsletter focus on sustainable manufacturing in beauty and personal care comes at a pertinent time: sustainability is high on the industry agenda, and the signs of this are...

Euromonitor: 3 key beauty survey insights

09-Nov-2016 - Market research firm Euromonitor has revealed the three major insights from its recent beauty survey.

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