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Market Trends

Are you looking to know which markets are the most lucrative, emerging and how the developed markets are getting on? Or maybe what segments are doing best or which areas are tipped for future growth?

Here you can stay up speed with the latest consumer trends, expert insight and market developments.

Young, dynamic population driving Turkey and Middle East growth, says Euromonitor

24-Apr-2015 - A dynamic population seeking tailored solutions is boosting the cosmetics market in Turkey and the Middle East and many global brands are making the most of the region’s growth, according...

in-cosmetics 25th anniversary goes out in style!

23-Apr-2015 - The in-cosmetics event celebrated its 25th anniversary in Barcelona last week, and did so by welcoming a record 8,578 unique visitors to Gran Fira, Barcelona; the highest number for any...

Are Brits going back to basics for beauty?

22-Apr-2015 - The natural beauty and nude make-up trends were popular at the start of the year and it seems British consumers are seeking a healthy natural glow through a back to...

Dispatches from in-cosmetics

Trend watching at the in-cosmetics Marketing Trends presentations

22-Apr-2015 - If it featured and was trending at the in-cosmetics Barcelona event, there is no doubt that it was noted by beauty consultant and blogger, Imogen Matthews. Attending the Marketing Trends...

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Kline talks multicultural product innovation..

21-Apr-2015 - As the multicultural beauty product segment continues to outpace the overall U.S. market’s growth for cosmetics, mainstream brands are investing in varied ranges to cater to this demand.

Dispatches from in-cosmetics

Effective organic products are changing perceptions, says Soil Association

21-Apr-2015 - Sustainability has long been an industry trend and natural and organic fit into that well, says the Soil Association, and now that products are being proven to be just as...

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Indonesia's beauty market among 'new growth hot spots'

21-Apr-2015 - With emerging markets slowing down, attention has turned to core businesses and untapped markets such as Indonesia, Saudi Arabia, and Turkey. Cosmetics Design caught up with Euromonitor to discuss new growth hot...

in-cosmetics Barcelona 2015 photo gallery

17-Apr-2015 - in-cosmetics has just closed its doors on the biggest and most eventful show in its 25 year history at the Fira Gran Via expo hall. And here we bring you...

in-cosmetics awards season – here are your winners…

16-Apr-2015 - Induchem, Dow Corning and Laboratoires Expanscience were all recognised for innovative new ingredient launches at the in-cosmetics Barcelona award ceremony. 

Cosmetics treatments boosting dentists' pay packets in the UK

15-Apr-2015 - The UK’s top 100 dentistry businesses pulled in a record turnover of nearly £1bn last year, according to figures just released by London-based finance provider LDF.

Beauty still coming out on top in Russia

15-Apr-2015 - Beauty is one industry defying the shaky financial climate in Russia, and though the market is heading towards maturity, brands are still unearthing new opportunities for growth in the region.

Technology is THE thing right now and this can work in beauty for devices market

14-Apr-2015 - Most of us have a smartphone or a tablet or computer that we use regularly and there appear to be apps for everything nowadays, and the popularity of technology can...

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in-cosmetics Barcelona 2015 opens its doors!

14-Apr-2015 - The preparation is done and the build-up is over, in-cosmetics 2015 is finally here, as is Here we have rolling updates of the show, and what we are up...

'Lab grown' diamonds could mean more affordable luxury skin care

14-Apr-2015 - Diamond encrusted skin care creams are indeed a luxury both for the wearer and their pocket, but now scientists say they can replicate the gem in labs, which suggests cheaper...

Price and product variety boosts beauty devices market

10-Apr-2015 - With a wide range of products now available and at a host of different prices, the beauty devices market is continuing to be dynamic, nearly doubling in size since first...

Exclusive interview

Formulating effective products isn’t the issue, regulation and negative reports are!

09-Apr-2015 - The main challenges formulators face in the industry at present are to be compliant with global regulation and to use ingredients that are not subject to negative media reports, rather...

M-commerce and marketing pays off for Urban Decay and Sephora

08-Apr-2015 - Prominent beauty brands are using digital initiatives to convert online fans to loyal shoppers.

New Addition!

Welcome to Brand Innovation – the latest addition to our news coverage

08-Apr-2015 - We are introducing an exciting addition to our news categories called "Brand Innovation". The new category has now gone live across all three of sites - Cosmetics Design Europe, USA...

Skin Cancer Awareness

Always wear sunscreen: Raising skin cancer awareness

03-Apr-2015 - Skin cancer is one of the most common cancers in the world but it is also one of the most preventable. Here we take a look at some of the...

Men's Make-up Focus

The first rule of men’s make-up, is you don’t talk about make-up

02-Apr-2015 - Vocabulary and communication are very important aspects in helping men’s make-up gain popularity as the segment begins to grow in Europe, and with so few players in the market, there...

Bulldog launches SPF moisturiser to encourage daily sun protection

02-Apr-2015 - Multifunction is becoming a necessity in the cosmetics industry, and whilst it is the norm in the women’s’ category, men’s skin care brand Bulldog has launched its new Protective Moisturiser...

Two weeks until in-cosmetics Barcelona and it kicks off a year of growth for the series

02-Apr-2015 - In less than two weeks in-cosmetics Barcelona 2015 will be underway representing the 25th year the show has been running and the organisers, Reed Exhibitions, believe it is kicking off...'s March Quiz

Test your knowledge of what happened in March!'s Quiz!

01-Apr-2015 - Have you been paying attention to the breaking news this month? Did you do well/ badly last month and want to maintain/ improve your score this month? Well here is...

Sustainably sourced sandalwood oil coming to the fragrance industry

01-Apr-2015 - Sandalwood foresting group Santanol has announced the first commercial harvest of cultivated oil from its plantation in Australia.

Seasonality trend offers brands innovation opportunity to target specific demands

31-Mar-2015 - It appears cosmetics are affected by the seasons, as weather conditions and emotional changes affect consumers’ beauty habits and regimes and offer manufacturers the chance to capitalise with products for...