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Market Trends

Are you looking to know which markets are the most lucrative, emerging and how the developed markets are getting on? Or maybe what segments are doing best or which areas are tipped for future growth?

Here you can stay up speed with the latest consumer trends, expert insight and market developments.

Cosmetics companies among only brands consumers strongly identify with biodiversity

01-Jul-2015 - Natura, Yves Rocher, The Body Shop, and Dabur are among the brands that consumers strongly identify with biodiversity; according to the Union for Ethical BioTrade’s Biodiversity Barometer as beauty brands...

Women take to #ThePowerOfMakeUp trend to show fun side of cosmetics

01-Jul-2015 - Women are taking to the internet and posting pictures of themselves with half of their faces ‘made up’ with cosmetics, and the other with nothing on it at all under...

June's Quiz!

Test Yourself!'s June Quiz!

01-Jul-2015 - So, it’s that time again - have you been paying attention to the breaking news this month? Did you do well/ badly last month and want to maintain/ improve your...

Cosmetics Compact

Cosmetics Compact: Discussing deals, media scares, EU market recovery and fines

26-Jun-2015 - The Cosmetics Compact is your compact source of the latest new headlines from the last few weeks, taking a glance at what has been happening in the cosmetics industry.

The unique way women shop luxury cosmetics

25-Jun-2015 - Luxury Institute, a New York-based global luxury research provider, looked into the buying practices of wealthy consumers and discovered that how affluent women shop beauty is exceptional.

Brazilian hair care sees ready opportunity in the Middle East

22-Jun-2015 - The Sweet Hair company out of São Paulo has begun implementing plans, expanding its sales and distribution to include five of countries in the region, as well as Morocco in...

Skincare Ingredients Special

Cosmetics Design's skin care event - what to expect!

19-Jun-2015 - On June 24th, the fifth edition of Cosmetics Design's Skin Care Ingredients event will go live! Here, we give you a sneak peek into what attendees can expect from the...

The sixth edition of Makeup Paris opens its doors today

18-Jun-2015 - The success of the Makeup Paris event led to the three other international events, and today marks the opening of the sixth show in the organiser’s home town.

in-cosmetics Brasil targets important Latin America market

17-Jun-2015 - As it gears up for its second ever show in Brasil in September this year, the in-cosmetics trade show organisers say there is to be a big focus on Latin...

British Skin Foundation finds dandruff limits our willingness to live life to the full

17-Jun-2015 - According to new survey results from the British Skin Foundation, a third of people avoid social situations due to anxieties caused by their dandruff.

Olay 'breakthrough study' discovers gene expression changes that impact the skin's ageing process

17-Jun-2015 - Olay has carried out in-depth research that shows how gene expression changes impact the appearance and quality of women's skin as they age across every decade.

Asia in Focus

Foam, gel and oil textures - Asia's new wave of formulations

16-Jun-2015 - What makes cosmetics exciting today for both Asia's R&D formulators and consumers alike? Well, regional expert Florence Bernardin says layering textures, particularly in skin care products has been providing inspiration...

Technology is transforming beauty industry so legacy companies must adapt

16-Jun-2015 - A convergence of technology developments in beauty and in communications is transforming our relationship with cosmetics products and solutions, and this means legacy companies must adapt to retain their position...

Skin care meets literature as Bulldog and Penguin collaborate on limited edition sets

12-Jun-2015 - Bulldog Skincare has signed a unique collaboration with global publisher Penguin Books as it looks to capitalise on Father’s Day with some exclusive gift sets.

Skincare Ingredients 2015

Skin care - regulatory updates you do not want to miss!

11-Jun-2015 - The ever-changing skin care segment is seeing break-neck growth and demand for natural and anti-ageing products. Thus, keeping up with legislation on a global scale can be a challenge..

Asia's the second largest cosmetics market after Europe, experts report

11-Jun-2015 - According to the latest research from, Asia-Pacific is the second largest market for cosmetics after Europe, expected to reach $126.8 billion by 2020, registering a CAGR of 4.02%....

Personal care market in Turkey tipped for growth

10-Jun-2015 - An improving economy, changing perceptions towards grooming, and a young population are all factors that are fuelling the cosmetics and personal care market in Turkey at the moment.

Skincare Ingredients 2015

June 24th is the date to put in your diaries for Skincare Ingredients 2015

09-Jun-2015 - The fifth edition of Skincare Ingredients will go live on June 24th, in just two weeks, with a full conference program that tackles some of the most crucial issues in...

Halal to be in focus at Cosmoprof Bologna

09-Jun-2015 - The opportunities in the halal cosmetics market have been highlighted over the last few months with many big players looking at ways to prosper in it and it will be...

What’s hot and what’s not in UK beauty 2015

05-Jun-2015 - Market researcher Mintel has released its British Lifestyles 2015: At the Intersection of Tradition and Globalisation report; and in it, has taken a look at the winners and losers for...

No room for complacency for sustainable palm oil or RSPO ‘will be left behind’

05-Jun-2015 - The Roundtable for Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO) has set out ambitious new targets to ensure that it reaches 100% certified sustainable palm oil in Europe by 2020, stressing the importance...

Expanding market potential for marula oil

04-Jun-2015 - Botanical oils have become quite popular as signature ingredients and as stand-alone products, accordingly, one prominent company in the space is growing fast.

Unilever ad banned following Beiersdorf complaint of Sure – Nivea comparison

04-Jun-2015 - Unilever has had a telling off from the Advertising Standards Authority after rival Beiersdorf claimed that advertising for its Sure antiperspirant made claims that it was more superior to the...

Brands have to compete harder to secure savvy beauty shoppers

03-Jun-2015 - In an age where the recession birthed savvy shoppers that are here to stay, brands have to work harder to secure customer loyalty and meet the needs of demanding consumers...

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Test Yourself!'s May Quiz!

02-Jun-2015 - So, it’s that time again - have you been paying attention to the breaking news this month? Did you do well/ badly last month and want to maintain/ improve your...

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