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Market Trends

Are you looking to know which markets are the most lucrative, emerging and how the developed markets are getting on? Or maybe what segments are doing best or which areas are tipped for future growth?

Here you can stay up speed with the latest consumer trends, expert insight and market developments.

The latest in the alphabet craze - 'EE' cream makes its way to Europe

19-Sep-2014 - On first gaining popularity in the East and then spreading to the West; the BB, CC and DD cream sensation has now paved the way for the ‘EE’ version

Barcelona to host in-cosmetics for its 25th anniversary

19-Sep-2014 - In 2015 in-cosmetics celebrates its 25th anniversary in Barcelona on 14-16 April, expecting more than 680 exhibitors set to use the show as a launch pad for their innovations, as...

Consumers more concerned with function than traditional categories

18-Sep-2014 - It is time that beauty classifications were re-organised to suit buyers' needs, after a new report suggests that consumers are interested in the function, not the traditional categories, of hair...

Top Hitting Features

Extra! Extra! Read all about it! Top-hitting exclusive features

17-Sep-2014 - At we pride ourselves on bringing our readers exclusive news and interviews, so here is a collection of the top hitting features from the last couple of months.

Sunscreen is vital protection for outdoor sports

17-Sep-2014 - For those living an active lifestyle sun exposure can be unavoidable meaning that taking protective measures, such as applying sunscreen, is very important to avoid skin damage or even skin...

90% of Brazilian inspired skin care products launched outside Brazil - Mintel

15-Sep-2014 - Brazilian influence is resonating dramatically in the beauty and personal care category - and new research from Mintel reveals just how much influence it has. 

Seven reveals fragrance trends for Autumn-Winter 2015/16

12-Sep-2014 - According to the fragrance specialists the return of oud, the enduring popularity of rose and a focus on leather notes will influence Autumn-Winter 2015/16 fragrance formulations.

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Beauty from within supplements: how to win the consumer

12-Sep-2014 - According to Datamonitor, as the beauty from within segment evolves, cosmetic manufacturers are now focused on researching solutions to better meet consumer expectations and convince of a supplement's effectiveness. ...

L'Oréal dominates Norway’s hair care segment

11-Sep-2014 - L’Oréal boasts a market share of 29% in Norway’s hair care segment, making it the country’s most popular brand by a significant margin, according to latest research released by Euromonitor....

in-cosmetics Brasil 2014, in photos

10-Sep-2014 - As the first ever in-cosmetics event in Latin America opened its doors in Sao Paulo, Brazil yesterday, the Cosmetics Design was there to capture the moment, bringing you some of...

Latin America body care market spells big opportunities

10-Sep-2014 - Economic and population growth are feeding a significant rise in the value of the body care category in the main Latin American markets. And growth is expected to continue, according to...

Consumers on the hunt for value-for-money drive skin care in Europe

10-Sep-2014 - A new market report on skin care in Europe from research firm TechNavio predicts that brands looking to profit need to focus on developing cheaper, value-for-money personal care offerings.

First in-cosmetics Brasil event opens its doors today

09-Sep-2014 - The in-cosmetics team is adding to its portfolio a fourth event that will open its door for two days in Sao Paulo, today.

Third Latin America edition of the Sustainable Cosmetics Summit is this week

09-Sep-2014 - The Sustainable Cosmetics Summit conference will open its doors in Sao Paulo this Thursday, making it the third edition of the event for the Latin America region.

Summer sun long gone? UK sun care segment looking gloomy

09-Sep-2014 - With the clouds now drawing in over northern Europe as summer comes to an end, a recent white paper released by Euromonitor reveals that the sun care category is struggling...

Beyond Beauty Show Coverage

Mintel: hair care aligning itself with the skin care sector as brightening and illuminating claims shoot up

09-Sep-2014 - The latest report from Mintel reveals the global hair care market is increasingly aligning itself with the skin care sector, with botanical and herbal claims at the forefront.

UK consumers will spend up to £40,000 on grooming in their lifetime

05-Sep-2014 - Online retailer, has published a report that reveals the average British woman spends up to £40,000 in a lifetime on her hair and £100,000 on cosmetics.

Estée Lauder’s digital drive pays off with personalized blog

04-Sep-2014 - Estée Lauder has reiterated its foray into the digital space as it looks to push its brands forward, launching The Estée Edit in July and the blog/personalized shopping experience appears...

Euromonitor reports Spanish colour cosmetics market to be sliding..

04-Sep-2014 - Few surprises were seen in the colour cosmetics category in 2013, with Euromonitor reporting value sales of the segment to have declined by over 2% in Spain. 

Personalised nutrition expected to blossom in the UK, says Canadean

03-Sep-2014 - DNA-based nutrition is set to grow in the UK as 10.3% of food consumption is motivated by a desire for personalised products, according to a Canadean survey.

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Sun care manufacturers tapping into 'easy use' heats up the global market

02-Sep-2014 - According to Datamonitor, as the sun care market continues to boom, manufacturers incorporating multi-functionality into their products will see the most success.

Mass-market colour cosmetics challenging prestige

02-Sep-2014 - According to market researcher Mintel, while prestige colour cosmetics are recording the biggest growth in the UK, mass-market products still dominate categories such as nail polish and increasingly challenge their...

Cosmeeting 2014 to open its doors in Paris next week

29-Aug-2014 - A re-branded and re-vamped Cosmeeting 2014 will open its doors in Paris from September 9 – 11, promising to highlight the latest trends and products.

Top ten emerging beauty industry brands set for bigger things

27-Aug-2014 - With the global economy now showing clear signs of picking up merger and acquisition activity has followed suit this year, which is putting the spotlight on some of the more interesting...

DNA profiling paving the way in personalised beauty

27-Aug-2014 - Bespoke beauty treatments based on the individual's genetic code are no longer a notion of the future. Here, Cosmetics Design looks at what biotech companies are doing to advance the segment....

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