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Market Trends

Are you looking to know which markets are the most lucrative, emerging and how the developed markets are getting on? Or maybe what segments are doing best or which areas are tipped for future growth?

Here you can stay up speed with the latest consumer trends, expert insight and market developments.

Special Newsletter natural and organic labelling

How beneficial is an international natural labelling standard?

18-Sep-2017 - With natural actives becoming a commonplace element of many formulators' ingredient lists and as the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) ISO 16128  provides guidelines on definitions for natural and organic cosmetic ingredients, we explore how...

Special Newsletter: Natural and Organic Labelling

Words Mean Nothing: The plight of natural and organic beauty labeling

15-Sep-2017 - Depending on whom you ask, personal care and cosmetic regulations in the US are overly nuanced, too convoluted, or not exacting enough. All the same, trends and marketing strategies have...

Finalists announced for 2017 L’Oréal Women in Digital NEXT Generation Award

14-Sep-2017 - This week, the beauty powerhouse announced the three brands that are still in the running for L’Oréal’s annual award honoring tech innovations that are set to change the cosmetics and...

Experimentation now key for beauty: Euromonitor on ASOS cosmetics launch

14-Sep-2017 - With ASOS having just made a decisive step into the beauty world with its launch of a cosmetics range, market analysis suggest it’s a signal that ‘experimentation’ is now crucial...

Organic trade briefing on ‘The Changing Face of Organic Retailing’ approaching

13-Sep-2017 - The Soil Association, a leading organic certification body and farming charity, is gearing up to run a trade briefing day next week.

Guest article

Trends and shifts in the indie fragrance market

11-Sep-2017 - Sugar cubes, saffron, mimosa, galbanum, plum blossom, heliotrope, sweet mint, nectar, benzoin, and animalic effects of all kinds (overdosed, of course) are just a sampling of the notes indie perfumers...

Coty and Story collaborate on beauty retail pop-up shop in New York City

07-Sep-2017 - Today through October 8th, the theme at Story’s curated retail boutique on Manhattan’s west side is beauty; and the Coty brands CoverGirl, Clairol, Rimmel, and Sally Hansen are merchandized in...

P&G discloses fragrance ingredients in personal care products

31-Aug-2017 - This week, the company shared the fragrance ingredients used in the skin care brand Olay and the hair care brand Herbal Essences. And, the consumer goods company has plans to...

Prestige anti-pollution skin care sales boom in the UK

31-Aug-2017 - Sales of prestige skin care products bearing anti-pollution claims have risen by 30% in the last six months, according to latest figures from the NPD Group.

Sephora and Ulta how brands can magnify digital presence via online retail platforms

31-Aug-2017 - A new insight report suggests that brands can tap into strong digital presence potential by retailing via digital platforms Sephora and Ulta.

Latest in naturals trend in Europe

30-Aug-2017 - We gather together the latest innovations, launches and trends defining the naturals and organics segment in Europe’s beauty and personal care market.

NY NOW show opens, revealing this year’s holiday beauty shopping trends to watch

21-Aug-2017 - The semi-annual trade show, once known as the New York International Gift Fair, opened this weekend and runs through Wednesday, August 23. Exhibitors showing personal care, cosmetics, and fragrance, provide...

UK natural products market latest: competitive

16-Aug-2017 - Naturals in the UK beauty market have seen sales increase by nearly 30% since 2012 and now the market is facing an  increasingly competitive landscape, according to new research.

Exclusive interview

Ayurvedic beauty in India part I: Mindfulness and wellbeing

15-Aug-2017 - With Ayurvedic beauty appearing as a core marketing message in India, we asked Joanna Chan, Research Analyst at Euromonitor International why this trend is taking off and how it is...

Mintel: 52% of Londoners ‘worried about pollution’

11-Aug-2017 - According to the latest research by market research provider Mintel, consumers in England’s capital are most likely to be concerned about pollution.

Revealing digital insights on the hair care and colour market

10-Aug-2017 - A new market report from digital analysts L2 has revealed that more established players in the hair care market are coming up against increasingly fierce competition from independent brands.

Smartphone searches drive beauty and fashion retail growth

09-Aug-2017 - With m-commerce now a well-established cornerstone of any beauty brand's retail strategy, a new report has highlighted the importance of being search optimized.

Internet retailing: German FMCG report reveals beauty out in front

08-Aug-2017 - A new report from digital market insights firm L2 has revealed that when it comes to mobile site optimisation by consumer goods companies in Germany, beauty is one of the...

Trends Update: A conversation with Stylus

03-Aug-2017 - In this video interview from Cosmoprof North America, Shannon Davenport, head of US advisory at Stylus, talks with Cosmetics Design senior correspondent Deanna Utroske about next-generation packaging, the trend toward...

Spotlight on luxury: L’Oréal results suggest huge appetite for premium

03-Aug-2017 - Do L’Oréal’s recent half-year results shed light on a hot ticket trend for the wider industry?

Mintel: British men’s confidence in appearance grows as they age

03-Aug-2017 - Recent research for market research firm Mintel highlights thatt 75% of British men aged 65 and over feel confident about how they look.

Natural Beauty Awards moves for 2018

02-Aug-2017 - In a shift of several months, the organisers of the Natural Beauty Retail Awards have moved the annual event from November to April for 2018.

Spotlight on active cosmetics: growth accelerating as trend becomes mainstream

02-Aug-2017 - Do L’Oréal’s recent half-year results shed light on a hot ticket trend for the wider industry? We take a look at 'active cosmetics'.

Amazon beauty sales up 43% across five core markets

01-Aug-2017 - A new report on consumables and their sales and growth rates on Amazon has been released by One Click Retail: it finds that beauty sales are up an average of 43%.

Vegan applicators: the next step for cruelty-free beauty?

28-Jul-2017 - In a sign that the trend has plenty of white space to tap into, Cosmogen has just launched a vegan brush set.

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