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Sustainable Packaging

Sustainable Packaging

Looking at related issues such as sustainability, environmental impact and marketing related to this fast growing and increasingly crucial area. Articles will also cover the latest developments in the types of packaging materials manufacturers are using, as well as considering the increasingly important area of recycling.

Cosmopack Awards: And the winners are…

27-Mar-2015 - No Cosmopack event would be complete without some awards, and the 2015 show was no different, with 9 different companies picking up awards for packaging innovation.

Pack Peek Gallery

Pack Peek gallery: News and updates from the beauty packaging world

27-Feb-2015 - Well 2015 seems to be passing by quite quickly, so here's some more announcements and highlights from the cosmetics packaging world, whether it be in masstige or prestige, fragrance, skin...

L’Oréal collaborates with Avery Dennison to reduce environmental impact of labels

16-Jan-2015 - L’Oréal has turned its attention to reducing its environmental impact, particularly concerning its packaging, and announces collaboration with Avery Dennison focusing on the entire lifecycle of its packaging labels....

'Triman' recycling legislation goes ahead, despite opposition

15-Jan-2015 - France has implemented a long-disputed legislation to inform consumers of recyclable packaging with the use of a new logo - ‘Triman’ (Sorting Man), despite voiced concerns from sectors like cosmetics....

Pack Peek: A look at the packaging news as the year ends

11-Dec-2014 - As 2014 draws to a close we take a look at the announcements and highlights in the cosmetics packaging world, whether it be in masstige or prestige, fragrance, skin care,...

Disruptive innovations are changing what it means to be green

05-Dec-2014 - The FMCG industry is approaching a turning point: the new year is set to see innovations reach the market that will shatter current approaches to sustainability and the wider “green...

Premium feel no longer reserved for high-end beauty packaging

29-Oct-2014 - Consumers today expect more at every price point, and the distinctions among mass, masstige and luxury products are shifting. Cosmetics Design looks at how premium feel is no longer reserved...

How sustainable is the EU's production scheme?

16-Oct-2014 - How much is Europe investing in the bioeconomy today, and just what state are those sectors in? The scientific and technical arm of the EC now has a dedicated website...

Procter & Gamble sets new sustainability objectives across the supply chain

15-Oct-2014 - The company announced this week its intentions to further limit water use and packaging as well as to take advantage of more renewable materials by 2020.

Pack Peek: News from the packaging world

03-Oct-2014 - Summer is over and Autumn is upon us, so we take a look at the announcements and highlights in the cosmetics packaging world, whether it be in masstige or prestige,...

Beauty industry to save big with Unilever’s plastic packaging reduction

29-Apr-2014 - Unilever has developed a technology to reduce plastic in its personal care packaging by ‘at least’ 15%, in a move which will both further bolster its sustainable profile, and potentially...

UEBT set to launch 6th annual ‘Biodiversity Barometer’

12-Mar-2014 - The Union for Ethical BioTrade (UEBT) has announced it will launch this year’s Biodiversity Barometer in April, promising insights on the growing consumer demand for beauty brands to show evidence...

Win-win sustainability with aerosol compression, but can consumers be convinced?

12-Feb-2014 - Both the personal care sector and the consumer are set to gain from a new trend of aerosol compression, giving it the potential to become a particularly lucrative new trend.

News in brief

PCD opens its doors today

05-Feb-2014 - The first day of this year’s Packaging of Perfume, Cosmetics & Design trade show has dawned in Paris, with over 200 exhibitors in attendance.

Oil based cosmetics driving high viscosity packaging innovation

29-Jan-2014 - The popularity of oil based cosmetics like Moroccan or Argan serums is creating demand for packaging that will be able to hold and dispense the thick formulations in a more efficient and sustainable way....

Quest for green sustains naturals market in Western Europe

28-Jan-2014 - According to market researcher Frost & Sullivan, the natural and organic cosmetics market in Western Europe will rise to $800 million by 2017.

Pack Peek: New year, new packaging

15-Jan-2014 - So, here's the New year, well and truly under way. And, Cosmetics Design has taken at look at some of the new packaging in the cosmetics industry.

Mintel: aerosols leading the way in innovation and sustainability

15-Jan-2014 - In an effort to keep up with demand for the latest in aerosol technology as well producing more environmentally friendly components, providers in Europe have had no choice but to step up their game....

Belgian institute discovers potential to produce bio-plastics from poplar trees

08-Jan-2014 - Belgian research institute VIB discovers the potential of lignin-modified poplars to produce sugar for bio-based products, which can then be used in cosmetics applications among others.

10th edition of PCD to gather some 3,400 brand experts

08-Jan-2014 - The cosmetics packaging event is gearing up to open its doors next month where 3,400 brand experts and packagers will gather from 60 countries to network and see the industry's latest innovative...

Pack Peek: December’s packaging innovations

18-Dec-2013 - Winter is in full swing now and the end of the year is upon us, but there has still been an array of new wrappings and packs in the cosmetics...

Bioplastics have a potential for being 'truly sustainable'

18-Dec-2013 - EU Environment Commissioner Janez Potočnik has highlighted the crucial role bioplastics play in Europe‘s transition towards a circular bio based economy at the 8th European Bioplastics Conference last week....

The packaging dilemma: Luxury demand vs environmentally friendly

27-Nov-2013 - Meeting consumer expectations regarding a beauty product and also using the most environmentally friendly packaging possible can lead to a conflict of interest and is the dilemma facing the cosmetics...

LuxePack experts: Asia not yet a threat to Europe in luxury packaging

19-Nov-2013 - Despite the proliferation of low-cost cosmetics packaging, Europe still maintains a significant lead in the luxury end of industry according to commentators at the recent Luxepack Monaco conference.  


French Packaging Council urges "circular economy" for cosmetics

29-Oct-2013 - Michael Fontaine, the president of the French Packaging Council, has urged companies to adopt a "circular economy" for packaging.

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