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‘Good enough to eat’: the trend for food ingredients in cosmetics gains pace

09-Jun-2009 - A rising number of cosmetics companies are now formulating products from ingredients normally found in the kitchen. This is the latest trend to emerge from escalating interest in organic and...

Clarins and Alban Muller show support for sustainable ingredients sourcing

09-Jun-2009 - Two of the biggest names in European natural personal care have lent their support to L’Herboretum, a French project to encourage sustainable natural ingredient development.

Major retailer launches private label organic range

01-Jun-2009 - Leading UK health retailer, Holland and Barrett, has launched a range of private label organic cosmetics called Dr Organic.


Being organic or natural won't necessarily make a product green

26-May-2009 - Contrary to popular belief, organic and natural cosmetic ingredients are not necessarily more environmentally friendly.

Top three stories this month

Natural ingredients are not necessarily safer or more effective, say cosmetic chemists

22-May-2009 - Cosmetic chemists fought hard against the idea that natural ingredients are inherently safer than their synthetic counterparts at this week’s cosmetic science symposium.

Natrue works on equivalency agreement with US naturals body

22-May-2009 - Natrue, a European certifier of natural cosmetics, is working on a mutual recognition agreement with the Natural Products Association (NPA) in the US.

dispatches from suppliers' day

Organic preservatives come at a cost, but formulators are now willing to pay

19-May-2009 - At Suppliers’ Day in New Jersey last week spoke to Kris Kudrnac of K3 Corporation who explained how the industry is experiencing a “mad rush” for natural and organic...

Organic certification boom results in confusion and lawsuits

19-May-2009 - Several new organic and natural standards have been launched over the last 18 months on both sides of the Atlantic. talked to Amarjit Sahota, director of Organic Monitor, to...

Dispatches from suppliers’ day

Organic ingredient launches only just starting to match marketing buzz

14-May-2009 - Organic alternatives to certain synthetic ingredients have been elusive. Peter Boncelet from Earth Supplied Products explains why organic cosmetics have yet to fully live up to the marketing hype but...

Symposium for cosmetic chemists to be held in UK in May

01-Apr-2009 - Cosmetic chemists prepare to investigate the new generation of anti-ageing products and the potential of natural ingredients at the upcoming UK SCS annual symposium.

Aldivia launches certified organic surfactants for cosmetics

31-Mar-2009 - Aldivia is launching a range of Ecocert certified organic surfactants for the cosmetics market.

Givaudan signs sustainable sourcing partnership

25-Mar-2009 - Givaudan has partnered with a Laos-based producer to secure the sustainable supply of benzoin, a raw material used in fragrances.

Cosmos certified products expected by spring 2010

25-Mar-2009 - The first products certified to the organic and natural Cosmos standards cannot be expected before spring 2010, but UK member Soil Association is confident uptake will be strong.

Fair trade certification for mint oils

25-Mar-2009 - The organic oil specialist, Earthoil, has achieved fair trade status for its Indian mint growing facility under an Institute for Marketecology (IMO) scheme in order to meet growing demand for...

News in brief

Chitin-glucan ingredient from KitoZyme gets Ecocert recognition

20-Mar-2009 - An anti-aging active from Belgium-based company KitoZyme is now listed as Ecocert compliant.

Borregaard plays up lignin-vanillin CO2 developments

19-Mar-2009 - A supplier of lignin-derived vanillin claims that its processes for sourcing and producing the ingredient can dramatically reduced the carbon footprint compared to sourcing from some mineral oils, according to...

Organic Monitor digs into natural cosmetics in the UK and Germany

18-Mar-2009 - Organic Monitor has published a report on the natural cosmetics market in Germany and the UK highlighting the growing popularity of private label brands in both countries.

Dr Straetmans target organic formulators with new range

17-Mar-2009 - Dr Straetmans’ new range of organic actives target manufacturers looking to up the proportion of organic raw materials in their formulations.

‘Free from’ claims can trade on false safety concerns says trade body

13-Mar-2009 - Manufacturers are advised against labelling their products as ‘free from’ certain ingredients by the UK cosmetics trade association (CTPA).

Manufacturers could be misleading consumers over preservatives, report

11-Mar-2009 - Highlighting the absence of certain preservatives in a product when the formulation contains others is misleading to the consumer, according to France’s body for competition and fraud control (DGCCRF).

How ethical is the cosmetics industry? A new barometer may tell...

11-Mar-2009 - An initiative to determine the position of the industry and consumers on ethical matters will be launched at a conference in April.

Berkem invests in vegetal extract capabilities

10-Mar-2009 - In an effort to maintain growth during the downturn Berkham is refocusing its business to concentrate on vegetal extracts for the cosmetics and food industry.

Competing natural and organic standards explored in workshop

04-Mar-2009 - The relationship between the European harmonised standard Cosmos and its cousins on both sides of the Atlantic will be explored in a masterclass on natural and organic cosmetics.

Natrue and QAI work towards cross-border recognition of organic standards

24-Feb-2009 - Natrue is working on a mutual recognition agreement with Quality Assurance International (QAI) that the certifier hails as a step towards international harmonisation.

Botanical actives are leading the ingredients market, says report

17-Feb-2009 - Improved performance and consumers' love of all things natural is pushing the trend for plant-based active ingredients, according to a recent Kline report.

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