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Nano particles are increasingly used to enhance cosmetics, especially sun care and anti-aging products but debate still rages over their safety.

UK company develops ‘Fitbit for skin care’

14-Sep-2017 - Cutitronics, a UK university spin-off company, says it is getting closer to launching a ‘Fitbit for your skin’, a technology that could help companies deliver tailor-made skin care products for...

Biotech player Brain gets boost from investor

08-Sep-2017 - Germany-based biotech ingredient player Brain has received a boost to its longer-term expansion goals thanks to support from a new investor.

The Sunscreen Innovation Act: COSMED on what you need to know

27-Jan-2017 - With the Susncreen Innovation Act coming into force in the US, we take a look at it from the European market’s perspective. Here’s what you need to know.

European Commission further delays long-awaited nano inventory

17-Jan-2017 - A nanomaterials inventory was due from the EC three years ago this month, however, it is still yet to appear.

The Beauty Industry Awards are now open for submissions

07-Dec-2016 - The most comprehensive and far-reaching awards for the global beauty industry are now open for submissions that will recognize the most outstanding achievements.

New nanoscience suspends oil in clay, expanding the possibilities for cosmetic and personal care emulsions

30-Nov-2016 - Last week, the open access journal Scientific Reports published the latest work of physicist Jon Otto Fossum, and his findings “may lead to new emulsion or encapsulation technologies.”

Exclusive interview

Neal's Yard Remedies reveals the innovation behind its organic sun care

15-Nov-2016 - Neal's Yard Remedies on the innovation behind their range of organic-certified sun care products, and the challenges and opportunities such products can offer.

Scientists strike gold with sustainable approach to precious metal

27-Jul-2016 - Scientists have struck gold with a greener and more affordable way of synthesising gold nanoparticles, thanks to the trichoderma viride fungus.

Nanoparticles in English Ivy could lead to synthetic cosmetic adhesives

31-May-2016 - Researchers at Ohio State University now have a good understanding of what comprises the glue that binds this plant to the trees, fences, and walls it so readily climbs.

BASF nano forum calls for more transparency and clearer guidance for cosmetics

18-Mar-2016 - BASF’s Dialogforum Nano has called for clearer guidance and transparency in the future in order to work with nanomaterials in cosmetics safely and effectively, ensuring the needs of public authorities,...

Dutch research institute develops concept for nanomaterials risk assessment in cosmetics

16-Feb-2016 - The Netherlands National Institute for Public Health and the Environment (RIVM) has developed a concept of a new electronic tool that could be used for the risk assessment of nanomaterials...

‘Non-toxic’ nanoparticles used in personal care and cosmetics disrupt immune function

14-Jan-2016 - Researchers at Pacific Northwest National Laboratory observed that some nanoparticles diminish the function of macrophage immune cells while others cause cell death.

Nanomaterials very unlikely to damage skin if topically applied, says EPA

15-Dec-2015 - The risk of topical products containing nanomaterials, such as sunscreens, damaging or penetrating the skin is very limited, according to a new report compiled by the Danish Environmental Protection Agency.

Fraunhofer refines method to analyse nanoparticles in cosmetics

05-Aug-2015 - German research institute Fraunhofer has developed a process to calculate the nanoparticles in sunscreens and cosmetics by advancing and refining an existing method.

A step-by-step guide helps determine characteristics and hazards of nano

02-Jul-2015 - As more and more personal care product formulations comprise engineered nanomaterials, environment, health, and safety researchers are charged with ensuring the ingredients do not adversely affect the health of consumers...

New microscope shows live cells in 3 dimensions

30-Jun-2015 - The revolutionary tomographic technology from Nanolive SA, a Swedish startup, is set to change R&D in the personal care and cosmetics industries.

Skincare Ingredients Special

Cosmetics Design's skin care event - what to expect!

19-Jun-2015 - On June 24th, the fifth edition of Cosmetics Design's Skin Care Ingredients event will go live! Here, we give you a sneak peek into what attendees can expect from the...

L’Oréal uses ultrathin skin devices to measure hydration and thermal transport

09-Jun-2015 - The cosmetics industry is no stranger to technology and L’Oréal has demonstrated how a wearable device could have a big future in cosmetology and dermatology for thermal evaluations in a...

EC publishes indepth paper on nanomaterials

17-Mar-2015 - A publication commissioned by the EC; Thematic Issue ("Nanomaterials’ functionality") explores recent developments in nanomaterials research, as well as the possibilities for safe, practical and resource-efficient applications....

Award-winning oils and fats innovation makes skin care ‘more effective’

22-Jan-2015 - University lecturer Dr Mahiran Basri has been recognised for her work in successfully diversifying the use of oils and fats which resulted in an innovation formulated through nanotechnology that is...

Latex synthesized gold nanoparticles enhance sunscreen SPF

20-Jan-2015 - Scientists have found that if gold nanoparticles are synthesized with the latex of a native South American plant, then it can enhance the sun protection factor of sunscreens and offer...

LICARA guidelines to help industry weigh up use of nanomaterials

17-Dec-2014 - As European legislation remains a challenge for the cosmetics industry, LICARA guidelines are geared towards helping to weigh up the pros and cons and assess the risks of using nanomaterials in products. ...

French nanomaterials register triples in second year

19-Nov-2014 - According to a government report, the number of declarations for the French nanomaterials register tripled in its second year of implementation, as formulators and distributors increase their notifications.

IFSCC Coverage

The latest science has to offer - from green chemistry to skin care vaccines

31-Oct-2014 - At the recent IFSCC cosmetology event, more than 450 scientific posters opened a window into what cosmetic scientists have been working on, from green chemistry to skin care vaccines.

Nanoparticle research identifies characteristics to penetrate skin

14-Oct-2014 - Scientists in the UK have identified key characteristics that enhance a nanoparticle’s ability to penetrate skin which could have implications in the delivery of drugs, as well as in skin...

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