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Nano particles are increasingly used to enhance cosmetics, especially sun care and anti-aging products but debate still rages over their safety.

Symrise launches new sun care ingredient

15-Apr-2014 - German ingredients supplier Symrise has launched SymTio S, a patent-pending novel sunscreen ingredient consisting of micro fine titanium dioxide coated with the ester cetearyl nonanoate.

EC finally agrees to hold meeting to reveal nano options

02-Apr-2014 - The European Commission has finally agreed to hold a meeting that will allow member states and other interested parties to see and discuss options for regulating nanomaterials.

Scientists study effect of silver particles on algae

26-Feb-2014 - Scientists from the Aquatic Research Institute, Eawag have subjected algae to a range of silver concentrations to learn more about the cellular processes that occur in the cells.

SCCS calls for nano silica safety information

14-Feb-2014 - The European Commission has called on the Scientific Committee on Consumer Safety (SCCS) for a full risk assessment on the safe use of the nano form of silica in cosmetic...

REACH to make changes to its nano annex

04-Feb-2014 - The European Commission is finalising its impact assessment of six options for amending the annexes of REACH to better account for nanomaterials.

Nano industry calls for another look at carbon black

07-Jan-2014 - The Nanotechnology Industries Association (NIA) has called on its members to comment on the recent SCCS opinion on carbon black in nanoform for use as a colourant in cosmetics.  ...

Israel to reign in nano-materials with new regulations

12-Dec-2013 - This October, Israel submitted a new draft set of cosmetics regulations to the World Trade Organization (WTO) which promise to improve both trade and consumer safety.

Cosmetics represent top 3 nanomaterials launched in France in 2012

11-Dec-2013 - According to the Ministry of Ecology, Sustainable Development and Energy, cosmetics formulations ranked in the top three position of all nanomaterials placed on the French market in 2012.

New natural ingredient boosts genetics to build skin firmness

27-Nov-2013 - Israeli company IBR has announced the release of a new extract for skin and hair care which works with the user’s genes to boost the structure and growth of cells....

EC concerned of use of silica in nano form

05-Nov-2013 - The European Commission has called on the Scientific Committee on Consumer Safety (SCCS) for a full risk assessment on the safe use of the nano form of silica in cosmetic...

Entering the age of the ‘super sunscreen’: Study highlights protection against cancer

10-Oct-2013 - A study carried out by researchers in Australia has opened the doors for the development of ‘super sunscreens’ to assist in the repair of sun damaged skin and protect the...

OECD calls for manufactured nanomaterial safety

02-Oct-2013 - The non-intergovernmental Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development has recommended its Member Countries apply existing international and national chemical regulatory frameworks to manage the risks associated with manufactured nanomaterials. 

Scientists encourage ‘safer’ rutile form of TiO2 in cosmetics

26-Sep-2013 - Research originating in Torino, Italy is encouraging sunscreen and cosmetics formulators to use the rutile form of titanium dioxide rather than anatase as tests have suggested it is safer.

Cosmetics chemicals market will grow to $21.91bn by 2016

17-Sep-2013 - A market research firm predicts that the global market for cosmetics chemicals will balloon to $21.91bn between 2012 and 2016.

Nanoneedle technique shines light on ageing process and skin barrier function

13-Jun-2013 - Researchers at the University of Bath have developed a new technique to study the properties of skin which could help the development of topical skin creams and treatments and improve...

UAE to require labelling of nano cosmetic ingredients

24-May-2013 - The United Arab Emirates has notified the World Trade Organization's Committee of a new draft proposal on cosmetics regulation that contains a requirement for companies to label cosmetic products containing...

Industry meets to discuss need for EU register of nanomaterials

21-May-2013 - The Netherlands Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment recently hosted a conference whereby professionals gathered to identify areas where current EU legislation on nanomaterials is insufficient.

EU consumer groups update nano silver products database

05-Mar-2013 - European consumer organisations Beuc and Anec have updated a database of over 140 products on the continent’s market that claim to contain nano silver particles.

German agencies attempt to tackle nanomaterials in EU regulation

07-Feb-2013 - Three German government agencies have developed a proposal for amending European chemical regulation for nanomaterials.

Hair of gold – now a possibility as nanoparticle use could lead to permanent hair dyes

03-Jan-2013 - Flowing locks of golden hair could become a permanent hair dye option after scientists reported the first synthesis of gold nanoparticles inside human hairs; a discovery that has big implications...

Danish database set up to provide nanomaterial transparency

05-Dec-2012 - The Danish Consumer Council, the Danish Ecological Council and DTU Environment have teamed up to develop a database to identify more than 1,200 products that may contain nanomaterials and provide...

EU is challenged to 'patch' up nano loopholes

16-Nov-2012 - The European Commission is being called on to close up 'loopholes' in its nanomaterial regulation by establishing a new stand-alone piece of legislation, to clear up and provide in more...

Update: Full steam ahead for BASF project on nanomaterial safety

13-Nov-2012 - After the launch of its latest research project into the safety of nanomaterials earlier in the year, the global chemicals giant has been pushing ahead, so much so that it reveals...

NGOs accuse EC's second review on nanomaterials as 'inconsistent'

31-Oct-2012 - The European Environmental Bureau (EEB) has teamed up with various environmental non-governmental and consumer organizations to express its concerns on the conclusions of the second regulatory review of nanomaterials, recently published...

New EU cosmetics regulation in place next year: a closer look

11-Oct-2012 - As upcoming industry events in Europe and beyond turn their attention to the new EU cosmetics regulations being exercised next year, Cosmetics Design takes a look at some of the...