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Alban Muller launches African-sourced anti-ageing ingredient

By Simon Pitman+

Last updated on 02-Jun-2016 at 14:35 GMT2016-06-02T14:35:29Z

Alban Muller launches African-sourced anti-ageing ingredient

Alban Muller has launched a new anti-ageing ingredient with a formula that is based on raw materials sourced from Africa, hitting the big trend in natural anti-ageing formulations.

Called Repulpami ER, the formulation of the ingredient includes a 100% natural blend of white hibiscus and baobab fruit extracts in a glycerine solution.

The development team at France-based Alban Muller says the ingredient’s active properties give it a range of anti-ageing claims, including plumping, firming and anti-wrinkle – all of which may position it as an alternative to procedures such as Botox.

Out of Africa

African sourced ingredients have been making a big splash in the cosmetics world in recent years, particularly with respect to oils and fruit extracts from indigenous plants such as Rooibos and Baobab.

Alban Muller says the raw materials have been sourced from the Tambacounda and Louga regions, which are both found in the Western African country of Senegal.

Baobab grows all over Sub-Saharan Africa and its fruit extract is known to have excellent moisturisation properties, whereas white hibiscus is known as the natural Botox extract, thanks to its antioxidant and purifying properties.

Tested efficacy

Indeed, in the lab, the company says that Repulpami ER says that it actually did measure up to procedures such as Botox, showing improved measurements of muscle contractions, which are often key determinants of facial wrinkles.

The in vitro testing also extended to analysis of the CLAUDIN-1 SPRR and NICE genes, which the company said helped to determine the ingredients efficacy with respect to cohesion and firmness.

Likewise other in vitro testing also showed that the ingredient improved SIRT1 gene expression, while a self-assessment test was also carried out on volunteers.

All of these properties have given way to the ingredient being marketed on the basis that it provides “lifting without surgery”.

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