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Closely following the latest trends and formulation technologies that are leading the way in this ever-growing industry segment. As a science-driven trend, articles will also look at the latest research developments, lifting the lid on some of the most exciting innovations surrounding the active ingredients that have become the driving force of this category.

Silab introduces natural anti-ageing active based on regenerative medicine

27-Nov-2015 - French ingredient supplier Silab has completed studies on its new natural anti-ageing active inspired by regenerative medicine, with the aim of stimulating a regenerative protein that naturally slows over time.

Rahn study shows efficacy of active against cellular waste

25-Nov-2015 - Switzerland-based ingredient supplier Rahn says that a new study confirms the efficacy of its anti-ageing active Protolea in combatting cellular waste and glycation.

Raspberry extract shows strong anti-ageing potential

19-Nov-2015 - Research carried out by two biotechnology companies has found that an extract from the raspberry plant is effective in promoting skin hydration and protecting the cells from excessive water loss,...

Multi-benefit natural products to drive skin whitening market

30-Oct-2015 - Skin whitening is a trend big in Asia, but is also present in Europe and the US in anti-ageing as consumers seek a uniform skin tone, and with natural ingredients...

Green coffee oil ‘safe to use’ in skin care applications

23-Oct-2015 - Green coffee oil (GCO), often used in cosmetic formulations due to its emollient and anti-ageing properties, is safe for topical application and displays good skin compatibility according to a new...

Protein causing ‘wrinkly skin syndrome’ could be key target in anti-ageing developments

15-Oct-2015 - Maintaining skin youthfulness could be possible through targeting enzymes after it was found that the mutation of a novel protein results in a rare premature ageing condition, and this could...

Study shows beauty patch effectiveness in keeping skin tissue supple

14-Oct-2015 - A research team in Finland has demonstrated the effectiveness of its beauty patch to help skin absorption of cosmetics products, using a technique for imaging live tissue. 

Scienceploitation? Is the beauty industry borrowing language for stem cell science claims?

07-Oct-2015 - The hype around stem cell science has created a market opportunity for the cosmetic industry; however a new study has suggested that the public need more education on the current...

Scientists develop nanoparticle containing sunscreen that doesn’t penetrate the skin

01-Oct-2015 - Researchers have developed a sunscreen, made with bioadhesive nanoparticles, that doesn’t penetrate the skin, eliminating serious health concerns associated with commercial sunscreens.

Researchers find biocompounds from rapeseed oil industry co-stream as cosmetic actives

01-Oct-2015 - Scientists in Spain and Finland have identified that biocompounds from rapeseed oil industry co-stream can be used as active ingredients for skin care applications, particularly anti-ageing.

Chanel awards grants for skin research projects on skin ageing and protection

17-Sep-2015 - Chanel Research and Technology has announced Julia Segre Ph.D and Emi Nishimura M.D., Ph.D, as the latest two winners of the Chanel-CE.R.I.E.S. Research Award, for their ground-breaking efforts in skin...

Beiersdorf makes new skin cell metabolism discovery to aid anti-ageing development

15-Sep-2015 - Beiersdrof researchers have found that skin cells can protect themselves against stress even faster and more holistically than previously thought, and this discovery will lead to the development of new...

Oriflame assesses novel active as safe in cosmetics in-line with EU requirements

11-Sep-2015 - Oriflame’s Ireland operation has assessed acetyl aspartic acid (AAA) as safe for use in all cosmetics products at a level of 5%, using a new cosmetic safety assessor in line...

Oriflame research identifies key anti-ageing factors for women in Russia

10-Sep-2015 - Oriflame research has found that by providing a clear view on the signs of ageing that really matter to Russian women who are aged 40 years old and above, it...

Sun tan tattoos don’t have to be harmful if done the self-tan way

04-Sep-2015 - Ingredient supplier DSM says that the Erythrulose self-tanning enhancement ingredient can meet the demand of people wanting to temporarily ‘tattoo’ their skin, rather than by exposing skin to dangerous levels of...

Physical effects applied with AHA peels improve skin pore and comedone condition

04-Sep-2015 - Scientists have discovered that applying a 4% alpha hydroxyl acid (AHA) solution combined with using water jet pressure, had rapidly improved effects on whiteheads and blackheads on the face, and...

Fresh science on anti-aging, from Avon

24-Aug-2015 - Avon researchers have identified two biological factors that make for a more nuanced understanding of why skin changes with time and how lines and wrinkles form.

Shiseido finds licorice extract and facial exercises stop skin sagging

07-Aug-2015 - Having studied how the loss of dermal anchoring structures leads to skin sagging, Shiseido has discovered that exercises to contract and relax facial muscles can stimulate fibroblasts to prevent this,...

Research suggests skin damage from UV radiation is reversible

05-Aug-2015 - A team of researchers based at the John Hopkins University in Baltimore believe they may have found proof that photoaging damage from ultraviolet radiation could be reversed.

Moisturising cream better for dermal absorption of hyaluronic acid, says study

04-Aug-2015 - A research team in Poland has suggested that moisturising creams rather than ointments are better to carry hyaluronic acid for dermal absorption as they contain more water meaning the formulation...

Sirona Biochem skin lightening technology granted patent in Africa

23-Jul-2015 - Sirona Biochem has been granted a patent in Africa for its skin lightening technology specific to TFC-849 and more global patents have been targeted.

Dermatologist slams bizarre 'sunburn tattoo' trend

17-Jul-2015 - Tattoos are a great form of expression for many, but the latest trend of creating one by sunburn is very dangerous and can lead to serious long-term effects such as...

Shiseido uncovers cause of sagging skin and suggests pine cone extract may be the cure

16-Jul-2015 - Shiseido has, for the first time, found that impaired function of dermal lymphatic vessels can lead to sagging of the skin and is looking into ways to develop cosmetics products...

Shiseido's on the cusp of finding a cure for baldness...

14-Jul-2015 - After ten years of scientific research, Japanese personal care player, Shiseido has patented its RepliCel Hair-01 (RCH-01) hair regeneration technology.

Skin study suggests why wrinkles occur more in certain parts of the face

09-Jul-2015 - Ever wondered why you seem to get more wrinkles in certain areas of your face, or that some appear more severe than others? Well, a new study has identified that...

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