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Closely following the latest trends and formulation technologies that are leading the way in this ever-growing industry segment. As a science-driven trend, articles will also look at the latest research developments, lifting the lid on some of the most exciting innovations surrounding the active ingredients that have become the driving force of this category.

Mibelle Biochemistry explains anti-ageing caloric restriction concept

17-Apr-2014 - At the in-cosmetics event in Hamburg Cosmetics Design met with Mibelle Biochemistry’s Dr Fred Zuelli, who explained the company’s new snow algae extract launched at the show, and explains how...

“Inherently fickle and deeply disloyal” - anti-ageing is lost on teens, say experts

09-Apr-2014 - Brands are wasting their time trying to hook younger consumers in for the long haul with anti-ageing claims, according to industry experts speaking recently at a roundtable discussion on the...

Hair loss and fat – it’s all linked finds new study

08-Apr-2014 - A new study combining science from Australia and the UK has suggested that losing weight and halting hair loss could go hand-in-hand after findings show that the skin can regulate...

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Estée Lauder on the look-out: Ready to acquire… if the deal is right?

03-Apr-2014 - The rumour mill is in full swing but it is not too ridiculous to suggest that Estée Lauder could be ripe to join the acquisition trail given its history and...

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Beiersdorf R&D head says it’s OK to appreciate external innovations

21-Mar-2014 - Traditionally cosmetics companies have adopted a ‘not invented here’ attitude, but big benefits can be gained from changing to a ‘proudly found elsewhere’ mindset and being open with external partners,...

Sneak peek: Induchem introduces its hair growth galvanizer

20-Feb-2014 - Ahead of the upcoming in-cosmetics event, Induchem has given Cosmetics Design a preview of its Redensyl hair growth activating molecule which will be unveiled at the show.

Beauty consequence not cancer risk motivates sunscreen use best in teens

20-Feb-2014 - Scientists have found that youngsters are more likely to address sun protection behaviour if skin appearance and beauty effects are highlighted as opposed to messages displaying a skin cancer risk.

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Mibelle Biochemistry unveils anti-ageing snow algae extract

19-Feb-2014 - An extract of snow algae can protect the skin against environmental stress factors and improve the barrier function and has been developed by Mibelle Biochemistry. Here, Dr Fred Zülli gives...

News in brief

Avon opts for Fusion Packaging for anti-ageing serum

19-Feb-2014 - Beauty giant Avon has announced it will use Fusion Packaging’s ‘Axis’ package for its newly developed anti-ageing serum.

Researchers explain how skin cells swell and shrink

07-Feb-2014 - Two physicists have explained how skin cells swell and shrink when they absorb water and this could help to treat a number of skin disorders, and to create materials with...

Bayer unveils in vivo data of latest skin care extracts

31-Jan-2014 - Global enterprise Bayer has unveiled two new studies of two of its ingredients created by its Bayer HealthCare Division Serdex group that show good skin soothing and protection properties.

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Flower power: Silab launches peony root anti-ageing ingredient

29-Jan-2014 - The upcoming release of Volunage, an anti-ageing active ingredient, has been announced by France-based ingredients developer Silab.

Researchers identify anti-ageing anti-oxidant Tiron

14-Jan-2014 - Unilever-funded research identifies an antioxidant Tiron, which offers total protection against some types of sun damage and may ultimately help our skin stay looking younger for longer.

Chanel skin science investment driving its portfolio

09-Jan-2014 - Despite Chanel’s vast portfolio of luxury goods, it’s the brand’s investment in the cosmetics sector that is coming up trumps, currently accounting for 55% of its annual revenue.

Stem cell answer to beat the bald

06-Jan-2014 - A trio of studies have delved into the regeneration of hair follicles and described some of the factors that determine when hair grows, when it stops growing and when it...

Compound discovered to reverse ageing process

03-Jan-2014 - Researchers have found that they can reverse a cause of ageing which could open up treatments for skin inflammation, muscle wasting, and even cancer and type 2 diabetes.

Resveratrol researcher and player refute high-dose study findings

02-Jan-2014 - A study that found high doses of the polyphenol, resveratrol, could inhibit exercise benefits in older people, has been attacked in the same journal that published the original work back...

Hair loss development as pathway found that can prompt or limit growth

18-Dec-2013 - The hair loss world has witnessed a new development after scientists identified a molecular pathway that can be activated to prompt hair growth of dormant hair follicles, or blocked to prevent...


BASF to offer ‘Everlasting Beauty’ program following extensive research

17-Dec-2013 - Chemicals company BASF has launched its latest program focusing on the three anti-ageing actions of prevention, maintenance and correction having used its vast consumer research to identify what the market...

Fibroblast regeneration holds key to anti-ageing skin care development

13-Dec-2013 - Scientists in the UK have identified the unique properties of two different types of skin cell that could pave the way for treatments aimed at reducing the impact of ageing...

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Future Beauty Trends: Finding the right target

25-Nov-2013 - The recent Beauty Futures Forum conducted by trends forecasting agency 'The Future Laboratory' identified what we can expect next in terms of original concepts and different ways of targeting beauty...

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Ground-breaking anti-aging discovery from Antarctic fish gets L’Oréal excited

20-Nov-2013 - Vancouver-based biotech firm Sirona Biochem has developed its latest secret to anti-aging from an unexpected place – Antarctic fish; and cosmetics companies are keen to adopt the new technology.

Plants and fungi become inspiration of latest Latvian anti-ageing research

12-Nov-2013 - Biologists from the University of Latvia have kick-started a new project aiming to research several new anti-ageing ingredients which can be derived from natural substances like plants and fungi.

News in brief

Provital develops new anti-hair-loss additive

12-Nov-2013 - Barcelona-based company Provital has developed a new active ingredient which promises to reduce hair loss and promote follicle growth.  

Anti-ageing to drive hair care sales with UK heading Euro-charge

06-Nov-2013 - Anti-ageing has long been a driving trend in the skin care market and is now making its presence felt in the hair care segment as consumers look to products to...