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How to take a ‘holistic’ approach to sustainability: Sustainable Cosmetics Summit responds

By Lucy Whitehouse + , 27-Jul-2017

How to take a ‘holistic’ approach to sustainability: Sustainable Cosmetics Summit responds

The upcoming industry event is urging cosmetics and personal care industry players to take a holistic approach to sustainability, noting that “few companies appear to be looking beyond their environmental impacts”.

The Sustainable Cosmetics Summit, which takes place this year in Paris, 6 - 8th November, is set to address other metrics by which companies can be improving their sustainability profiles.

It will consider how the industry can create positive social value, how products can be used and disposed of responsibly, and also place emphasis on green values.

For the first time, social impacts are high on the summit agenda,” explain the event’s organisers.

“Apart from ethical sourcing of raw materials, how can the industry create positive social value? What social benefits can cosmetics & personal care products provide to consumers? How can consumers be encouraged to use and dispose of cosmetics and personal care products responsibly? Such questions will be addressed in this new edition.”

Social impact session

Social impact is a big area of focus for the event, and a full session is devoted to the issue. The organisers outline the session:

  • The philosopher Dr. Julian Baggini will question the personal value we (consumers) associate with cosmetics? How do beauty products affect the wearer’s well-being and mental health? How can brands enhance this value?
  • Andrew Wallis, CEO of Unseen UK, will highlight the hidden social risks in ingredient supply chains. Guidance will be given to companies on how they can mitigate risks related to child & slave labour, gender discrimination, etc.
  • Lene Still, CEO of Allergy Certified, will give an update about allergens in cosmetics & personal care products. What are the reasons behind the rising incidence of allergies? What personal care chemicals are linked to skin sensitivity and allergic reactions? Another speaker will discuss approaches to encourage responsible consumption of personal care products.

Other sessions will cover efficiency in sustainability, sustainable sourcing, sustainability and fragrances, and green formulations. Further information is available here.

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