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Formulation & Science

Want to stay up to speed with the latest cosmetic research developments in skin care, hair care, fragrance, and colour cosmetics? 

Bookmark this section to find out what scientists are up to in areas like natural polymers, microalgae, as well as other innovative ingredients and research being carried out by universities, researchers, ingredient suppliers and manufacturers.

BASF and GENEL highlight the implication of a microRNA in the melanogenesis process

21-Apr-2015 - BASF Beauty Care Solutions and biotech firm GENEL have teamed up to identify a specific microRNA suspected to be involved in the melanogenesis process and could see a breakthrough in...

in-cosmetics coverage

Who knew! Sea anemone found to combat skin ageing

21-Apr-2015 - On speaking with Dr Alain Khaiat at in-cosmetics Barcelona, he directed Cosmetics Design's attention to his relationship with StartletDerma, whose work with sea anemones has led to a new method in collagen...

Exclusive interview

Building on the success of the world’s leading anti-dandruff shampoo

16-Apr-2015 - Head & Shoulders has been the world’s top-selling anti-dandruff shampoo for decades, so we spoke to the research term behind the brand’s formulation to find out how they have held...

Plucking hair in a specific pattern or density helps regenerate hair

16-Apr-2015 - It may not be the complete cure to hair loss so don’t go reaching for the tweezers just yet, but scientists have found that by plucking 200 hairs in a...

Exclusive interview

P&G research stays one step ahead on anti-pollution skin care

15-Apr-2015 - Anti-pollution is a claim we are starting to see more and more of on skin care products in Asia, and increasingly worldwide. This exclusive interview lifts the lid on how...

Exclusive interview

How P&G continues to advance its Head & Shoulders formulation

15-Apr-2015 - Procter & Gamble is the undisputed king of anti-dandruff hair care thanks to its Head & Shoulders brand. But the work behind maintaining its reputation is relentless, as the head...

Sun Protection Special

Cheap holiday boom means skin cancer more likely than 40 years ago

08-Apr-2015 - Skin care brand Nivea Sun is teaming up with Cancer Research UK to encourage people to protect themselves from the sun, after new research suggests that people over 65 are...

Scientists develop first ever perfume that makes you smell better the more you sweat

07-Apr-2015 - Wouldn’t it be great if the more you worked up a sweat the less you would have to worry about social awkwardness and the better you would smell? Well thanks...

Venn seeks drug industry customers for skin substitute used to test cosmetics

03-Apr-2015 - London-listed CRO Venn Life Sciences hopes partnering with academics will help generate drug industry interest in its recently expanded skin model tech business.

Study reveals how hair density is lost and cuticles become more fragile with ageing

02-Apr-2015 - Changes in hair density and elasticity are most likely to occur in the 40-50 year old age range and hair will most likely become more fragile at this time too...

Vichy research shows OTC retinol cream as effective as prescription products for photo-ageing

01-Apr-2015 - As the quest for youth and beauty become increasingly important  and improving the visible signs of ageing become the focus for many cosmetics, L’Oreal’s Active Cosmetics Division has found an...

3D skin maps analyse skin behaviours and environmental exposures, past and present

01-Apr-2015 - An international research team has created a three-dimensional map of the human skin that will help the study of the relationship between molecules, microbes, and environment which could help future...

Gattefossé to develop cosmetics actives with green technology in exclusive deal

01-Apr-2015 - Ingredients supplier Gattefossé has obtained exclusive rights to develop and commercialize cosmetic active ingredients obtained using the NaDES technology (Natural Deep Eutectic Solvents), which fully represent green chemistry principles.

Sirona Biochem compound posts positive anti-ageing results

31-Mar-2015 - Cosmetics ingredient and drug discovery firm Sirona Biochem announces that its French partner, Biogalenys, has made an important anti-ageing discovery after one of its compounds came though testing with flying...

'One man's trash is another's gold': cosmetic metals found in human waste have value

27-Mar-2015 - The trace amounts of metals found in cosmetics, shampoos and food which are eventually excreted from the human body by, well, you-know-how, could now hold value, say scientists. Value that could...

Biofabrication will produce cosmetic ingredients of the future

24-Mar-2015 - Living cells, organic molecules and the like will be the raw materials that produce both living and nonliving biological ingredients for personal care products, according to scientists working in the...

Scientists develop targeted laser therapy to deactivate acne-causing glands

24-Mar-2015 - Scientists have found a way to deactivate the overproducing skin glands that cause acne, potentially offering a cure for the condition, using ultrasound, gold particles, and lasers.

PCHi insight: Part One

Mibelle: "Consumers now believe 'Made In China' can represent high quality"

24-Mar-2015 - Here, Cosmetics Design catches up with Dr. Fred Zulli, managing director of Mibelle Biochemistry, to find out how the Switzerland-based biotechnology ingredients provider is planning on increasing its footprint in...

Circadian rhythm research influences Ashland’s yeast proteins-based development

20-Mar-2015 - Ashland Specialty Ingredients introduces its yeast proteins-based extract aimed at revitalizing skin and protecting it against UV damage, after years of research highlighted the circadian rhythm as having an impact...

Nutritional supplement shown to be effective in reducing female hair loss

19-Mar-2015 - Hair loss is a distressing thing for anyone, and is particularly so for women, but scientists have found that taking a nutritional supplement can improve the overall scalp coverage and...

Engineered yeast could replace flowers in fragrances

19-Mar-2015 - Boston-based specialists in synthetic biology Ginkgo Biowork is using yeast to produce fragrances that are cheaper than using naturally sourced ingredients.

Muscat… Tasty wine, BUT also anti-ageing properties in skin cream

19-Mar-2015 - Muscat, commonly known for its sweet floral aroma when in wine form, can also reduce skin redness and acne when used in a grape-based cream, according to a new study.

Unilever files patent for assessing hair colour changes with rinse-off products

18-Mar-2015 - Anglo-Dutch consumer giant Unilever has filed a patent which evaluates the potential colour protecting effect of rinse-off hair products.

Bangor scientists: 'microbeads are damaging Welsh marine life'

17-Mar-2015 - Scientists at Bangor University are reporting cosmetics containing plastic microbeads to be damaging Welsh marine life.

EC publishes indepth paper on nanomaterials

17-Mar-2015 - A publication commissioned by the EC; Thematic Issue ("Nanomaterials’ functionality") explores recent developments in nanomaterials research, as well as the possibilities for safe, practical and resource-efficient applications....

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