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Formulation & Science

Want to stay up to speed with the latest cosmetic research developments in skin care, hair care, fragrance, and colour cosmetics? 

Bookmark this section to find out what scientists are up to in areas like natural polymers, microalgae, as well as other innovative ingredients and research being carried out by universities, researchers, ingredient suppliers and manufacturers.

Rahn brings Korean ingredients to Europe

27-May-2016 - Switzerland-based fine chemicals specialist Rahn has forged a partnership with Korean ingredients player BioLeaders that will see its ingredients distributed in Europe for the first time.

Does this wrinkle app represent the advent of deep learning in beauty?

26-May-2016 - Anti-ageing and anti-wrinkle claims have long been questioned by both consumers and beauty industry experts alike, but now a new app invites users to verify claims from their own home....

Waste food could be the next thing in sustainable cosmetic ingredients

26-May-2016 - Growing pressure to be more sustainable, combined with advances in extraction technology is leading to a new generation of cosmetic and personal care ingredients that are derived from food waste...

Colombia’s undiscovered natural cosmetics ingredients

25-May-2016 - Areas of the South American country are largely uncharted when it comes to plant species because of the danger researchers face from decades of war and criminal gang activity. Now...

Scientists modify microalgae to convert sunlight into complex molecules for natural compounds

25-May-2016 - A research team from Copenhagen Plant Science Centre at University of Copenhagen has modified a strain of microalgae so that it ‘manufactures’ a range of complex molecules.

Butter-coated powders standout among cosmetics and skin care ingredients

23-May-2016 - At this year’s NYSCC Suppliers Day event, Cosmetics Design checked in with Stellie Balthazard of Blue Sun International about that company’s butter-coated powder ingredients and the options that manufacturers have...

Research into ‘sunscreen gene’ may lead to more effective UV protection

20-May-2016 - Scientists in the U.S. say their research into the "UV radiation Resistance Associated Gene" could help in the development of treatments to fight skin cancer.

Innovations in skin care are up over 10%, shows Thomson Reuters data

19-May-2016 - The information and media firm’s IP & Science business unit just published its 2016 State of Innovation report, listing the top beauty brands and exploring growth across various cosmetics and...

L’Oréal backs research into ‘plastic antibodies’ in deodorant

19-May-2016 - L’Oréal is backing a group of French scientists who are conducting research that incorporates Molecularly Imprinted Polymers (MIPs) as a deodorant for cosmetic formulations.

Alban Muller launches two new alternatives to microbeads

18-May-2016 - France-based Alban Muller International has responded to the growing worldwide ban on microbeads with two biodegradable natural alternatives.

Is this new polymer the next quick fix face lift?

18-May-2016 - A group of researchers has developed a silicone-based polymer that acts as a second layer of skin, creating a temporary tightening effect that could be the next anti-aging solution.

The possibilities for 3-D printed hair seem endless…

17-May-2016 - 3-D printed skin has already made a splash as a non-animal alternative testing method, but now researchers have created new possibilities for 3-D printed hair using advanced software.

Research points to nano-sized titanium oxide contributing to oxidative stress

13-May-2016 - Nano-sized titanium oxide (TiO2) is commonly used in a range of sunscreens, but new research is investigating its subtle effect on the oxidative stress process at a cellular level. 

Using maths to show how chemical compounds are absorbed by the skin

13-May-2016 - A group of scientists have formed a collaborative research project with the aim of working out mathematical methods to understand how chemical compounds are absorbed by the skin.

CD Buzz: Fision WrinkleFix

A look at TRI-K’s multifunctional anti-aging ingredient

12-May-2016 - At in-cosmetics Paris, Elzbieta Kaprzyk, director of innovation, research, and development for the company, spoke with Cosmetics Design reporter Deanna Utroske about Fision WrinkleFix.

Big beauty pivots as microbeads fall out of vogue

11-May-2016 - At the end of the year, US personal care and cosmetics manufacturers will be legally prohibited from formulating with plastic microbeads. Many are already reformulating with natural alternatives, as ingredient...

Presperse focuses on the growing optical trend

10-May-2016 - The optical trend has evolved into a significant part of the skin care and colour cosmetics categories that continues to evolve to bring new effects for consumers, explains Heidi Lebel,...

Exclusive interview

How Shiseido makes makeup

09-May-2016 - Katsunori Yoshida, executive vice president of Shiseido’s newly operational Americas Innovation Center, talked with Cosmetics Design about how the company innovates, what differentiates brands and regions, and the forthcoming cosmetic...

Unilever research into ‘youthful’ gene could be anti-ageing breakthrough

06-May-2016 - Researchers say they have identified the first genetic evidence to explain the difference between perceived age and actual age, and the secret may be in the MC1R gene.

DSM highlights how innovation is driving personal care trends at in-cosmetics Paris

06-May-2016 - Switzerland-based DSM is targeting the personal care market with three key areas of focus, explains Frederic Boned, director of marketing and innovation at DSM Nutritional Products.

Univar highlights beauty trend for urban women

05-May-2016 - Cosmetics Design caught up with marketing director Arnita Wofford, of ingredients specialist Univar Personal Care, who explained about the 'Savage Glamour' concept, which focuses on the fast-paced lifestyle of urban...

Givaudan starts construction on new innovation centre in Switzerland

05-May-2016 - Givaudan is aiming to up the stakes with its product pipeline having opened a new state-of-the-art innovation centre for fragrance and flavours in Kemptthal, Switzerland.

Research into Lemur secretions points to squalene as a key to longer-lasting scents

05-May-2016 - Scientists from Duke University in the U.S. believe that observing how Lemurs mix their own secretions to create effective scents could unlock some useful secrets for perfume-makers.

Stopping grey hair with science

03-May-2016 - NYU researchers Makoto Takeo, Wendy Lee, and their team have identified the molecular pathway that manages hair (and skin) color. And this latest ‘cure for grey’ is making headlines well...

L’Oréal partners up with science incubating organisation

03-May-2016 - L’Oréal has formed a partnership with Hello Tomorrow, a non-profit organisation specialising in promoting early stage start-ups.

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