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Formulation & Science

Want to stay up to speed with the latest cosmetic research developments in skin care, hair care, fragrance, and colour cosmetics? 

Bookmark this section to find out what scientists are up to in areas like natural polymers, microalgae, as well as other innovative ingredients and research being carried out by universities, researchers, ingredient suppliers and manufacturers.

Nanotech researchers develop a new structural color solution

19-Sep-2017 - A team of scientists from around the world, led by Ming Xiao of The University of Akron, have just published their findings online at Science Advances. The researchers are optimistic...

Science spotlight: in-cosmetics Formulation Summit approaching

15-Sep-2017 - A leading events series for the beauty and personal care industry, in-cosmetics, is gearing up to host the 2017 edition of its Formulation Summit next month.

UK company develops ‘Fitbit for skin care’

14-Sep-2017 - Cutitronics, a UK university spin-off company, says it is getting closer to launching a ‘Fitbit for your skin’, a technology that could help companies deliver tailor-made skin care products for...

Biotech player Brain gets boost from investor

08-Sep-2017 - Germany-based biotech ingredient player Brain has received a boost to its longer-term expansion goals thanks to support from a new investor.

Sensorial trend still going strong with support from silicone fluid blends

07-Sep-2017 - Widespread advancements in silicones continues to drive the sensorial trend forward as the flexible, stable ingredient offers long lasting benefits while enhancing the texture of skin care, hair and colour...

BASF research underlines effectiveness of scalp ingredient

07-Sep-2017 - BASF has released new research to underline the effectiveness of its PatcH2O ingredient. As well as outline its effectiveness in scalp care, the research also shows a positive impact on...

University of Arizona develops truly topical sunscreen

06-Sep-2017 - Researchers Stephanie Tolbert and Douglas Loy have created a UV blocking sun care formulation that won’t pass through the skin. The two believe that this will alleviate a pain point...

Oxford scientists collaborate with A.I firm on ageing related diseases

06-Sep-2017 - Oxford scientists are collaborating with artificial Intelligence company Insilico Medicine to prevent unnecessary animal sacrifice and derive more data from experiments in age related research.

Is paraben research sensationalised?

05-Sep-2017 - Research can be used to support amazing and important findings – it can also unfortunately be taken the wrong way before a true causative relationship is established, to create fear.

Genetics: Next generation personalised cosmetics trend impacts lifestyles

04-Sep-2017 - South Korean smart DNA cloud-based application, My Genome Box, is set to shape consumer lifestyles based on genetic information.

Interview: Open Academy offers hot topic education programme from industry professionals

30-Aug-2017 - Ahead of a new Open Academy for the industry in Europe, we caught up with one of the organisers on the highlights of the programme.

Biotech firm offering cosmetic companies an alternative to animal testing to open in US

29-Aug-2017 - Genoskin makes unique human skin models for testing specialty chemicals as well as finished personal care and cosmetic products. This week, the French company announced plans to bring its business...

Givaudan’s new scent technology taps into sleep

25-Aug-2017 - As part of its ambitions to dominate the fast growing sensory innovation category Givaudan has launched a patent-pending technology focused on sleep, called DreamScentz.

Scientists develop low cost sensor label for safer cosmetics

24-Aug-2017 - A team of scientists at Clarkson University, New York, has developed a simple smart label that could help warn consumers before cosmetic and personal care products spoil.

Avocado husks could be source for numerous cosmetic ingredients

24-Aug-2017 - New research has found that husks from avocado seeds contain numerous compounds which can be extracted for use in a variety of applications, including cosmetic and personal care products.

AMSilk joins SEPAWA strategic technology group

23-Aug-2017 - Germany-based silk-derived ingredients provider AMSIlk has become the latest company to join the SEPAWA Cosmetic Applications and Technologies (CAT) specialist group.

Exposure to BP paraben linked to issues with male fertility

22-Aug-2017 - Research carried out by a group of scientists in Poland has pointed to low sperm count and chromosome abnormalities in individuals exposed to a variety of parabens.

UCLA scientists advance stem cell hair growth technique

18-Aug-2017 - Promoting hair growth using stem cell technology is not new, but scientists from UCLA believe they have advanced the technique by discovering a new way to activate hair stem cells...

Blendtek Ingredients and Fitoplancton Marino team up to bring microalgae ingredients to beauty makers

17-Aug-2017 - In an exclusive deal, announced this month, ingredient distributor and solutions provider Blendtek will be the official supplier of Fitoplancton Marino’s Easyalgae Plankton-Extract ingredient.

Open Academy to promote knowledge sharing for formulators

17-Aug-2017 - Open Academy is set to open its doors this October in Barcelona with the aim of promoting open discussion and learning among cosmetic formulation professionals.

Scientists develop new light therapy to tackle acne

17-Aug-2017 - A group of scientists at the Vanderbilt University Medical Centre have updated a light therapy to kill off bacteria in skin that causes both skin infections and bacteria.

CPL Aromas launches £1 million scientific research centres in UK and Indonesia

15-Aug-2017 - CPL Aromas, a fragrance house company, has announced the launch of two £1 million scientific research centres.

Microbiome takes centre stage at this year’s in-cosmetics Formulation Summit

15-Aug-2017 - With skin care that works with the body’s natural microbiome now firmly established as a hot emerging topic for the industry, in-cosmetics has announced that biobeauty will be the major...

Husks of berries can have antimicrobial effect in cosmetics

11-Aug-2017 - A research centre in Finland has claimed that the husks of berry seeds may be used in cosmetics to prevent the growth of harmful microbes.

Latest formulation buzz: enhanced delivery

07-Aug-2017 - The cosmetics industry is full of fantastic cosmeceutical actives to address all sorts of skin conditions, from acne in teenagers to anti-ageing of mature skin. But, with so many actives...

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