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Extraction technology from Phytonext could help reduce food waste and lower food and cosmetics prices

27-Aug-2014 - A botanical extract technology focusing on essential oils from citrus peel could help cut cosmetics and food prices as well as reduce food waste, the firm behind it is claiming....

Could taurine be the key to energised personal care?

27-Aug-2014 - Energised toothpaste, shampoo and skin care could be the next big thing for personal care consumers in the UK, as a new market report pinpoints consumers’ search for something new as a...

New research points to sunblock damaging marine life

26-Aug-2014 - New research is adding to the body of evidence that certain sunblock ingredients maybe potentially hazardous to marine life when they wash off in the sea.

Scientists working on nail polish that detects date-rape drugs

26-Aug-2014 - North Carolina State University is attempting to produce a nail polish that will reveal the presence of Rohypnol and GHB in a drink by changing colour.

Beiersdorf develops active ingredient to soothe sensitive skin

22-Aug-2014 - Beiersdorf has conducted research into skin irritation and its causes and used this information develop its new active ingredient that will be used in its Eucerin skin care range.

9th World Congress on animal testing alternatives starts next week

21-Aug-2014 - The latest developments on animal testing alternatives will be tabled for discussion at next week’s World Congress on Alternatives and Animal US in the Life Sciences, in Prague, next week....

Kao research identifies natural enzyme to produce sustainable surfactants

21-Aug-2014 - Kao has found a natural enzyme that can produce medium chain fatty acids used as raw materials in the production of surfactants for shampoos and cosmetics, through its research, particularly...

BASF UV filter 'first in its nano form' to make new EU regulation list

20-Aug-2014 - BASF claims it is the first to have its' UV filter 'Tinosorb' included in the positive list (Annex VI) of the new EU Cosmetics Regulation.

Columbia University Medical Centre pill to reverse hair loss

19-Aug-2014 - Scientists at Columbia University have taken a pill that treats bone marrow disorders and used the treatment to reverse hair loss in patients with alopecia.

Could antiperspirant be making matters worse?

19-Aug-2014 - New research by a team of scientists in Belgium may suggest that using antiperspirant on a regular basis could actually contribute to underarm body odour.

Micronutrients have a role to play in anti-ageing skin care

14-Aug-2014 - Micronutrients are essential for our diet but can also play a role in maintaining healthy skin in topical applications, according to a leading dermatologist.

The secret to anti-ageing could be in skin sugars

13-Aug-2014 - Glycans, which are sugars on the surface of cells, might hold the secret to ageing of the skin which bodes well for skin creams being developed, but more research needs...

Stress could worsen skin’s appearance

12-Aug-2014 - Feeling pampered and relaxed could be the key to healthy skin as an inflammatory skin condition or a breakout of spots or a rash could worsen or be caused by...

Something fishy? No, it’s just sunscreen

08-Aug-2014 - After eating a nice piece of fish, few of us would think of using the leftovers as the basis for an effective sunscreen but that is the basis of some...

Study is the first to link natural moisturizer to food allergies

24-Jul-2014 - Research conducted into natural ingredients in products targeting dry skin has demonstrated evidence of a link between the topical application and the subsequent development of food allergies.

M&S turns wine into skin care range with new use for waste product

24-Jul-2014 - Researchers have found a new way to extract resveratrol from the outer skins of grapes and this is being used in a new skin care range from Marks & Spencer.

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How the bar is being constantly raised on natural ingredients

23-Jul-2014 - New technologies and applications, greater sustainability, and more traceability are some of the key areas helping to raise the profile of natural cosmetic ingredients, according to one industry expert.

Stem cells hold key to hair regrowth

21-Jul-2014 - Stem cells could hold the key to telling hair follicles to grow after US researchers found that Transit-Amplifying Cells emit a signal that tells quiet hair follicle stem cells to...

Scientists transform algae oil into chemical raw materials

15-Jul-2014 - Scientists in Germany have developed a process of transforming algae oil into high-quality chemical raw materials that could affect a number of industries.

Genetics’ effect on skin aging is limited, finds Olay

10-Jul-2014 - Olay has conducted a study into whether cosmetics products can overcome your genetic make-up, by using pairs of identical twins to trial their ProX range.

Bio-inspiration transforming cosmetics: consumer awareness rising

10-Jul-2014 - Industry and consumer awareness of biomimetics is on the rise as demand for naturals continues to climb, with the combination of science and nature increasingly appealing for skin care products. ...

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Beiersdorf Research: Consumer demand dictates skin science

08-Jul-2014 - In an exclusive interview with, Horst Wenck, corporate vice president of R&D at Beiersdorf, says that it is important to carry out advanced skin science research but that it...

German scientists find ‘first direct evidence' odorant cells exist in the skin

08-Jul-2014 - A study carried out by the Technical University of Munich has found that olfactory receptors are present in the skin as well as the nose, meaning it can pinpoint a common...

EU project aims to develop advanced natural raw materials for cosmetics

03-Jul-2014 - The Agrocos project launched by the European Commission will develop advanced natural raw materials for the cosmetics market as the global trend continues.

Clever technology analyses personalized gender expression by use of make-up

02-Jul-2014 - A multi-disciplinary team of scientists working at the University of Western Australia (UWA) have developed a mathematical model that allows a computer to identify the gender of human faces based...

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