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Formulation & Science

Want to stay up to speed with the latest cosmetic research developments in skin care, hair care, fragrance, and colour cosmetics? 

Bookmark this section to find out what scientists are up to in areas like natural polymers, microalgae, as well as other innovative ingredients and research being carried out by universities, researchers, ingredient suppliers and manufacturers.

Scientists strike gold with sustainable approach to precious metal

27-Jul-2016 - Scientists have struck gold with a greener and more affordable way of synthesising gold nanoparticles, thanks to the trichoderma viride fungus.

New insight into how gels form has potential to improve cosmetic formulations

22-Jul-2016 - German scientists have discovered that the property of gels is due to directed chains of particles in their network-like structure which tend to contract as soon as they stretch through...

UK scientists ‘XCellR8’ alternative testing method developments

21-Jul-2016 - As the cosmetics industry strives to develop safer and more efficient alternative methods to animal testing, UK scientists have found a way to isolate human cells taken from skin samples...

Study points to cancer risk from laser hair removal

19-Jul-2016 - The market for laser hair removal is still fast growing, with demand for home devices being particularly strong, but new study says that there could be a good a cancer...

IFF and Unilever partner to help vetiver farmers in Haiti

19-Jul-2016 - International Flavors and Fragrances (IFF) and Unilever have teamed up on a project that also involves leading non-governmental agencies to enhance the lives of vetiver farmers in Haiti.

Dow launches 'collaborative model’ to keep formulators in the loop of latest innovation

19-Jul-2016 - Dow, a leading chemicals company, has launched a new ‘collaboration model’ centred around finished product concepts, aimed at helping “the personal care industry accelerate innovations to meet consumer demand”.

Ginger gene carriers also at higher risk of skin cancer, researchers say

15-Jul-2016 - Scientists in the UK have conducted research that confirms you don't have to have red hair to have a higher risk of burning or skin cancer, which could lead to...

Ingredients player makes first big investment in the UK since Brexit

14-Jul-2016 - Ineos Oxide says its investment to expand production of Ethyl Acetate (EtAC) at its facility in Hull, England, is the first major investment in manufacturing since the Brexit referendum.

Symrise scoops two prizes for sustainability

14-Jul-2016 - Personal care ingredients manufacturer Symrise has scooped two prizes at the DQS sustainability awards in Germany, recognising the company's continued focus on this area.

DSM unveils new technology to assess facial skin moisturitsation

13-Jul-2016 - DSM Personal Care has introduced a new method to visualise and assess the efficacy of facial skin moisturisation agents.

Croda acquires encapsulation tech from Brazil’s Inventiva

11-Jul-2016 - The team, technology, and territory of the company founded by Renata Raffin and Candice Felippi, which specializes in nanotech encapsulation of cosmetics actives, will add to Croda’s business in and...

Melanin synthesis discovery prompts hope of new cosmetics applications

07-Jul-2016 - New research that has deciphered the formation process for melanin could lead to further development of its use in a number of applications, including cosmetics.

Merck partners with Agrimer on marine-derived dermocosmetic active ingredient

06-Jul-2016 - Specialty chemicals giant Merck has entered into a long-term agreement to develop dermocosmetic active ingredients with agro-industrial player Agrimer.

Univar expands personal care footprint in Europe

05-Jul-2016 - Univar has announced the opening of a new technical facility together with a new distribution agreement for its personal care operations in Europe.

Facial recognition technology can now beat make-up

05-Jul-2016 - Colour cosmetics might make people look good, but lipstick and eyeshadow can also play havoc on facial recognition technology, which is what U.S. Army researchers have been working to rectify....

Alban Muller targets fast-growing US naturals market with LA office

01-Jul-2016 - France-based Alban Muller is targeting growth in the US market for natural and organic products with the opening of a new office in Los Angeles.

How the search for sustainable palm oil took one supplier to Ecuador

01-Jul-2016 - Cosmetics Design recently spoke to Gay Timmons, the founder of ingredient supplier Oh Oh Organic, to find out about how her quest to find sustainable and ethically produced palm oil...

Evonik invests in production of superabsorbent technologies

29-Jun-2016 - Evonik has announced the successful completion of a project to modernize its plant in Krefeld, Germany and step up production of superabsorbent products.

BASF unveils new aroma technologies at World Perfumery Congress

29-Jun-2016 - BASF took the opportunity to showcase its latest aroma launches at the recent World Perfumery Congress, which was held in Miami, Florida.

Geotech expands its pigments business with acquisition

29-Jun-2016 - The Netherlands-based Geotech International has increased its footprint in the pigments market with the acquisition of Paillettes et Pigments (PEP).

Harvard’s ‘bionic leaf’ has cosmetics potential - turning sunlight into liquid fuel

23-Jun-2016 - Scientists at Harvard Medical School  say they have developed an artificial photosynthesis system that can convert solar energy to biomass with more efficiency than that of the fastest growing plants....

Eurofragrance's Singapore creative centre open for business

23-Jun-2016 - Eurofragrance, a global fragrance producer, has officially opened its latest creative centre in Singapore.

New carbon nanocapsules could mean more ways to deliver cosmetic actives

21-Jun-2016 - Researchers at ETH Zurich, that city’s university for science, tech, engineering, etc., have created a new nanocapsule that’s hydrophobic inside and hydrophilic outside.

The Caviar effect – absorption ‘breakthrough’ with serum

16-Jun-2016 - While it’s still widely regarded as the extravagant treat of the wealthy, caviar has been making its way into the mainstream beauty arena of late with skin care brands infusing...

3D skin model launched as alternative to animal testing

15-Jun-2016 - French scientists have devised a new means of providing in vitro testing for cosmetics thanks to the development of a 3D skin model.

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