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Want to stay up to speed with the latest cosmetic research developments in skin care, hair care, fragrance, and colour cosmetics? 

Bookmark this section to find out what scientists are up to in areas like natural polymers, microalgae, as well as other innovative ingredients and research being carried out by universities, researchers, ingredient suppliers and manufacturers.

Harvard’s ‘bionic leaf’ has cosmetics potential - turning sunlight into liquid fuel

23-Jun-2016 - Scientists at Harvard Medical School  say they have developed an artificial photosynthesis system that can convert solar energy to biomass with more efficiency than that of the fastest growing plants....

Eurofragrance's Singapore creative centre open for business

23-Jun-2016 - Eurofragrance, a global fragrance producer, has officially opened its latest creative centre in Singapore.

New carbon nanocapsules could mean more ways to deliver cosmetic actives

21-Jun-2016 - Researchers at ETH Zurich, that city’s university for science, tech, engineering, etc., have created a new nanocapsule that’s hydrophobic inside and hydrophilic outside.

The Caviar effect – absorption ‘breakthrough’ with serum

16-Jun-2016 - While it’s still widely regarded as the extravagant treat of the wealthy, caviar has been making its way into the mainstream beauty arena of late with skin care brands infusing...

3D skin model launched as alternative to animal testing

15-Jun-2016 - French scientists have devised a new means of providing in vitro testing for cosmetics thanks to the development of a 3D skin model.

AMSilk expands distribution into Spain, Portugual and Italy

14-Jun-2016 - AMSIlk, a supplier of cosmetic grade synthetic silk biopolymers, has announced two new distribution agreements to expand its footprint in Southern Europe.

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Meeting consumer demands for ‘waterless’ products

10-Jun-2016 - Consumers are increasingly looking to balance their use of products with an environmental conscience, and we’re seeing this demand met by a new wave of products being promoted as ‘waterless’....

Getting stability and compatibility right for natural skin care formulations

09-Jun-2016 - June 15th is the date for the sixth edition of the Skincare Ingredients online event, and one of the highlights of the conference programme will be a webinar focused on natural...

Natural plant material may be the next sunscreen booster

09-Jun-2016 - New research pinpoints a specific type of lignin, a material found in plants, as a possible means of enhancing the UV protection of sunscreen products.

Biotech beauty ingredient market growth underlined by Ginkgo Bioworks and Twist Bioscience deal

08-Jun-2016 - Biotech innovations require industry-scale resources to get alternative ingredients for fragrance and personal care to market. As that market grows, synthetic DNA manufacturing, like what Twist Bioscience does, is in...

Formulating for market success: skin care textures and sensorial attributes

07-Jun-2016 - In a global online event this month, Cosmetics Design will host a half-day program of presentations and conversations with cosmetics and personal care experts on skin care ingredient topics of...

New visible barrier highlights key particles for scrubs and shower gels

03-Jun-2016 - In a sea of similar products differentiation in the cosmetics and personal care market is crucial, which is why Germany-based formulation provider Worlée has launched its latest creation.

Stephenson Personal Care launches sustainable emulsifier range

03-Jun-2016 - Stephenson Personal Care has launched a range of emulsifiers which it claims are more sustainable thanks to the use of a cold processing technique.

Alban Muller launches African-sourced anti-ageing ingredient

02-Jun-2016 - Alban Muller has launched a new anti-ageing ingredient with a formula that is based on raw materials sourced from Africa, hitting the big trend in natural anti-ageing formulations.

The race is on to find a more effective head lice shampoo

02-Jun-2016 - A new drug-resistant strain of ‘super nits’ is starting to invade many parts of the world, including Europe, putting developers under pressure to come up with more effective treatments.

Study findings could point to more personalised mens' deodorants

02-Jun-2016 - Researchers at the University of Stirling have conducted a study to determine how women react to different types of men wearing deodorant and the findings could have a bearing on...

Getting natural-based anti-ageing formulations right – Part II

01-Jun-2016 - Getting natural-based anti-ageing formulation right is getting easier thanks to a number of tools that the world of science has brought. Here we look at the tools, who's getting it...

Bio-On launches bioplastics for eco-friendly cosmetics formulation

01-Jun-2016 - Italy-based Bi-On has unveiled a newly patented bioplastic microbead replacement at the Future of Formulation In Cosmetics conference, in Budapest Hungary.

Simplified sun exposure monitoring device uses a paper sensor

01-Jun-2016 - After L’Oreal unveiled a wearable sun patch monitoring device at the beginning of the year, the race has heated up to develop an inexpensive and amenable device for all to...

Nanoparticles in English Ivy could lead to synthetic cosmetic adhesives

31-May-2016 - Researchers at Ohio State University now have a good understanding of what comprises the glue that binds this plant to the trees, fences, and walls it so readily climbs.

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Getting natural-based anti-ageing formulations right – Part I

31-May-2016 - Natural and anti-ageing have been the two mega trends in the industry over the past decade, so it comes as no surprise that there is an increasing number of products...

Palm oil: BASF responds to the 'decisive factor' of sustainability

31-May-2016 - BASF, global specialty chemicals firm, has laid out a series of measures by which it hopes to raise the sustainability profile of its personal care ingredients offering, with a particular...

Rahn brings Korean ingredients to Europe

27-May-2016 - Switzerland-based fine chemicals specialist Rahn has forged a partnership with Korean ingredients player BioLeaders that will see its ingredients distributed in Europe for the first time.

Does this wrinkle app represent the advent of deep learning in beauty?

26-May-2016 - Anti-ageing and anti-wrinkle claims have long been questioned by both consumers and beauty industry experts alike, but now a new app invites users to verify claims from their own home....

Waste food could be the next thing in sustainable cosmetic ingredients

26-May-2016 - Growing pressure to be more sustainable, combined with advances in extraction technology is leading to a new generation of cosmetic and personal care ingredients that are derived from food waste...

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