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Want to stay up to speed with the latest cosmetic research developments in skin care, hair care, fragrance, and colour cosmetics? 

Bookmark this section to find out what scientists are up to in areas like natural polymers, microalgae, as well as other innovative ingredients and research being carried out by universities, researchers, ingredient suppliers and manufacturers.

Rahn study shows efficacy of active against cellular waste

25-Nov-2015 - Switzerland-based ingredient supplier Rahn says that a new study confirms the efficacy of its anti-ageing active Protolea in combatting cellular waste and glycation.

Adding chelants to hair care products can reduce hair damage

25-Nov-2015 - Procter & Gamble scientists have found that adding chelants such as EDDS and histidine to shampoos and conditioners could reduce the damage caused by free radicals and keep hair healthier.

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"Just because you’re good at printing plastic does not mean you can print cells," warns expert on 3D bioprinting

25-Nov-2015 - With 3D Bioprinting promising great future advances, cosmetics companies are exploring its potential for skin care applications. However, Arnold Bos at Lux Research calls for caution as printing cells is...

More research needed into stretch mark causes before any treatment can be effective

24-Nov-2015 - A new study has urged caution when it comes to purchasing skin creams and lotions designed to prevent and reduce stretch marks, having investigated the causes, and stating that there...

L’Oreal and Evolva reach second sustainable ingredients milestone

20-Nov-2015 - L’Oreal and Evolva have reached the second milestone in their research and development collaboration to develop next-generation, sustainably produced ingredients for cosmetics.

New research aims to optimize anti-bacterial skin wash

19-Nov-2015 - US researchers are conducting studies that could eventually determine the optimal levels of bacteria on hands and how it can influence overall skin and human health.

Dispatches from SCS Formulate

Laura Marshall Award for Innovation

19-Nov-2015 - This year’s SCS Formulate event held at the Ricoh Arena in Coventry showcased six of the latest cosmetic formulations all in with the hope of taking home the innovation award....

Raspberry extract shows strong anti-ageing potential

19-Nov-2015 - Research carried out by two biotechnology companies has found that an extract from the raspberry plant is effective in promoting skin hydration and protecting the cells from excessive water loss,...

P&G research on Malassezia opens the door to microbially-mediated skin disease treatments

19-Nov-2015 - P&G's work with an international team of scientists on a full genomic sequencing of all 14 species of the Malassezia genus has paved the way for new treatments for microbially-mediated...

Researchers find effective method of characterising nanoparticles in sunscreen sprays

18-Nov-2015 - Researchers have found that using Transmission electron microscopy (TEM) coupled with a window-type microchip K-kit/copper grid and X-ray diffraction (XRD)is an effective way to characterise oxide nanoparticles in sunscreen sprays....

Neal’s Yard says texture is a natural/organic hot topic as there are limits on ingredients

18-Nov-2015 - Within the naturals and organic arena, texture is a hot topic, according to Neal’s Yard Remedies, as there are big limitations on the range of sensorial ingredients it can use....

World’s second largest palm oil producer makes sustainability pledge

18-Nov-2015 - Golden Agri-Resources, the world’s second biggest producer of palm oil, has agreed to re-engage with The Forest Trust in an effort to improve its sustainability profile.

Perfume smells nice to humans but could it be a mosquito repellent too?

17-Nov-2015 - Latest research on the effectiveness of mosquito repellents produced some surprising results with a Victoria’s Secret perfume and Avon fragrance repelling the bugs for approximately two hours.

Research highlights new potential uses for zinc oxide

12-Nov-2015 - In the cosmetics and personal care world zinc oxide is best known as one of the most effective sunscreen ingredients, but new research points to highly effective anti-bacterial applications.

To be successful a product must be safe, legal and relevant, says Oriflame

11-Nov-2015 - Cosmetics manufacturers face a number of challenges when reformulating a product due to legislation changes or in market-driven instances, but ultimately a product must be safe, legal and relevant, says...

Novel non–animal collagens could provide new options for cosmetic formulation

06-Nov-2015 - Non-animal collagens could provide a new material that can be used in a range of cosmetics formulations as an alternative to animal forms that do raise concern for some.

Researchers create online Hair-GEL tool on hair follicle formulation

05-Nov-2015 - Researchers have created a new online database to help uncover the molecular controls that generate skin and hair, and hope to further future understanding of the topic.

Appearance and texture the driving force behind nail polish preference

05-Nov-2015 - Appearance and texture could be the major factors that drive a consumer's overall liking of nail polishes, according to a new study by Kansas State University, meaning that to achieve...

Creating personal care products with the help of plants

29-Oct-2015 - Rebecca Blahosky of Botanic Innovations spoke with Cosmetics Design reporter Deanna Utroske at the SCC Suppliers Day event in Long Beach, California, this month about sourcing and formulating with ingredients...

Scientists focus on blocking enzymes to enable hair growth

27-Oct-2015 - A group of scientists at the Columbia University Medical Center claim research they have carried out shows that suspending a certain family of enzymes in hair follicles can help restore...

Green coffee oil ‘safe to use’ in skin care applications

23-Oct-2015 - Green coffee oil (GCO), often used in cosmetic formulations due to its emollient and anti-ageing properties, is safe for topical application and displays good skin compatibility according to a new...

More research highlights threat to coral reefs from sunscreen chemical

21-Oct-2015 - A new study by scientists from Tel Aviv University provides further proof that sunscreens can be toxic to the delicate eco system that sustains coral reef.

Scientific workshop gives update on metabolomics progress in beauty

21-Oct-2015 - Scientists at Osaka University Japan and Thai University have held a workshop on the latest cutting edge metabolomics which give insight into the skin's biology and advances R&D across industries...

Protein causing ‘wrinkly skin syndrome’ could be key target in anti-ageing developments

15-Oct-2015 - Maintaining skin youthfulness could be possible through targeting enzymes after it was found that the mutation of a novel protein results in a rare premature ageing condition, and this could...

Study identifies bioadhesive hydrogels for skin care applications

15-Oct-2015 - A team of scientists in South America has identified bioadhesive hydrogel formulations for cosmetic application after they displayed positive characteristics once applied on the skin.

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