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Formulation & Science

Want to stay up to speed with the latest cosmetic research developments in skin care, hair care, fragrance, and colour cosmetics? 

Bookmark this section to find out what scientists are up to in areas like natural polymers, microalgae, as well as other innovative ingredients and research being carried out by universities, researchers, ingredient suppliers and manufacturers.

Skin wrinkle assessment on knee useful for body ageing – linked to Crow’s feet

10-Feb-2016 - A new study has suggested that the knee could be the best site to evaluate skin wrinkles and can give a more rounded view of body ageing, as the wrinkle...

Lipotec showcases latest study highlighting remodelling effect of molecular film

10-Feb-2016 - Spanish firm Lipotec has released new data which it says shows the remodelling effect of its Lipomoist 2036 molecular film and its effectiveness.

Shiseido finds pollen can damage skin barrier

10-Feb-2016 - Researchers at Shiseido have discovered that Japanese cedar pollen can disrupt skin barrier function, a finding which could have major implications for the skin care category.

Hedge Apples: the accidental skin care and hair care ingredient

09-Feb-2016 - Seed oil from the Maclura Pomifera, a common Midwestern tree fruit, has found its way to the beauty market in professional hair care products and as a facial oil from...

Beiersdorf study shows ingredient complex protects against skin flare-ups longer

09-Feb-2016 - Beiersdorf research in collaboration with the Dermatological Clinic of the University of Lübeck has shown that its ingredient complex used in one of its Eucerin ranges can maintain skin health...

Studies further explain stem cell effects on hair growth

05-Feb-2016 - Two new studies have delved into what causes hair loss and thinning, and suggest that it may be related to the ageing of hair follicle stem cells, adding volume to...

EU-funded project develops toxicity testing alternative using liver cells

05-Feb-2016 - An EU-funded collaborative research project has developed a microreactor enabling cultured liver cells to be used as test samples, offering an alternative to animal testing, and enabling the assessment of...

Scientists develop sunscreen concept that allows body to produce vitamin D

04-Feb-2016 - A research team made up of scientists in Germany and the US claim to have made a sun care breakthrough having developed a process for altering the ingredients in a...

BASF launches Speci’Men ingredient to target men’s specific skin properties

04-Feb-2016 - Men and women’s skin is structurally different in a number of ways, from thickness to the ability to grow a beard, and this means that ingredients should be developed to...

New research points to impact of microplastics on oyster farming

02-Feb-2016 - The environmental impact of microplastics has forced legislators worldwide to impose future bans on microplastics, but new research is revealing just how widespread the damage to marine life can be.

Research points to food additive compound as effective sunscreen

01-Feb-2016 - New research from scientists at the University of Arizona, College of Pharmacy, shows evidence that a compound found in the food additive annatto could be effective in protecting against UV...

Study finds aluminium chloride antiperspirant solution reduces sweat more effectively

28-Jan-2016 - A new study has found that of two commonly used topical antiperspirants, the one containing aluminium chloride hexahydrate quantitatively and objectively appeared to reduce sweat more effectively.

Lipotec launches new anti-pollution active to meet growing trend

27-Jan-2016 - Ingredient supplier Lipotec has announced its latest functional ingredient, Pollushield, which targets skin protection from urban pollution by helping to prevent the accumulation of pollution particles in the epidermis.

Researchers provide clinical evidence of collagen peptides as anti-ageing nutricosmetic

27-Jan-2016 - A team of researchers has shown the efficacy of specific collagen peptides to improve skin moisture and, for the first time, to prevent and reduce the fragmentation of the dermal...

‘World first’ personalized skin care technology launched

27-Jan-2016 -  A new app and connected cosmetics applicator device have been launched by skin care and medical technology developer OBJ, in what the company describes as ‘world first’ beauty personalisation technology....

Croda launches latest skin smoothing ingredient

26-Jan-2016 - Ingredient supplier Croda has launched its new high molecular weight protein hydrolysate Prolevis, which targets skin wrinkles and imperfections, claiming to instantly smooth the skin.

BASF partners with French biotech firm to develop skin firmness actives

26-Jan-2016 - BASF and the French biotechnology company CYTOO have launched a collaboration to research human fibroblasts with the end goal of developing and testing active ingredients that contribute to increase skin...

Scientists discover naturally occurring flavonoid as a new anti-acne agent

22-Jan-2016 - A team of scientist has shown that the naturally occurring flavonoid, phloretin, is effective in suppressing comedo formation of acne lesions, suggesting its potency as an anti-acne agent that could...

Biotech development just got easier for specialty chemical, fragrance ingredient, and cosmetics companies

21-Jan-2016 - Amyris, an industrial bioscience company, launched a new program that lets researchers and businesses experiment with bio-synthetic ingredient making without investing in full-scale manufacturing.

Study shows how ethnic hair products need to be formulated differently to be adequate

21-Jan-2016 - A new study out of Spain has shown that hair care products formulated for one ethnicity may not adequately address the needs of others as lipid composition, water uptake and...

‘Non-toxic’ nanoparticles used in personal care and cosmetics disrupt immune function

14-Jan-2016 - Researchers at Pacific Northwest National Laboratory observed that some nanoparticles diminish the function of macrophage immune cells while others cause cell death.

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A better understanding of omics sees growing potential in skin care

14-Jan-2016 - With more models and techniques being developed and used beauty professionals are getting a better understanding of omics and their growing potential in skin care; and this is making the...

Yonsei University develops acid patch to reduce photo-ageing wrinkles

14-Jan-2016 - Scientists at Yonsei University in South Korea have developed an AA-loaded DMN patch that they claim treats wrinkles as proved in in vitro and clinical studies. 

P&G applies for patent for prebiotic agent-containing composition targeting skin microbiome

08-Jan-2016 - Procter & Gamble has published a patent application for a topical cosmetic composition containing a prebiotic agent which claims to improve the condition and appearance of the skin and the skin...

Skin care ingredient shown to mimic anti-ageing effect of calorie restriction diet

07-Jan-2016 - Allantoin, which is a n ingredient commonly used in shampoos, lipsticks, , sun care , and skin care products, is one of several newly identified compounds that can mimic the...

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