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Want to stay up to speed with the latest cosmetic research developments in skin care, hair care, fragrance, and colour cosmetics? 

Bookmark this section to find out what scientists are up to in areas like natural polymers, microalgae, as well as other innovative ingredients and research being carried out by universities, researchers, ingredient suppliers and manufacturers.

Complexities of facial skin hydration and barrier function shown in different skin ethnicities

24-Oct-2014 - DSM Personal Care has demonstrated noticeable skin hydration and TEWL gradients within short distances on the face as well as differences between the different ethnicities.

Could Dow’s controlled-release polymer technology help fight Ebola?

16-Oct-2014 - Dow has recently teamed up with the research and development team for Unilever’s Lifebuoy soap, tackling the challenge of incorporating controlled release technology to enhance ingredient efficacy.

How sustainable is the EU's production scheme?

16-Oct-2014 - How much is Europe investing in the bioeconomy today, and just what state are those sectors in? The scientific and technical arm of the EC now has a dedicated website...

BASF showcases latest personal care launches at SEPAWA Congress

16-Oct-2014 - The annual SEPAWA congress is currently taking place in Fulda, Germany, and one of the world’s largest fine chemical players, BASF, has chosen the event to platform its latest personal care...

Scientists create biological version of synthetic coating

15-Oct-2014 - UC Berkeley scientists have taken proteins from nerve cells and created a biological version of a synthetic coating used in everyday liquids such as cosmetics, to keep small particles from...

Clariant launches Abyssinian oil ingredient targeting skin and hair care

14-Oct-2014 - Switzerland-based Clariant has launched a new ingredient based on extract from the Abyssinica seed sourced in Africa and targeting the hair, skin, lip and sun care segments.

Grape antioxidant shown to treat acne effectively

14-Oct-2014 - Research from across the pond has shown how resveratrol works to inhibit growth of the bacteria that causes acne and can also be combined with benzoyl peroxide, a common acne...

Nanoparticle research identifies characteristics to penetrate skin

14-Oct-2014 - Scientists in the UK have identified key characteristics that enhance a nanoparticle’s ability to penetrate skin which could have implications in the delivery of drugs, as well as in skin...

Study suggests allergies from sunscreens cause photosensitivity

09-Oct-2014 - A team of researchers in the UK say their work investigating the area of sunscreen photoallergy in children points to a link with photosensitivity.

Scientists develop upgrade of Comet screening

09-Oct-2014 - Scientists at the University of Leicester have developed a technique for screening substances that could cause DNA damage. 

Ammonia-oxidizing bacteria shown to improve skin health

01-Oct-2014 - Scientists found that topically applying a strain of bacteria that metabolize ammonia, a major component of sweat, may improve skin health and could be used for the treatment of skin...

Toho University in the spotlight for ingestable hyaluronan

01-Oct-2014 - Toho University has been recognized for its work on the 'only hyaluronate compound' proven to be effective in increasing skin moisture in supplements to date.

L'Oréal obtains China license for skin model business

01-Oct-2014 - L'Oréal has been granted a license by authorities in China for its Episkin Biotechnology business, giving it the right to market its reconstructed skin model in the country.

Skin pigment understanding could lead to better sun protection products

30-Sep-2014 - Researchers in Sweden, France and Italy have worked out how the pigment of the skin manages to protect the body from the sun's dangerous UV rays, and this could lead...

Scientists behind cosmetic plastics and polymers nominated for Nobel Prize

30-Sep-2014 - Three Australian scientists have found themselves on the Nobel Prize contender list for the impact of their research in industries like cosmetics.

Work in the city? Pollution damaging your skin? Silicone specialties could help

25-Sep-2014 - New research from Dow Corning suggests that the ability of silicone specialties to form a film preventing the aggression from reaching skin, without impacting detrimentally aesthetics, could be of interest...

Medical device interests cosmetics companies as it monitors skin health

25-Sep-2014 - A new wearable ‘skin-like’ medical device that can warn the user if they are having cardiovascular trouble can also monitor skin health and say if it is time to put...

Study shows blueberry anti-oxidant prevents UV damage

24-Sep-2014 - A stilbenoid found in blueberries and grapes may have the capacity to prevent several types of UV-mediated damage, reddening of the skin and loss of skin barrier function when applied...

Researchers develop beauty patch to enhance absorption of skin care products

23-Sep-2014 - A team of researchers in Finland have developed a disposable beauty patch that uses microampere current to enhance absorption of skin care products that will offer future consumers an opportunity...

Scientists develop novel microneedle patch to deliver collagen more effectively

23-Sep-2014 - Singapore based scientists have discovered a way to get collagen to penetrate deeper into the skin in a more efficient way. 

We want you: Scientific committee calls for cutting edge science at Probiota 2015

22-Sep-2014 - A newly established scientific committee are set to assess cutting edge research for the Probiota 2015 Scientific Frontiers poster session. Don’t miss your chance to present.

EU researchers cultivate seaweed for biodegradable bioplastics

19-Sep-2014 - SEABIOPLAS, an FP7-funded project is cultivating seaweed to develop sustainable biodegradable bioplastics.

EU invests €2.9 million in natural substitutes to synthetics

18-Sep-2014 - The EU-funded AGROCOS project is foraging through the plant world for natural substitutes to synthetic ingredients currently used in cosmetics and agrochemical products.

Scientists develop lucrative perfume fixative from Mexican plant

16-Sep-2014 - Scientists have found a more sustainable way to produce an ambergris-alternative perfume ingredient from a Mexican plant, which could prove lucrative.

Cyprotex expands skin sensitisation methods with KeratinoSens assay

11-Sep-2014 - Cyprotex a specialist contract researcher has launched a new in vitro screening service for determining skin sensitisation with the KeratinoSens test method. 

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