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Want to stay up to speed with the latest cosmetic research developments in skin care, hair care, fragrance, and colour cosmetics? 

Bookmark this section to find out what scientists are up to in areas like natural polymers, microalgae, as well as other innovative ingredients and research being carried out by universities, researchers, ingredient suppliers and manufacturers.

Croda invests in ‘superfood’ sources for skin and scalp care

05-Mar-2015 - Chemical supplier Croda has been working on superfood - Pisum sativum, based biopolymers to cater to the demand for skin and scalp care products.

Sun damage works long after exposure, finds new research

25-Feb-2015 - A new market could open up for ‘evening-after’ sunscreen to further protect the skin from damaging ultraviolet rays after a team of Yale-led researchers discovered that much of the damage...

Coty employs reverse mentoring program at UK manufacturing plant

25-Feb-2015 - An engineering student, cosmetics and robotics…. No, it’s not the start of a joke but rather the key components of Coty’s UK manufacturing plant’s new reverse mentoring program....

Ever wondered what sun damage looks like on your skin? New Nivea video shows you

24-Feb-2015 - Nivea is launching an international campaign to increase awareness about the risks of UV radiation with a video showing the effect that UV light has on the skin.

Lucas Meyer says phospholipids are the key to sensory success

23-Feb-2015 - The company’s new pledge is to ‘make you happy’, which it aims to do by highlighting sensory expertise that can give the cosmetic formulations the type of textures that has...

From the candy shop to your sunscreen: Licorice extract provides UV protection

20-Feb-2015 - We are used to seeing licorice in a sweet shop or as a flavour in food and beverages, but what if Nivea skin care maker Beiersdorf told you that topically...

Plasticizer alcohols production streamlined at Evonik

19-Feb-2015 - Thanks to a new catalyst component, ligand OxoPhos 64i, manufacturing of plasticizer alcohols and butadiene at the company’s facility in Marl, Germany, is running more efficiently.

Google patents personal fragrance device

18-Feb-2015 - Google technologies has secured a patent from the US Patent and Trademark Office for a wearable fragrance emission device that deodorizes the moment body odor occurs.

Scientists discover low cost method of shaping wax

18-Feb-2015 - Wax used in lipstick and as a cosmetics base can be moulded into non-spherical shapes in a low cost, scalable way, according to new research which has been done in...

Symrise funds research on lavender sourcing

18-Feb-2015 - The fragrance and ingredient supplier has struck a relationship with the Centre Régionalisé Interprofessionel d'Expérimentation en Plantes à Parfum Aromatiques et Médicinales.

Clariant launches glucose- and oil-based surfactant range

17-Feb-2015 - Switzerland-based ingredients provider Clariant says its new surfactant range GlucoTain will raise the bar on sensory dimensions for cosmetic and personal care formulations.

European Commission calls for scientists to help with EU policies

17-Feb-2015 - The Joint Research Centre is looking for scientists that will support EU policies with their research in areas like nanotechnology and marine sciences.

Mutton and walnut in a moisturiser… Interesterified fats suitable as emulsions

11-Feb-2015 - A new study has found that interesterified fats based on mutton tallow and walnut oil exhibit skin moisturisation when used as cosmetics emulsions.

UK scientists discover how to make soap from bacteria

11-Feb-2015 - Scientists at TeeGene Biotech, an arm of Middlesbrough University, have developed unique strains of bacteria which produce biosurfactants, which act like soap and help to emulsify different liquids.

Scientists develop holographic characterization to improve quality and consistency of cosmetics

06-Feb-2015 - A team of physicists say they have created new opportunities to improve the quality and consistency of a wide range of industrial and consumer products, such as cosmetics, by developing...

Study links stress to negative impact on ‘healthy’ skin conditions

05-Feb-2015 - The psychological stress of events such as an exam or returning to work after a vacation, could have a negative effect on you skin’s barrier function, a new study shows....

EU project develops protein supplements from food waste streams

03-Feb-2015 - EU funded project APROPOS has developed a range of sustainable co-stream products using food industry waste, including protein supplements from fish discards and rapeseed.

Study links early menopause to everyday exposure – but NOT cosmetics!

30-Jan-2015 - A new study has linked high levels of chemicals that we come across every day in the environment, plastics, and other household items, with women experiencing menopause 2-4 years earlier...

Scientists use stem cells to grow new hair

29-Jan-2015 - Stem cells are tipped to be the future for many different scientific studies and it seems that this could include hair loss after scientists used human pluripotent stem cells to...

Soybean oil-based surfactant proven to improve cleaning, foaming and conditioning in shampoo

28-Jan-2015 - Scientists have developed a new non-toxic, environmentally friendly soybean oil-based polymeric surfactant (SBPS) and having studied it for potential application as a surface-active ingredient for shampoos, found that it improves...

As the seasons change, so do Korean men’s skin barriers

28-Jan-2015 - When the seasons change so can our mood or outlook, or even… South Korean men’s skin. A new study by the Inha University College of Medicine claims the factors that...

Scientists discover bacterial pigment potential to improve SPF

22-Jan-2015 - Two pigments have potential as ingredients in sunscreens as they have been shown to improve sun protection factor and also display antimicrobial and antioxidant properties.

Oat Cosmetics data points to skin enhancing qualities for texturising ingredient

22-Jan-2015 - UK ingredients provider Oat Cosmetics says new research reveals that its Oat Silk texturising ingredient also has exceptionally high levels of skin enhancing lipids.

Award-winning oils and fats innovation makes skin care ‘more effective’

22-Jan-2015 - University lecturer Dr Mahiran Basri has been recognised for her work in successfully diversifying the use of oils and fats which resulted in an innovation formulated through nanotechnology that is...

Latex synthesized gold nanoparticles enhance sunscreen SPF

20-Jan-2015 - Scientists have found that if gold nanoparticles are synthesized with the latex of a native South American plant, then it can enhance the sun protection factor of sunscreens and offer...

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