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Baby Dove in hot water over breastfeeding advert

By Lucy Whitehouse + , 04-Jul-2017
Last updated on 04-Jul-2017 at 12:07 GMT2017-07-04T12:07:01Z

Baby Dove in hot water over breastfeeding advert

Baby Dove has found itself up against backlash in the UK for a recent advertising campaign.

The brand was launched around the world to much fanfare earlier this year as the baby-specific product range under skin care player Dove.

The Unilever-owned company has now come under criticism, however, from consumers and a non-profit group in the UK, who say its recent advert appears to condone the views of people who object to public breastfeeding.

The offending article

The advert at the centre of the furore reads: “75% say breastfeeding in public is fine. 25% say put them away.” Another controversial poster in the same series reads: “36% are for feeding him when he cries. 64% are passionately against it.” Both end with the question: “What’s your way?

Twitter: @lizzylewis93

Baby Milk Action, a group monitoring baby food advertising, took to Facebook to criticise Dove, highlighting that it is against the law in the UK to discriminate against someone for how they feed their child in public. Consumers also took to Twitter to voice disappointment.

@BabyDoveUKI  What the? V disappointed to see this, especially in breastfeeding celebration week,” reads one Tweet from user @lizzylewis93.

According to the UK’s advertising watchdog, the ASA, the poster series has triggered over 100 complaints so far.

Unilever’s response: ‘each to their own’

The Drum spoke to Unilever on the campaign, with the company responding: "We believe there are many ways to be a great mum or dad.

“Our campaign simply aims to celebrate the different approaches and opinions around parenting, including whether or not mums choose to breastfeed in public, recognising that it’s ultimately what works for you and your baby that matters the most."

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